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I'm that other guy!

Obviously, I like to make sprites animations and pixel-art using ASEprite.

Less obviously, I try making games using Game Maker Studio, but I rarely talk about that since I'm usually busy with art.

I also like to help people with stuff in my spare time(which I have very little of these days). I love people!

I'm pretty shy, but if you want to talk to me, just send me a Note or something! I upload art infrequently, but I check my notifications often.

Now on TWITTER!:

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TL;DR Years on Twitter made my skills and career as a pixel artist begin to flourish, but Twitter still sucks as an art archive so I'm uploading all my stuff here again too. L;R So, in case you didn't know, I've been uploading almost exclusively on Twitter at this point, for years now compared to when I used to try and submit everything I made and liked here on Deviant Art. This mainly is because it was much faster and easier to send a tweet out of something I make, a massive difference in follower count I have here(on DA for 8 years and a little higher than 900) compared to how fast I gained them on Twitter(over 7,000 in about 3 years), and also I felt like I had a better chance of having my art seen by my favorite artists and people in the industry(and it DID! Many of my favorite artists follow me and I've had a chance to talk to some, and I work for a pretty well known indie game company now!) But now, I feel like I must return. Not leave Twitter(even though it's turned into an
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Okay! It's time to get this done! Original Message: I want to practice spriting characters again by using your characters just like before, except now I want to practice using a more refined artstyle, like I used with this sprite: Thing is, it's challenging! So I want to practice by spriting a variety of characters, 6 of them I hope. Like last time, just post some ref art of the character, tell me anything important I need to know about them and then I'll try my best. There's only 2 rules: 1 - It can't be anyone who did this with me last time(it's just that I want to give more people a chance)
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- Okay, there's 5 people! It's time to start spriting! After some recent advice from well-known spriter Mit, I've been trying to refine my spriting to focus more on visual clarity, but I still need some practice, especially since I'm gonna be making sprites the best I can for an Earthbound fangame I'm working on. That's where you can help! To me, drawing someone's original character calls much more out about the way you draw than other characters. It might have something to do with the way you don't have many references, and at the same time, you really have to keep close to the design you see, or it wouldn't be that person's character much
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Hello! Just had a look through your portfolio, which is packed with outstanding work - your pixel art is totally gorgeous! I sincerely hope that one day my own pixel work is of a similar calibre.

Also, may I say that it's great to meet a fellow Game Maker fan on here! I'm afraid I'm a bit behind the times (GM 8.1 for life!), but I've found my platform, and I'm sticking to it. :)

Keep on rockin' the indie dev scene, man. We're honoured to have you with us.

hey neoweegee you yet accept commissions?

incredible pixel art!

some of the best i've seen :D

Awesome pixel art my dude!

sub to my YouTube channel? (Allstargamer)