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“Huh…so they want us to do research on automatons this time…?” Felinus the meowth frowned a bit as he stood in front of the task board, adjusting his had before scratching his chin silently in thought.

“Well it makes sense Feli, I mean our big new friend at least appears automated, so that probably sparked their interest in all automated pokemon.” Ginger the kirlia hummed a soft tune, brushing some dirt from her jacket while her partner read the description of the job.

“Eh….I guess that makes sense…” The meowth shrugged a bit to himself before turning back to his friend. “So…guess we should go find some automated teams then?”

“Hehe…well we could, but how about we go see Sprx and Roark first? They’re both automated.”  Ginger smiled looking to her friend as she stood up straight. “I’m sure they’d be more than happy to answer a few questions for us.”

“Whatever…” The meowth sighed softly, crossing his arms as he looked away. “In the interest of time I guess it’s our best call.”

“Good kitty, now c’mon, let’s go find them before they get swamped with other teams wanting to talk to them.”

“Pfft…I mean really….how many mons could want to talk to them? There has to be plenty of other automated mons in town to talk too…”

“Hey! Hey you two! Wait up!” The pair stopped, turning around to see a ponyta racing towards them, skidding to a stop in front of them before smiling. “Did I hear you guys say you know some automated mons?” The ponyta seemed oddly eccentric, very excited and looking like she was full of energy, wearing a black armband on her left foreleg.

They looked at the horse pokemon for a few moments before Ginger smiled and nodded. “That’s right, we’re off to go see our friends. Sprx and Roark, they’re a porygon2 and a golett.”

“Score!” The ponyta smirked, tapping her hoof happily before looking to the two mons. “Mind if I tag along then? I’m seriously behind and need to start making some coins.”

“Of course! The more the merrier!” Ginger smiled nodding before bowing slightly. “My name’s Ginger, and this is my partner, Feli.”

“Felinus!” The meowth growled softly under his breath, still not caring for his partner’s little nickname, though he did blush as she suddenly hugged him.

“And we’re Team New Centennial, we’re with the Researchers.”

“Cool names, cool names.” The ponyta smiled as she looked at the two of them before nodding. “My name’s Ren, and I’m the sole member of Team Shock and Burn!”

“Pleasure to meet you Ren.” Ginger smiled and nodded to their new friend while Felinus raised an eyebrow.

“Shock and Burn? What’s that about?”

“Heheh…so you guys really don’t know? Here I thought I’d be famous by now! Well you’ll love this…I’ll show you on the way.” The ponyta smiled as she and her two new friends started on their way.


“Man oh man we’ve been popular today!” Sprx giggled loudly, glitching momentarily while she spun her legs happily. “I’ve never talked to so many people in one day!”

“It was pretty nice…” Roark nodded a bit as he rubbed his arm, trying to make sure it would stay. “Talked to plenty of nice mons…some…a little weird…and seemed like you even made a new friend.”

“Mmmmmm? Oh yeah! CC and me are gonna get along just fine!”

“Whelp…there’s no way that can possibly end badly…two hyperactive, trouble making, loudmouthed girls…what could possibly go wrong?”

“Nothing at all!”

Roark chuckled a bit, moving his arm a bit before looking to his partner. “Well just try not to get the kid in trouble…don’t want Sesal to say you two can’t play anymore…” He glanced around a bit before pushing himself up. “Think we should head on home? We probably won’t be getting any more interviews today.”

“Eh…yeah let’s call it a day Robro. You can rest those lazy gears of yours.”

The porygon2 giggled lightly as she floated up off the ground, the pair getting ready to leave when they heard a familiar voice calling to them. “Sprx! Roark! Wait up!” The two automated mons stopped, turning to see a group of three mons coming from down the street. The group was made up of a meowth with a black dress hat, a blitzle, and the kirlia who had been yelling to them.

“Ginger!” Sprx giggled loudly as the two automated mons stopped, the porygon2 rushing back to meet up with her friend. “How’s it going?”

“It’s going fine!” Ginger smiled as she nodded to her friend before waving to the golett who was approaching them. “Hi Roark!” She looked him over before cocking her head. “Are you okay? Your…arm seems…”

“Hi Ginger, yeah I’m fine.” The golett glanced to his arm as he started shifting it a bit. “I lost my arm the other day when we were hunting for those ninjas.”

“You lost it?!” Ginger gasped as she covered her mouth.

“Calm down Ginger I’m fine.” The golett chuckled softly, holding his hand out to the smaller psychic type before he shrugged. “Remember the talent show? I just need a bit of clay to make sure it stays on tight.”

“Okay…” Ginger sighed softly, before smiling as she looked to her two friends. “Anyways…we were wondering…”

“Hey I remember you two!” The blitzle rushed forward, looking at the two members of Team Short Circuit before poking the golett’s chest. “Yeah I remember you dudes! You were in the market place the other day, the day that I caught that sceptile chump!”

The two pokemon blinked, glancing at each other before the golett nodded. “Ah right…I remember you…”

“You better remember me!” The blitzle nodded, smiling as she poked the golett’s shoulder. “Glad to see you got your arm back big dude.” As she continued poking him, the golett’s arm dropped from his shoulder and crashed to the ground. “Oh man! I….um…s-sorry about that…”

“It’s fine…” Roark sighed as he bent down, picking up his arm before trying to reattach it again. “Like I said this happens. Anyways…I don’t think we got your name.”

“Oh right!” The blitzle smirked taking a step back. “The name’s Rin! And I’m the sole member of Team Shock and Burn!” She smirked striking a pose, the red armband on her right leg standing out against her black fur.

“Cool name!”

“Shock and Burn?” The golett looked the blitzle over. “So…you probably use flame charge then?”

“Yup! But that’s not the only reason it’s called that!” The blitzle giggled. “I’ll tell you about that later though.”

“Cool!” Sprx giggled, nodding as she looked the blitzle over. “So you really took that chump down?”

“Totally!” The blitzle grinned, patting her chest lightly. “It was a piece of cake…”

“Hate to interrupt…” The group looked down to the black hatted meowth, looking them over while tapping his foot impatiently. “But we were hoping for an interview…so if you don’t mind we have some questions for you…otherwise we’ll go look for someone a little more willing.”

“Feli!” Ginger huffed lightly. “You don’t need to be so pushy.”

“We’re on the clock…they can talk personal stories later.”

“Oh right!” The blitzle nodded. “Yeah I asked your friends here if I could tag along. Gotta do that whole…interview an automated mon job, that cool with you guys?”

“Totally!” The porygon2 smiled and shrugged. “We always got time for friends…and new friends…and…whatever Feli is.” She giggled lightly to herself, the meowth rolling his eyes before she nodded and looked to the trio. “So, what do you guys wanna know? The usual things? Hobbies, challenges, interests? That kinda stuff?”

“That’s the gist of it.” Ginger smiled softly, nodding as she looked at the pair. “You’ve probably answered a ton of those questions already…sorry if it’s getting old.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Sprx waved her leg and smiled. “Anyways, my hobbies include being totally awesome, as I’m sure you all know already.” She giggled lightly, Rin, and Ginger smiling while Felinus rolled his eyes and Roark shook his head. “What else…what else….oh! I got one! I also love hacking into Roark, messing with him and getting him in trouble.”

“Don’t forget getting me in trouble just in general.”

“Well that goes without saying…um…well the only other thing I can think of is hanging out with my buds. You, Roark sometimes.” She pointed towards the blitzle. “Maybe Rin here if she’s as cool as she says.”

“Oh you know it.” The blitzle smirked and nodded to the normal type.

“Hehe…And I even have a new friend! Her name’s CC and she’s with the Explorers.”

“She’s a cubchoo.” Roark nodded as he held his unattached arm with the one that was currently attached. “Explorer, Team FrozenPaws, works with her dad Sesal.”

“They’re explorers? Cool! I might bump into them then.” Rin smiled nodding as she made a mental note to see about bumping into the pair if she got a chance.

“Yup! And that’s it for me.” Sprx nodded, looking at the three interviewers. “Those are my hobbies and interests.” She smirked poking her golett partner. “Now it’s your turn Robro.”

“Right.” Roark nodded as he took a seat and look at the trio. “Whelp, I don’t really have any hobbies…or if I do I can’t really remember any of them.”

“Well that’s useful.” Sprx rolled her eyes, though Roark ignored her.

“Though I guess going off of Sprx’s comment before….I try to keep her out of trouble as much as possible…though that’s not really a hobby, it’s more of a full time job.”

“Hey it’s not my fault you have no sense of humor…oh! And I know something you forgot to add!” The virtual mon giggled as she rubbed her legs together. “You love breaking stuff! I mean you’re always doing it!”

“I don’t love to break stuff! It’s…well…an accident most of the time.” He rubbed his head and sighed. “No sense of touch, and I really don’t know my own strength.”

“Or weight fatty!”

“…Or weight…Moving on…” Roark sighed as he picked up his severed arm. “I usually spend most of the day reattaching my limbs if I’ve lost them….”

The two researchers and explorers nod as they took note of the answers provided by the two automated pokemon. “Alrighty…um…do you two have any problem with people calling you and other  of your species just….well machines? Easily created things…?” Ginger looked to her two friends, finding it difficult to word her question without risking insulting or hurting their feelings.

“It’s so not cool!” Sprx huffed, her body glitching wildly for a moment. “I mean seriously! Some guys just treat us like we’re nothing but machinery, easy to make easy to replace! So not cool! That’s like saying… ‘oh I don’t like Feli, let’s get rid of him and get another meowth!’ The porygon2 huffed, shaking her head. “Seriously, we got feelings, we’re our own mons, we’re one of a kind! Well…I’m one of a kind at least!” She glitched again and pointed to Roark. “Roark…he’s…well he’s something.”

“I’m with the kid.” Roark shrugged his one good arm. “We can be made…but we still have our own personalities.”

“I see…” Ginger blushed as she brushed some of her hair back. “I’m sorry about that question guys…we know you’re both your own selves.”

“Speaking about how you were created, why don’t you tell us about where you were made? Or how you were made?” Felinus raised an eyebrow as he looked to the two mons.

“I don’t know where I was made….or how I was made…”

“And my story is totally boring, so I’ll save you the trouble and we’ll skip that question.” Sprx closed her eyes, nodding her head before looking to the three. “So that it then?” She glanced around, not really reacting to the odd looks her partner and her friends were giving her.

“Um…I think that’s everything…” Ginger smiled softly, nodding as she looked to her two friends. “Thanks for all your help you guys.”

“No problem Ginger!”

“It was our pleasure.”

“Well we should probably head back to the guild and hand in our reports.” Ginger smiled, looking to Felinus who shrugged before nodding.

“I guess we got enough info.”

“Hehe…see you guys later!” She smiled, waving to her friends as she and her partner turned before walking off, leaving the two automated mons with their new blitzle friend.

“You know you two are pretty cool.” Rin smiled as she looked to the two automated mons. “Thanks so much for the interview. And uh…sorry again…about the arm.”

“Don’t mention it, and don’t worry about it.” Roark shrugged a bit.

“Yeah he’s been through worse!” The porygon2 giggled. “Now then, you gonna tell us why your Team Shock and Burn?”

“Hehehehe….it’s easier to show you than it is to explain it.”

“Then show us!” Sprx’s body sparked and glitched quickly as she looked to their new friend with wide pleading eyes.

“Heheh…alright alright, come on, follow me and I’ll show you.” The blitzle hummed softly, starting to walk away.

“Come on Robro! Let’s go! I wanna see this!”

“You can go on without me kid, I’m gonna head back and get my arm fixed up.”

“What? Lame!” Sprx rolled her eyes before racing after their friend “Wait for me Rin!”

The golett sighed softly watching his partner and their new friend leave before heading in the opposite direction, though as he rounded a corner though he bumped into a small floating cloaked figure. “Oh! I’m so sorry about that…are you okay….?”

“I’m fine, no harm done.” The golett blinked as he heard the figure’s light feminine voice, it sounded oddly familiar, a little scratchy, likely from an automated pokemon.  The small cloak looked over the golett. “Are you okay sir? You seem to be lacking an arm.”

“Oh…uh…yeah I’m fine.” Roark held up his severed arm. “Just gotta reattach it….hey…are you an automated mon…?”

“Indeed I am.”

“Would you…be okay if I ask you a couple questions? The researchers wanted some information on automated mons and I don’t think they accept stories straight from your own mouth.” He chuckled lightly.

“Certainly sir. Perhaps I could assist you with your problem while we’re at it.”

“Oh…uh….sure, I wouldn’t mind some help.”

“Excellent.” The cloaked figure nodded to the golett. “Please lead the way sir.”

Roark nodded, staring at the cloaked figure for a few moments before leading her along.
Errand 6 Team Short Circuit, Team New Centennial, and Team Shock and Burn

Team Short Circuit:…
Team New Centennial:…
Team Shock and Burn:…

Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

I humbly request aid from all guilds in the research of automated Pokemon! It is my observation that they operate among organic Pokémon with some difficulty, but perhaps we're not so different. I would like you to find various automated Pokemon, such as Porygon, Magnemite, Golett, Voltorb, and others that seem to be artificially created, and find out what their interests and hobbies are. Participate in these interests and hobbies if possible, to get a true idea of what they seem to enjoy about them!

I'll have 1 Star Coin available for any team whose contact with these Pokemon can be considered satisfactory.

Sprx and Roark meet a new friend Ren/Rin from Team Shock and Burn, and answer plenty of questions from Ginger, Felinus, and Rin. And it also appears that Sprx has a new friend by the name of CC ;3 

Mentioned: :iconwalagu:'s CC the Cubchoo and Sesal the Pyroar of Team FrozenPaws
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So nice! >u< I love how you made them interact with eachother, its very real and consistent. I love it! And Im so happy Sprx is all about their new friendship :'D 

Im totes gunna check out your other teams! ^u^