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Hello everyone! Just a quick question: Is this group only for digital art, or can one traditional painter also contribute space art?
When it comes to qualitiy issues, feel free to take a look around my gallery and decide, if it fits your rules of submission. Thank you!
Thanks for the accept'
Thankyou for accepting! :D
Thank you for joining ;)
Thank you very much for accepting :-)
You're welcome, glad to see you on board :D
Greetings, members of NeoVistacgd.

I wanted to contact you for a proposal, after that I saw some of your work. There's no monetary gain from this, but you will allow other people, mainly players, to enjoy your art like I do. And no, this isn't some sort of obnoxious ad, this is real.

We (I'm the project leader for the project) are creating a mod for Digital Anvil's release, Freelancer, launched on the market in 2003. We are upgrading it for the multiplayer community, Freelancer is still the alternative to games such as EVE: Online or Black Prophecy. (Freelancer is a sci-fi RPG, developed by Digital Anvil, and released by Microsoft Softworks, the Continuum Development Team is going to get the game to a totally new level with an unofficial expansion /mod called Continuum.

Anyway, if you are interested, contact me back on my profile, or contact me on Skype. Anyone who sees this message and is interested to work on a large project, is welcome.

- Claudio D'Azeglio