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“La de de, la de da…” While most of the city was busy rebuilding and scrambling to find lost ninjas, the Researchers were still very busy. One researcher,  a kirlia by the name of Ginger, a member of Team New Centennial, was busying herself working on several jobs called forth by the leaders of her guild. Not to long ago she had worked with a small group of mons to try and move a large sleeping snorlax out of the guild, not an easy task, especially when you have no muscles and the snorlax is using every attack it can through sleep talk. But with her psychic powers and several other mons help, the job had gone off…semi smoothly. A few mons were burned and charred, but nothing serious. Their superior Archimedes seemed quite happy with the results, and after a quick clean up of the damages, they were even promised that he'd put in a good word for them...though she could have sworn that she heard a loud commotion coming from the room not to long ago...almost as if the snorlax had somehow managed to find its way back to cause even more trouble.

“Mmmmmmm…” she smiled, using her psychic powers to help her work on multiple piles of paper work, while her hands were busy with another task. In front of her was a collection of ingredients that had been given to the researchers in the hopes that they could be used to form beautiful fireworks for a show later. “Let’s see here…” The kirlia mumbled to herself, looking over the various explanations of the ingredients to try to find an appealing mixture. She needed to be quick, careful, and silent, she didn’t want to disturb anyone else who was trying to work on paper work, and didn't want to cause a fire either.

“Bright powder…shoal salt…and wrap it up in some of this…gooey stuff…” She mumbled to herself, working the odd unknown component into a very thin film before starting to wrap it around the powder and salt that she had collected. “The salt will produce water…and the powder will glow inside of it…the…black stuff will hold it in…and when it expand enough it’ll pop into a beautiful display!” She smiled, finding it hard to keep her voice down as she got excited. “Yes…I know this will work…” She nodded, moving her firework aside as she started replicating her work over and over again.

While the girl’s hands were busy with the possibly dangerous explosives, her psychic powers continued working on the other task at hand…or at psychic energy in this case. Her powers were working hard, making sure the papers were all signed, placed in order, stacked in their respective piles, and that the stacks were neatly. If there was any chance the papers may fall, whether it be from the sheer weight of the papers and the height of the stack causing it to lose its balance, or simply from someone accidentally bumping into the pile, her powers would rush to grab the papers before a bigger mess could be made. Along with everything she was working on Ginger made an effort to try to keep her Swoobat superior Solstice, and her fellow Researchers calm and happy, whether it be by passing them a cup of tea or taking some of the papers from them to lighten the others' loads.

“All things considered, this is a very easy day.” The kirlia smiled as she looked around the room, watching her fellow Researchers work. “I wonder how Feli’s search is going…”


“Come on Macho you gotta know something…” Felinus the meowth growled softly, standing across from him in one of the city’s empty alleys was a young machop wearing a bandanna around over his mouth. “You got dirt on everyone…you gotta know something about that frog ninja.”

“And what if I do?”

“Then you gotta tell me!”

“Heh...I don’t gotta do nothin’. ‘Specially not for you.” The machop  poked the cat’s chest, shoving him back a bit. “’Specially since you won’t tell me what happened to my big bro…”
The meowth bit his lip, growling softly as he looked to the machop. “I told you, I haven’t seen him…now tell me where the frog is!”

“Pfff…” The machop shook his head, crossing his arms a bit as he looked away. After a few moments he sighed and nodded. “I’ve seen him…hangs around the alleys….stays outta sight…keeps quiet…sorta nice guy…” The muscular pokemon shrugged a bit. “No clue what he’s up to...or why people are after him.”

“He’s a fudgitive…and I don’t need to hear what you know, I need to hear where he’s at right now!”

“He’s behind you.”

“Ha ha, seriously, where is he?!”

The machop pointed past the angry cat, causing him to blink and slowly turn, looking back to see a tall hooded frog looking down at him. “Greetings…”

“Whoa!” Felinus jumped back, quickly extending his claws as he looked to the frog. “Trying to sneak up on me?” He growled before taking a deep breath, remembering that his partner had told him to do this peacefully. After a few deep breaths he slowly withdrew his claws, looking up to the frog before nodding. “The guild masters wish to speak with you…now…you can come in peacefully…or we can do this the hard way…” He growled lightly. “My…friend wants it to be the easy way…and she’s going to chew me out pretty hard if I let her down…sooooo…”

The grenija looked down at the cat, Felinus unsure if he should be preparing for a fight or to defend himself, though after a short while the ninja gave a nod. "Very well...lead the way..."

"Wh...really?" Felinus blinked, standing up straight as he looked at the much taller, and likely much stronger pokemon. "You're serious...?"

"Yes..." The grenija gave another nod, before motioning to the exit of the alley.

"O....kay..." The cat gave the ninja a hard look, before cautiously stepping in front of him and leading him out of the alley. "Just...no funny business..."


With that, the two headed off towards the Researcher's guild.


"And done!" Ginger giggled softly to herself, clapping her hands together for a job well done as she looked over the area she had been working on. It had taken most of the day, but it was all finally done, paperwork done and put away, stacked cleanly and neatly where it belonged, Solstice was enjoying the peace and quiet, sitting back and sipping a cup of tea. The fireworks were all taken care of, wrapped, primed, set aside and ready for the Hunter's party for the true Ambassador, all she had to do was pass them off to Chelle and that job would be done as well. After making sure she hadn't missed anything, the kirlia smiled, standing and waving goodbye to the swoobat she had spent most of the day working for, heading outside while picking up a small book that she had been told to take as a reward for her help.

Leaving the room, Ginger hummed softly, making her way through the halls of the guild, stopping momentarily to hand off her fireworks, keeping a small collection of papers she had been writing notes on as a little souvenir. She then stretched her arms and headed back towards her home, hoping to catch up with her feline teammate when they both got home.
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Placeholder D: no time!

Last minute save :D Yays! Just barely got this in...DARN YOU JURY DUTY! Making me rush for this!

Anyways, Ginger moved the snorlax, made some fireworks, and filed papers, while Felinus went out ninja frog hunting. 

For bringing the grenija in peacefully: +1 Merit & +1 Evolution slip
For moving the snorlax carefully, although very difficultly: +1 Storage Room Key 1
For doing paperwork with psychic powers: +1 Merit & +1 DIY Handbook
And last but not least, for making fireworks and using the odd gooey black stuff: +1 Merit & +1 Custom Fireworks Recipe

I'll add in more detail, cameos and such in a sec, just gotta catch my breath
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You have jury duty?  
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I did D: I was called in, did nothing for 8 hours, and finally got sent home

If I had been picked for the Jury I'd be on a 5 day case
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T'was a pain :c I was hoping to be out by 12 at the latest, but nope