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Hey Everyone! 
Music Commissions are now CLOSED! 

If you are working on a large project such as a series, discounts can be negotiated! If you have a large number of subscribers, you can automatically receive higher discounts, as I'd like for the commissioned music to be heard by as many people as possible! 

You'll see that there is a HUGE price range, because creating songs can be  a huge variable, which all comes down to how complex and how produced you want it! I can spend an hour writing and recording your song for the base price or I can spend 6+ months working every day on it! It's all up to you! 


There are NO slots open:
1. Mauricio Film Score (Closed)

Price bases are as follows
-Small Projects (OST) -0:20 - 0:45 = $400 - $1K+
-Medium Projects -0:35 - 1:30 = $800 - $1.5K+
-Large Projects -1:35 - 4:00+ = $1.5K+

   Project price is based off the amount of time of work that goes into the song. I generally charge $70/hr while working on the commission. This time is documented and the commissioner will be notified of each logged time as well as be invited to stream privately in the studio and follow along with the project's progress. The listed prices above are examples of the base prices of each project size. 
   Payments are made via PayPal ONLY. If a commissioner plans to make money from videos that contain the song by monetizing, the commissioner MUST pay a publishing fee of $40 per song or $90 per album of 2+ songs; this extra fee will be included in the overall budget. The commissioned song(s) will be published on DistroKid for sync licensing and mechanical licensing, while the commissioner's post will be whitelisted. This will allow the commissioner to make 100% of the proceeds from the monetized video(s) containing the commissioned music. Jorge Aguilar II of NeoTonic Productions holds the rights to the recording license of all commissioned songs as well as publication rights. Commissioned songs can be used and posted on sites such as Youtube and Vimeo etc. only by the commissioner and Jorge Aguilar II, unless permission is explicitly given by the commissioner. All commissioned songs will also be posted on NeoTonic Production's social media sites for listening but not for purchase or download by the public. The commissioned songs will be open for public download after a negotiated waiting period, determined by both parties. Once the initial payment is received, at the time of creation and recording of any information inside the DAW project, the commission becomes official. I do not offer refunds once the project is official. If an instance of Act of God and or Force Majeur occurs while the commission is underway and the work is damaged or lost, the commissioner will grant Jorge Aguilar II a period of 1 month to repair the project before resuming work to complete the commission.

NOTE ME For any Questions, Comments, or Concerns


Examples of commissioned work can be found here:

-Small Project: ~$150…

-Small/Medium Project: ~$370…

-Medium Project: ~$450 
[KAGE - Song Commission]

Large Project: ~$650
[Desma - Song Commission]
[Let's Go For A Walk]

Very Large Project: ~$2.5K+

Extremely Large Project: ~$3.3K+



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I have a question, can small projects include a letter? or do you have to be instrumental? such as the audience opening