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“Man…why does everyone else get all the cool jobs?!” Sprx whined out in annoyance. “We don’t even have real jobs! We have: listen to jerkface…and we have…don’t listen to jerkface…Boooooooooooooooring!”

“Oh please…you’d be complaining about the other jobs if we had to do them too…” Roark grumbled in response, crossing his arms as he listened to his glitchy partner whine and complain.

“Nuh uh! Those other jobs would’ve been awesome!”

“Really? You’re telling me you’d rather be out wandering those sand traps, collecting samples from cactuses?”


“Or you could be making alcohol-”

“That’d be fun!”

“…By using alchemy…messing with pipes, doing…science things…”

“Okay…that’d probably be boring…”

“Exactly…then there’s the Explorer jobs…sit around outside the giant cactus and answer questions.”


“Yeah, but don’t let your friends hear you saying that.” Roark chuckled as he lowered his arms. “Then there was the rescue job.”

“Now THAT would have been cool! Kick some butt, save some punks, and we’d get a grappling hook too! That’s so cool!”

“…But neither of us would use it…you can float, and I’m probably too heavy for it…or it might break or tear my arm off if I tried using it….”

“It doesn’t matter! It’d still be cool! Who cares if it’s pr….pr…uh…”


“That’s the word! Who cares if it works! It’s cool! That’s all that matters!”

“Heh…alright…I’ll give you that one kid...but you get my point right?”

“Yeah yeah…everyone’s got lame jobs too…why you gotta ruin everything for me Robro?”

“It’s what I’m here for kid. Keep you out of trouble, and be as much of a pain for you as you are for me….anyways, you decided which job you wanna do kid?”

“Well we’re obviously not gonna listen to that jerkface!” Sprx growled and huffed as she crossed her legs. “That gem thing looks neat…but he can shove it….”

“Alright…so we’re going for option two then? Ruin his tent and catch someone else who’s listening to him?”

“Well…I don’t feel like tattling…so…we’re not gonna do that crap…but yeah, we’re gonna ruin that punk’s tent! And it’s gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!”  Sprx snickered, rubbing her legs together while glitching sporadically.

“Works for me…sooooo…what all should we do?”

“Meh…I’m sure we’ll think of something…” Sprx shrugged, starting to float along, leading her partner towards their target. “Open it up and let sand get inside, put cactus needles in the bed…”

“I….think some others may have beaten us to that job…” Roark mumbled, the two coming upon the tent and seeing that it was mostly ransacked already. Seemed quite a few teams had decided to show the visiting Mienshao exactly what they thought of him.

“Well…this makes things hard…” Sprx mumbled, rubbing her chin in thought as she hovered around the damaged tent. “Maybe we could just take credit for it? I mean…who’s gonna know? We’re supposed to stay out of sight so…not like anyone could call us out on it…” Sprx mumbled, looking over before blinking and giggling as  thought came to mind. “Actually…I got an idea…”


“Do what you do best Robro…smack that ground, crack it open…and send mister Jerkface’s tent plummeting down inside.”

“That’s….not very subtle….”

“It doesn’t have to be subtle! We just can’t get caught! Come on! Just smack the ground and we’ll run! It’s easy!”

“….Fine…” Roark sighed, taking a few steps forward, glancing around to make sure there were no witnesses before nodding. “Here we go…” He pulled his arm back, taking aim before slamming his fist hard into the ground beneath them. The ground immediately began to rattle and shake; sand spreading out around them before the tent in front of them all but disappeared from sight, plunging straight down into the ground.

“Uhhhh…good job Robro…now RUN!” Sprx giggled eagerly, dashing off while her partner hurried after her.

“H….hey! Wait up!"
Sprx and Roar ruin...or...further ruin, Reuben's tent, and hopefully make it away without getting spotted.

Team Short Circuit:…

+1 Merit
+1 Swindler's coin
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