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EDIT: Sorry for hte confusion, guys! That's what happens when you work on these things at 5AM

Tomi & Matt's Character factory has returned!
English version:

Hebrew version:

Don't forget to use the tutorial if you get confused. It's a difficult interface to figure out otherwise.

Also, if you enjoy the game, leave a comment here and there. The reason we sotopped updating it was that we thought nobody was playing it anymore. If we see people commenting or uploading their creations, we might go back and improve it from time to time.
Hey folks, heading to New York for Comic Con with a fresh printing of Oy Vey's english version!
If any of you guys are going to be there and you want to get my first ever english book, let me know!
Seeya there!
Oh my gosh have I been busy or what!
Just wanted to let you know that the reason I'm not updating is that I'm preparing for the comics festival,w here I'm going to release 5 new books!

thos eof you who are from israel are invited to come over and say hi. the festival will be held in the Tel Aviv cinemateque on the 17th-21st.
AAK! Wtf?!

I've just been llamabombed!

Like, 14 different people gave me a llama badge in the last 24 hours for no apparant reason o_O
Just felt like writing down a couple of my goals. Some short term, some long term.

1. Manage to publish at least 3 books in the upcoming comics festival in August (hopefully 4, and maybe, just maybe, 5).

2. Go to a magor american comic convention, especially comicon.

3. Have at least one really successful animated TV series.

4. Get hired to draw a map for an amusement/waterpark.

5. Throw a premier party for one of my comic books (not that I know how I'll manage that anytime soon, considering I'm alwyas aiming for a release during the comics festival)

6. Make an full length animed movie (yes, this is a very long term goal...)

7. Have something to do with an amusement park. Anything from having a ride in an existing amusement park being named after my show/comic, to owning my own amusmenet park would be fantastic. (Another long term goal, I know. But I'm aiming there!)

I aim high, I know, but I'm determined ot make it happen.
Just once, couldn't Dastardly and Muttley have, not won the race, but at least not come in last? I remember one episode where they actually started feeling bad for what htey did, and they SITLL came in last. What gives?
Or the Coyote... I  mean, of course you wouldn't want him to eat the road runner, but... Give the poor guy a break in some way.
And Al from Married with Children. He's not a bad guy... Why is it that whenever somehting good happens at the end of the episode, everything has to go back to normal the very next week?
Some of the losers on TV aren't bad guys. And you do want things to work out for them every once in a while but they never do!

This all leads me to a recent episode of Finneas & Ferb.
Now, I don't watch cartoons for kids too often anymore, but I did catch a recent Finneas & Ferb episode.
It started with Finneas and Ferb's mom actually coming home early enough to catch Finneas and Ferb in the act, and realizing that all those times that Candice(that's her name, right?) was claiming they're up to insane antics was for real.
I was SHOCKED! These things just don't happen in cartoons!
Ed Edd n' Eddys' schemes ALWAYS fail! Daffy Duck always gets the short end of the stick if Bugs is around! And he's not alwyas the bad guy!
Neither is Candice, when you think about it! But there it was... Someone getting a break!

I decided that if this doesn't all end up being a dream or something like that, this would be one of the most significant and awesome episodes of any cartoon I've ever seen.


It was a dream.

And not even Candice's dream. It was the Platypus' dream.

I would like to address an important issue with you all.
There is something terribly disturbing and horrible going on in toy stores all around the world, and that something is build-a-bear.
For those of you lucky enough to be from build-a-bear-less countries (such as, say, Israel), I will explain.

In most toy megastores around the western world there are "build-a-bear" stations. Basically you walk in to the nicely decorated area and then look at a pile of empty teddy bear skins. Let me repeat that. EMPTY TEDDY BEAR SKINS. Lying there. Like they were just skinned, or something. Lying in a big lifeless, disturbing, pile.

You then select a skin, open it(!!!), and start shoving lots of stuffing into it(Oh. Oh. The. Horror.). I will once agian repeat. You are SHOVING things into the open skin of a TEDDY BEAR.

And then once it's stuffed, and for once it looks lively enough to be able to feel and love, you then start SOWING and PINNING things into it's poor skin. Like taking a tiny hat and SOWING IT ONTO THE POOR THING'S HEAD.

Now, I don't know what kind of sick bastard thought this up. But correct me if I'm wrong, there's something awful about encouraging kids to shove things into empty teddy bear skins and then sticking a needle through them.

Please. Stop this horror. Do not support build-a-bear.

(While this post was written in humor, I AM serious. Every time I went into the build a bear corner at a toy store it freaked the flying **** out of me and I jsut think it's WRONG. It's wrooong!)
Okay, so I know I post here alot about :iconfreshman15: 's comics, much more than any other person's, but the thing is... I look them up whenever something reminds me of them. And because they're SO true, things that remind me of them happen all the time! And today something brought up this:…
Just thought I'd also share here the link to my Israeli rollercoaster forum:…
I love this city,
I love flash mobs,
I love that this city is the sort of city that would ahve flash mobs.


Just when I'm starting to get a ltitle tired of family guy they go and make something like that.

Seth Mcfarlane ROCKS.
That is all.
People always talk about ordering online like it's the easiest, most convinient thing ever. Whenever I say I want something that can't be bought here they say "order it online!" like they're asking me to go to the corner shop.
I always just glare at them like they're stupid. I am afraid to say that recently I was proven right once more.

I ordered a game online over 3 weeks ago. Estimated delivery time was between 6-13 days.

Not only has it not arrived yet, according to the online tracking thingy, IT HASNT EVEN LEFT THE STATES YET!

It pretty much VANISHED the moment the stupid united states postal service picked it up!

I missed several big events in which I hoped to have the game, not to mention now that school is starting on sunday, I won't even have time to play it.

I called USPS(from another country, mind you), and they said that they dont know why it hasn't arrived, and that the only way to find out where it is is to open an investigatoin. But noooooo, I can't open the investigation myself, that would be too convinient. I have to contact the seller through ebay(who only responds to about 1 out of every 2 messages I send him, not including the fact it takes up to two days for the message to reach the poor bastard) and ask HIM to call them and open an investigation.

I don't even know why I'm spending so much effort on this anymore, really. By the time it gets here I won't have time to play it.

It'll be a looooong time before I buy anything online again. Especially from the US.
Two days ago I had a Sloppy Joe for the first time ever.
It was delicious.

That is all.
Love and capes is a fantastic comic which I know from it's publishing a comic book collection of it's comics every free comic book day.

Recently I was shocked to discover that although the strips are published online they have no comments. This comic is FANTASTIC and people should know it.

It is a very funny comic about Abbey, a bookstore owner, and her husband Mark, which is an accountant. Oh, and also a superhero.

While it is funny, and looks like it should be an animated TV series/sticom, it also tries to keep things realistic(as realistic as they can get without going "WATCHMEN" that is...)

I recommend reading the comic from the start simply because there's not a whole lot of good in starting to read in the middle of the current storyline. Keep in mind, the comic keeps getting better as time goes on. so don't jusge it by the first storyline alone.
I would like to reffer you all to this comic:… , which, while it is very old, I find myself going back to read it again every couple of months simpyl because it keeps ringing true.
The 90's were about shock humor. The 00's were about randomness humor. I wonder what the 10's will be about?…
Why do they ahve to come here for one show, which is at the same time as the comics festival? >___<

They better come back again soon!
Boy am I beat... I don't think I've drawn this intensely since back when I was doing Special Report on a daily basis and even that's debatable... It's finally summer vacation, so I actually have TIME to draw, which is amazing... Plus, the Israeli Comics and Animation festival is coming up! Sure, it's not San Diego Comicon... *Grumble mumble too awesome grumble mumble scott kurtz n' danielle corsetto grumble mumble $1100 for a plane ticket grumble* ...but it's still a LOT of win! And last year was phenomenal with lots of fantastic new stuff coming out. And so, I am working full throttle to finish my new book, Oy Vey, in time. Which is CRAZY because I'm not even sure if I'm half finished, or almost finished, or just beginning, or what! Since the amount of work I seem to have left is constantly changing (Kind of reminds me of that XKCD comic about the author of the windows file trasnfer thingy going to visit friends).

When done it will be my first book to also be avalible in english, and possibly be avalible for purchase online!

It ended up beign waaay more about rollercoasters than I originally intended for it to be but oh well. I guess I just didn't realize how many cool things happened at Cedar Point!

I am also currently working on an animation which probably uses some of the most advanced animation techniques I have ever used! Which surprisingly also means the most PRIMITIVE techniques I ever used! You see, when you start animating, you do everything frame by frame... And then when you learn about tweens(wont bother explaining), you start using those instead! And the more you practice and animated and study other animations you realize that the next step is... going back to frame by framing!
It takes forever but it ends up looking so much better.

The animation is the 100th episode of my comic strip, Geektopia, that runs weekly on , I don't upload it's episodes here almost ever, for various reasons, but I probably will upload the animation.

It will also be displayed(I guess) at the comcis festival that will take place on the 19th-22nd.