Team Short Circuit June Tasks

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“Oh man! Oh man oh man oh man! Why are we always so late?!”

“I blame us wasting the past couple weeks searching for ninjas…we probably should have focused on doing the other jobs before we went ninja hunting.”

“Shut up Roark! Catching those ninjas is the most awesome job out there! Don’t you want to get back at that over grown lizard? Or catch that flaky little pup?”

“Of course, but in case you haven’t noticed, that hasn’t been the easiest job. Every time we saw that sceptile he either got away or left us with one of his dummies…and of course…there was every time you saw a riolu and went berserk on them...”

“Hey, it’s not my fault that there’s like a thousand riolu in town!”

“Mmmmhmmmm…well whatever, we’ll just have to do all of our jobs as fast as we can…we’re scheduled for escorting the real ambassador around town today…” The golett raised up a thin sheet of paper, looking it over as he and his porygon2 companion walked and floated along. “Says here we’re meeting up with….Team Psychic Blade…Team Summer Storm…and Team Bitter-Cold…”

“So we got a whole group giving her a tour then? Nice!” The porygon2 snickered evily, rubbing her legs together before glitching lightly. “We let them do most of the work, meanwhile we can do the other jobs along the way…I swiped some posters from some people and if that doesn’t work I’ve got an awesome idea that’ll make everyone like the big dude! Er…Bigger dude I mean.”

“Yeah…well at the very least, it’ll be easier to keep her safe…” Roark sighed as he crumbled up the paper he had been reading. “But yeah, like you said, we should be able to do the jobs pretty easily during the escort.”

The two continued on their way, before finally coming to a stop outside of the Hunter’s guild, a small crowd of pokemon standing around the ambassador froslass. Sprx giggled lightly as she saw the crowd, rubbing her legs together a bit before floating forward and waving her leg at the group. “Hey there guys! You all here to show the ambassador around too?” The crowd turned, looking to the virtual pokemon as she approache them, offering their leg to them. “My name’s Sprx.” She pointed behind her to her golett companion. “And mister tubby bot over there is Roark, we’re Team Short Circuit and we’re here to help with the escort!”

The group looked the two genderless pokemon over, the froslass smiling as she floated towards them before speaking in a slightly strong accent. “Ah thank you, thank you, it’s nice to have so many volunteers to show me the town.” The ice ghost type smiled as she bowed to the pair, the two staring for a moment before Roark bowed himself and Sprx gave a slight nod.

“These two <do> look very helpful.” A small klink spoke up as he rotated, watching his fellow genderless mons.

“Uhhhhh….You got that right! We’re totally useful! We’re awesome! Well…I’m awesome at least…” Sprx nodded, patting her chest, though the klink didn’t seem very impressed with the two genderless mons. “Um…so who are you guys?”

“I’m Nunatak...” The bergimite spoke up first, before motioning to his floating companion. “And that’s R2R2.”

“The small one <is> smart.”

“That’s right I am!” Sprx giggled as she once again patted her chest, before blinking. “Hey I’m not small! I’m way bigger than you cog brain!” She growled softly, momentarily glitching before stopping as she heard her partner clear his nonexistent throat.

“Moving on…” Roark nodded to the group before motioning to the shiny furfrou that was standing among the others. “What’s your name sir?”

“Jacob.” The canine smiled, nodding to the pair. “Nice to meet you both.”


“Totally! Hey where’s your teammate? Or are you one of those…lone wolf kinda dudes?”

“Mmmm? Oh I have a partner, but he’s off doing some of the other jobs right now.”

“Ohhhhh so you two split up? Neat.”

“Right. Okay everyone…” Roark put his hands together as he looked at them all before motioning to the Iapon ambassador. “Are we ready to get this tour under way?”

“Yeah! Let’s get this thing going! We got places to go, things to see, and ninjas to beat up!”  Sprx giggled, pointing her leg forward before rushing off, leaving everyone behind as Roark looked to the crowd.

“We probably should get going….otherwise she’ll come back and she’ll be even more pushy about it.” With a sigh and a shrug the golett started following his glitch partner, the froslass ambassador and the others following along behind them.


“Don’t fear the giant! He’s big ugly and destructive but he’s a pretty nice guy!” Sprx’s scratchy voice rang through the streets as she floated along, smacking posters up on the walls around them.

“Is….this a common thing your people do?” The ambassador asked, looking to the group she was traveling with.

“Nope, this is just….damage control. The guilds want people to know the statue is on our side.” Roark shook his head, watching as Sprx passed out the flyers and plastered up the posters

“Oh the um…” The ice ghost floated along silently, trying to think of what to call the massive statue that had destroyed Andalusst not to long ago. “The…” She stopped, pointing to one of the posters Sprx had put up on the nearby walls. “This thing?”

“That’s the one…” Roark nodded as they continued walking, the ambassador continuing along with them. “The whole thing was weird, but we’re almost done fixing things up around here.”

“Sure he destroyed our town! But pound for pound, my fat friend here is much more destructive then he was!” Sprx nodded as she handed off a flyer to a few random mons, pointing back to Roark as she spoke. “Aint that right robro?”

“Yeah whatever…” Roark sighed, rubbing his head a bit as he looked around, deciding to let R2R2 and Nunatak take the lead and show the ambassador around as he looked to Jacob. “Soooooo…Jacob, if you don’t mind me asking, what job is your partner doing anyways?”

“Hm? Oh my partner Alonzo  is off collecting the bad mitten shuttles.” The furfrou smiled, giving a quick nod as he looked to the large clay robot, before slowing a bit and pointing to a nearby home. The yard fenced in while a small group of younger mons hanging around outside. “Actually this is the yard right here.”

“It is?” Roark stopped, before waving ahead a bit. “Hey guys! Hold on a sec!” Their little group stopped, Sprx flying back while crossing her arms.

“What’s the hold up? We got things to do!”

“Chill squirt…” Roark pointed to the yard. “This here’s the place for the bad mitten collection…job…thing…”

“Oh my, another job?” The ambassador smiled softly, putting her hands together as she looked at the yard. “How exciting.”

“Totally…but…uh…don’t tell anyone you saw this okay? Or the kid boss will get in trouble” Sprx nodded, before floating over to her partner and dropping all the papers she had been holding into his hands. “Alright robro, hold these for a sec, I’m going in!”


“Chill robro, I get in, I pick up some of those things, I get out, and we’re done. We get the reward, we get the praise, and our...I….I…”

“Iapon ambassador.”

“Right, she gets to see a totally awesome hunter in action! Besides, the poodle’s buddy is in there, what could go wrong?”

“She <won’t> be fine.”

“See? Even cog boy has faith in me! Just chill and I’ll be right back!” Sprx giggled as she quickly floated up and over the fence before starting to comb the area for shuttles. The group stood around silently, the ambassador watching the glitchy virtual pokemon work while the others watched for any possible attackers.

“Soooo…” Roark turned and looked to the bergimite and his klink friend. “When your buddy puts emphasis on things is he being sarcastic? Or is he a liar?”

“Not sure, a bit of both probably.” The bergimite glanced over to the pair of floating cogs before he nodded to the larger pokemon.


“Job done!” The group blinked as they turned, seeing Sprx floating back over the fence, a pikachu with a lightning style hood riding on her back. “That was way too easy!” She giggled as she let the pikachu off of her, tossing a handful of bad mitten shuttles towards the crowd of mons that had been waiting around outside.

“Hi Jacob!” The pikachu smiled, waving to his teammate as he carried a few more bad mitten shuttles over to the group. “Here you go guys. We grabbed what we could, but there’s still a bit out there.”

“Yeah I mean seriously, have you seen the inside of that yard? It’s like a sea of…those…thingies…” Sprx nodded to the nodded to group of younger mons. “Just put a good word in for us with Sunny boy okay? We gotta run.” She waved to the younger mons and the Pikachu as she floated over to her partner and the rest of their group. “Alright let’s get this thing going!” She rushed over, grabbing away the pile of posters she had left in Roark’s hands before flying to the front of the group and leading them along

“Yes oh great and fearless leader…” Roark sighed, crossing his arms before looking to the rest of the group, R2R2 and Nunatak following Sprx and the ambassador, while Jacob was saying goodbye to his partner, Alonzo the pikachu who had decided to stay back with the group they were hired to help out. “Surprised how easy things are going…” The golett rubbed the top of his head, before shrugging to himself as he followed the group on their way.


“Alrighty! Shuttle thingies collected, posters almost all hung up, tour almost over, we’re pretty much almost done!” Sprx giggled, rubbing her legs together as she looked back to the golett at the back of their group.  “We got this in the bag robro! Just gotta finish things up and find a ninja and we’re golden!”

“Seems like it…” He called back to her, the group entering the shopping district on their way back to the Hunter’s base. He glanced around a bit, keeping an eye out for any possible ninja attacks. “This really is almost too easy…”

As if on cue, there was a sudden commotion from one of the nearby street vendors, the group turning as a berry came flying towards them.  “Fruit attack!” Sprx eeped, ducking down as one of the berries flew over her head.
“Incoming!” The group scrambled to get in front of the ambassador, seeing an all too familiar sceptile rushing towards them.

“Move aside!” The sceptile yelled, throwing another berry as they all moved to dodge it, though as he closed in to strike the ambassador, he found a large golett in his way. “I said move!”

“Not a chance!” Roark pulled back his fist before swinging forward, hoping to nail him with his dynamic punch, though before it could make contact, there was a loud thud. The golett stood still for a moment, before looking down to see his extended arm laying on the ground before him.

“That’ll teach you…” The sceptile smirked, watching the golett collapse to the ground before jumping back as Jacob lunged for him. “Nghhhh…darn…” the green ninja looked around, seeing that he had missed his opportunity as he turned and ran in the opposite direction, Jacob the furfrou rushing after him.

“Yeah you better run punk!” Sprx growled softly under her breath before looking back to her friend and blinking. “Roark! Roark you okay?!”  She flew forward, looking her friend over to see how badly he had been hurt.

“I’m…I’m fine…”

As the two tried to regain themselves they were met by a young blitzle who skidded to a stop as she reached the group of hunter. “Hey! You guys see a giant green lizard…run…by……” She trailed off, looking down at the clay golem that had collapsed in front of the group, one of his large arms laying a few feet away from him. “Whoa…that’s not good….”

“It’s fine…” Roark groaned, pushing himself up with his one arm, before starting to shakily walk towards his lost arm, finding it hard to balance with only one arm though.

“Oh when I get my hands on that green chump…I’ll…do…something!” The porygon2 yelled, her legs spinning wildly as she floated behind her partner.

“No. No you wont…”

“WHAT?” The virtual pokemon looked back to her partner. “That chump just dearmed you!” Her body gave a hard spark as she glitched wildly. “Aren’t you mad?”

“I’m fine kid…” The golett shook his head before stumbling forward, his smaller friend dashing forward, floating under his arm to help him stay balanced. “Nghhhh…we still have a job to do. We can’t leave the Ambassador alone…that might be just what he wants us to do…”


“We’re staying here…” The golett’s eyes started to glow brightly as he looked to his partner, the porygon2 sighing and nodding.


“Uh…hey sorry to interrupt…” The blitzle trotted up, looking to the two genderless mons, “I’m actually looking for that sceptile….any idea where he went? I promise to kick his scaly butt for you!”

“Uh…yeah.” The golett reached down, picking up his lost arm before pointing down one of the nearby alleyways. “He went that way.”

“Thanks! And uh…sorry ‘bout the arm…you look pretty tough either way big buddy!”

“Yeah…” Roark sighed as he looked over his removed arm, the froslass floating forward to look him over.

“S…sir…are you okay…”

“He <doesn’t> seem hurt.”

“I’m fine…” Roark sighed, pressing his arm back into the socket before feeling it reattach itself. “Things like this happen all the time…though it’s usually due to dumber things…” He shifted his arm a bit. “I’ll have to put some clay on it to make it stay though…” He rubbed his head before looking to the group and nodding. “Let’s get back to the guild…Jacob and that blitzle are after that guy but we don’t know where the others are…better get back to where it’s safe before anything else happens.”

The others nodded, the group once again continuing on their way, though they were now short one furfrou, and their oh fearless glitchy leader had fallen back to let her partner lead. “Are you sure you’re okay Roark?”

“I’ll be fine Sprx…you’ve put me through much worse than this…”

“Heh…I guess…but still…no buddy beats you up but me! You just don’t go beating up my minion and get away with it!”

After making it back to the guild, collecting a odd paper doll from the ambassador as a thank you gift, and also receiving a strange card and a crayon drawing of Sprx and Alonzo the Pikachu collecting the badmitten shuttles the pair left the guild. “What weird rewards…”  Roark rubbed his head in confusion.

“I don’t know, they’re kinda cool!” Sprx smiled as she looked over the drawing she had been given. “A permanent reminder of how awesome I am!” She giggled before looking to her friend. “And you have a paper doll of your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend…”

“Pffft…you two are both ghosts! You should ask her out!”

“Not happening…”

“Do it!”

“Shut it squirt!” The pair continued going back and forth, before the golett slowed to a stop, noticing a small letter on the ground. “Huh?” He leaned down to pick it up before flipping it over. “What….” He glanced over, seeing a young riolu digging around in the surrounding area, obviously looking for something. “Hey kid!”

The riolu yelped, jumping and looking to the pair, unsure if he should run or stay. “Y…yes…?” He asked in a heavy accent, causing the golett and porygon to approach him.

“You drop this?”

“Y…Yes!” He nodded, looking up as he reached for the paper.

“Hold it! This is the kid! The one we needed to find!”

The riolu jumped again, staring up at the two with fearful eyes before Roark nodded. “Yeah….listen kid, Sundance has been looking for you…if you promise to come back with us…the letter’s yours…”

“What? Don’t make a deal! Just grab him!”

“Quiet Sprx, he’s just a kid…listen, we’ve been looking for you…plenty of people want to meet you, they have ice cream too.”

“I…Ice….cream…?” The riolu stared at the pair catiously before nodding. “D…deal…” He took the letter. “let me…deliver this letter first though…please…”

“Sure thing…we’ll come with you.” Roark smiled, following the riolu towards the post office.
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For "capturing" the riolu and bringing him in peacefully: +1 Evolution Slip
For handing out flyers, hanging up posters, and getting the regigigas to not look as bad when compared to Roark: +1 Hunter Access Permissive
For showing the ambassador around, and protecting her from the sceptile's attack: +1 Merit & +1 Iaponese Paper Doll
For a collecting a couple shuttlecocks: +1 Adorable crayon drawing
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