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WLERA part 0.1

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Have an update!

Next page will be "a real page (no 0.something or time jumps, just the events from the beginning).
Also a fun fact: Emma is female version of Lucas and Lucas is a male version of Dawn :-D
I think I got the idea when I was playing the game and I didn't like Dawn's girly pink jacket???

Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf, all of this is so funny, also I love how the starter kids switched outfits, you don't often see that, at least when it comes to the boy-o wearing the 'female protag's' outfit

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tbh, Lucas wears the pink better than Dawn ever could.

RJPrinceNZ's avatar

that face on the second last panel makes me laugh.

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Well, considering how it was probably empty when Abra arrived, I can't really make a "One Job" joke here...

But it was sorta Rowan's fault for being so forgetful...
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How did I miss this?! I love it.
Velink's avatar
at first i was wondering if Lucas wear a miniskirt under that coat
but then i am thinking
he definitely does
Neowth's avatar
OMG you found it out, it was supposed to be surpriseeeeeee~
Battledroidunit047's avatar
DANGIT! I HATE SPOILERS! Unless it's a horror game, then I'll look it up on its wiki so that I don't get the snot scared out of me when the moment is meant to... though I still won't watch the gameplay, even after seeing gifs of some scenes... But otherwise, Grrrr!
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Omg Lucas' outfit is adorable! >w<
And the suitcase flipping open combined with his expression. That was great. :'D :'D :'D
Hugo93F's avatar
I like Lucas' outfit =w=
21eeveevulpix's avatar
Ooh, this looks like it's going to be good, definitely gonna be watching out for this.
Neowth's avatar
heh, thank you XD
Don't get your hopes up too high tho ;w;
21eeveevulpix's avatar
Oh don't worry, I have plenty of time.
Prof. Rowan, May or may not be the best professor, your portrayal of him I feel is down to the T.
Neowth's avatar
down to the T? XD Sorry, I'm a Finn so sayings and such don't always get to me :'D

Oh, I like Rowan a lot, he's that grampa who kicks everyone's ass without giving a shit, like badass version of Oak XD
He's not my favorite but i like him (more than nerd Elm, loser Birch or neutral Juniper...)
21eeveevulpix's avatar
It's Apt, Fitting if you will, just... Oh I suck with words here... He is the way you've portrayed him, if that makes sense.

Oak, the guy with a memory so bad he can't remember his own familys' names.
Elm, Quiet guy, Nerdy, Timid Natured.
Birch, well when you mistake your spouse for a wild Pokémon, you know you have problems. Yeah he does this.
Juniper, eh... didn't really see her often enough to have a valid opinion.
Sycamore, I don't even know what to think of him.
Rowan on the other hand, he don't take no shit, but he'll give it out if you so much as flinch wrong at him, Hello Galactic Grunts in Jubilife Scene.
Neowth's avatar
XD EXACTLY! Every pokemon professor in a nutshell!
Sycamore is the bishounen who gets all the girls and boys

Ah, I see, thank you ^^
That Galactic scene made me make Rowan like this, no shit giving, intimidating old man who isn't actually so bad IF you don't piss him off :'D
Other version would have been everyone sees him cool (like the one he is in the comic) but actually he's just a silly old man who blushes for compliments...
21eeveevulpix's avatar
Rowan is therefore, the best Professor, because he actually tries to do his job and doesn't particularly enjoy others getting in his way.

I think the version your using is better, Arceus/Mew Help Emma and Jun when Rowan finds them, because he will, he's that kind of guy.
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He will, I can promise you that *evil satan laugh*

Indeed he wants, unlike Oak or Sycamore who just say "lol nope I'm too lazy you do it for me"
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Pfff, "Galalla" close enoughHaha  And the professor's sass is too damn high.. but you gotta, you know Deal With It - Elsa (Icon)  
 Besides, I thought there was something wrong with Lucas first "Dude looks like a lady~"
And your art is so cute and colorful and ahhhh! I love it!!! Cx
Neowth's avatar
haha thank you XD

Lucas is "a pretty boy" who will get all the ladies when he's older :'D
Who names their gang team galalalalalalalactic!? D: < Always hard to spell dammit.
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The sass is strong in this comic~
Neowth's avatar
cause I'm sass jesus //shot
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