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Grue from web serial Worm -
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"You think you've seen darkness? I AM the Darkness!"
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Heya, I'm using this piece of art for a music piece I've done for Grue. I've credited you and have linked back to you, and I'm just informing you incase you'd like to know. If this isn't okay, I will take down the video. Here's the video:…
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It's absolutely fine, you don't have to ask for any of my Worm related art.
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I didn't know what Grue's costume would look like. Then I see this and realize how badass that must look. its AMAZING
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Well, that's disturbing.
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... So that's why everyone thinks they're villains. Right.
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Are you gonna do any more fanart for Worm?? Please say you will, this is incredible!! 
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I have Bitch and Skitter in progress. Also sketches for few more.
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Like who? I personally think the Travelers would be awesome ^_^
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Well, Travelers are not that interesting for me. Skitter will be probably next, once I figure out how to make interesting swarms of insects. I am more interested in characters with some strong visual theme or idea behing them which pretty much removes all the generic heroes that have just skintight costume or generic armor and visor. So for example pretty much all of the cases 53 or Slaughterhouse 9 are quite interesting to draw, on the other end of the spectrum you have people like Triumph or Legend.
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That's a cool rule of thumb when drawing these characters. They look great so far, keep enjoying the work your doing, I can't wait to see Skitter!
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Hmm, good point. In that case what about Echidna? Now *that* is a former Traveler member who is a unique image unto herself.  :D (Big Grin) 
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Hooooooooooolyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
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this really is something else. great work!
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Well done. Damn well done.

... please make it stop staring at me?...
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hooooly cow, this is incredible. A+ Grue rendition. the skull is terrifying, and the darkness blends perfectly into the background. i love it! :+favlove:
>>Glee from web serial Worm

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That is all shades of bad ass.
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hello new wallpaper!
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Damn, that's awesome.
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Wow, that's disturbing.
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Awesome fanart! It really shows the fact why Undersiders are considered really scary bunch. If this guy jumped at me in his darkness I would be scared out of my mind... even though I couldn't see or hear him.
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