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Hello world, life is wonderful

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You don't sound amused, you sound like a mob with pichforks and torches calling for people to be shto and to die.
So don't bullshit me, you sound as trigger as it possibly gets.

I'm not amused either, people who operate purely on emotion, and probably have access to guns, disturb me.
Especially when they talk about shooting other people. I'm probably overreacting, 2x more people die of suicide than of homicide anyway, and you are just posting angry rants on the internet, and talking about shooting people doesn't equal shooting people.

The subjective part is that you are eating up your own sort of propaganda like it's facts, repeating it, and you engage in groupthink while at it. I'm sure you don't see that, but that's how it looks to me after checking the sources. Maybe you even do it on purpose, probably not, but I don't know, I have seen plenty of demagogues who do this on purpose. The only thing you have really convinced me of is that you are angry and potentially dangerous. Yes, I can certainly see that you are angry and dangerous.

What do I care if SJW gang up on you? They gang up on me too. The fact that they can be crazy assholes doesn't mean you can't be one. Fuck this mentality, two wrongs don't make a right. Both SJW's and anti-SJW's make the atmosphere unpleasant when they go all crazy, I don't like either. Is it my obligation to enjoy people wanting to kill each other? What is this, a Colosseum?
If anything is indoctrination, then this video is very much indoctrination, based on another video which is indoctrination, based on a bunch of scandals and articles which were constructed to indoctrinate you.

I predict this may be the only comment which will disagree with this echo-chamber and break this "safe space". Given the extreme hostility and hatred that I'm sensing in here.

Got to love how you had to make a clickbaity title screaming about "child molesting LGBT extremists", but I think you forgot to call them nazis, facists, and terrorists, and maybe murderers and islamists, I bet that would make the mob happy as well. Also nice how that video starts with "cuntology" (no soggy knees involved, nop, it's all satire, am I right? bullshit), very mature, also all that crap with slowing the speed down and making the video gray-scale constantly for dramatic effect, nice propaganda skills in that video, and very irritating too. It's almost like you don't want me to form my own opinion, you want me to just listen and believe, is that it?

Also love that "I applaud transgender activists who are against this, btw you suck and also fuck you" that you had to stuff in there, very nice, not.
Threatening to shoot people, character assassinating them, calling them pedophiles, you have totally convinced me to your point of view there. (I've seen you do all that in the comments)

You could have had a constructive discussion instead, but apparently anything less than pure hate doesn't exist nowadays and talking about things is not allowed. It just makes me sad.

Should I expect a bunch of angry bigots flaming me, harassing me, and calling me names just because I disagreed with something on the internet? Or am I safe from at least that in here? I'm kind of expecting it to happen. Will it, or will it not happen, how will it be? I'll give you the benefit of doubt.

I don't agree that the things depicted in this video are inhuman, and I don't agree that these people are molesters. I had this discussion before, I don't agree. Best you will get out of me here is me calling this ethically questionable. In fact I disagree with you on many things, and probably agree on a couple.

This video and journal is also ethically questionable, and the comments under this journal are also ethically questionable. One idiot there wants to govern over what I do with my own damn genitalia until I'm 21, and another even bigger idiot proposes 26. What next, 30, 50? never? I dare you to call this a slippery slope, I will laugh. I may be perfectly fine with my genitalia, but the very idea that you people want to have ownership over my genitalia and tell me what I can and cannot do with them pisses me off, keep your hands to yourself you authoritarian assholes. Excuse me, but how exactly is this libertarian? (it is not, not even close)
Are you going to threaten to shoot me as well? Because I'm not interested in having you control what I can or can't do to my genitalia as a legal adult? You people remind me very much of extremist groups who want to shoot everyone who has any different opinions than they have.

I don't label or identify myself as a part of any movement. Writing this has taken me way longer than necessary, due to how many times I had to rewrite it to try to not offend and trigger everyone involved lol. The irony. I made this as inoffensive as I possibly could, it was a lot more offensive initially. Any less and it would not convey what I want to convey. So, if you people get triggered by it regardless, I will assume you cannot be reasoned with at all (similar to extremist sjw's), and I will give up. This is kind of unpleasant. I just came here by chance, so I probably won't come back anyway.