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lol, more WLERA after half a year and it's short extra thing.... sorry D':

I want to give other characters some own screen time as well, not just "through Emma's eyes", you know what I mean. So here's some more Jun!

- Palmer (Jun's dad) visits only once or twice a year his family, but he calls his son almost every day. He and his son have a really close father-son relationship.
- Jun will name his whole team after food, I thought it would be cute and fitting for Jun.
- sleepy Jun is suprisingly fun to draw. So is baby!Jun.
- In WLERA universe Ash Ketchum is also just an anime character.
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I'm just like: Oh shit, its Palmer, you don't usually see him included in DPP runs, so I'm pretty curious how he'll be utilized <W<

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Jun? YUP.
Jun's dad? Run's in the family I guess.
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Jun is a cutie and I love him already!
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And so, Jun went on to get his behind handed to him by a kid who thought the Unova league was in Johto.
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when you put it like that...
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A bright future!
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it is the BRIGHTEST 
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Aim high, Jun!
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Please continue this, i want to see more. Jun is adorable as a baby!
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I am drawing the next part atm ;D
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Alright! This Nuzlocke is up again!
And no... we don't need another Ash Ketchum... ONE was bad enough...
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I agree but Jun has dreaaaaaaammmms.
And sorry it has been down so long, it really was an accident XD
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Keep dreaaaaaaaming
It's alright, it happens. ^^
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Barry just wants to be the very best like no one ever was.
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catch them is his real test.
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oh noes... why does it have to be Ash Ketchum... why....
just kidding, it's so cute how he says it ^^
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becuase if you ignore ash is a big looser you would want to be him; awesome world of pkmn, seeing legendaries daily and the best part; being 10 forever!!!
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lol true ^^
too bad he does not catch legendaries but legendaries are a bit more important to the world in the anime... in the games they are more like rare Pokemon to catch ^^
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in my headcanon legendaries can't be "caught" and kept in your pocket all the time, every legendary creates a bond to one human at the time and serve only them in battle/may follow them. Otherwise they are guardians or gods of the nature.
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Good to see you back, Neo!

"I'm leaving and my wife is crying. Quick! I need some cool one-liner!" And award for best father/husband goes to...

 I'ts nice to see other character lifes :D
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Thanks, it's good to be back... or at least try to be :'DDD

Palmer is a good guy but an idiot.
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