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Heya, it's been a while - I know many of you have sent me birthday greetings, thank you for that! Sadly I'm unable to load the notifications, I tried both chrome and firefox, maybe it's temporary. But I'm unable to reply personally or read notes ((update: I found a way to read notes!))

What's been up is I've been travelling a lot between conventions, it's been amazing! My artwork (and me) is active in Furaffinity and also occasionally in Twitter (but that's a bit more personal).

I actually remembered to come here because I've been recently seeing dreams with lots of old friends, and some of them may still be here and I wanted to check out - but since I can't access notifications that plan was ruined. Oh well.

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1 min read
It's over a month and I now notice all the birthday wishes! Thank you everyone!

I'm looking into updating a lot of art sites I'm on around december again~ busy atm ^^;


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It's not a lie to say that the community here in Deviantart consists mostly of people behaving like 10-year-olds. They live in a reality twisted bubble and common sense doesn't exist.
For a good long time I just thought "we pay more attention to stupid comments here because it's a myth here", and usually that's how things work. But this isn't the case for DeviantArt's stupidity.
They way several people act here is something I can say I've not experienced elsewhere, Deviantart has it's own culture of behaving and commenting before thinking first.

I'm not saying that I'm not stupid as well, but I'm talking about the level where people completely seriously state things like "A sparrow is a feline" and become enraged if someone questions their statement.

BUT WHY IS THIS? I don't get it.
Actually, why are other art community sites not rotten like DA? Why is it just DA?
Elsewhere, you tend to have circles of different people, but in DA these (assuming) children are everywhere instead.

I usually tackle stupid comments by laughing them off, but the amount I face here is overwhelming to handle.
This journal is probably going to be crowded by such comments too, what is the point of posting this here? IDK

My excuse to stick here was because I moderated a group I felt was important for the community to keep up, but that group is now dead.
It's dead because there aren't enough of competent people who could help run it. Everyone sensible leaves. It's a sensible thing to do for a sensible person.

Maybe I should finally leave too.


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2 min read
Krita is the drawing program I use for all my work, it's also quickly growing and the best you can have right now. And free on top of everything nice c:
Download Krita for Linux, Windows or experimental for mac:…

Want to learn how to use Krita?
There's a lot of free tutorials out there, also ones you can purchase.
This month they released a new training book, this time with a really nice sneak peak into the first 2 chapters, which are really helpful if you're just getting started!
A good descriptions of the tools important to get started and information to get started with painting and/or drawing~
Check it out:…
Or even buy the book:… (unfortunately the giveaway is already over)

I also recommend David Revoy's free tutorials here:…

Dream of becoming a 2D game artist?
A professional 2D game artist is running a kickstarter to give out training how to use professional techniques using Krita!
You can even get some personal training, how awesome!…

Animation tools in beta!
Aaah, shiny new feature! Animation!! Check this beta version :DD…

I'm so excited to see Krita develop! It's so nice to have an intuitive program to use thats made the artists in mind and being available for everyone :3
You have no clue how long I waited and struggled with digital art until I discovered Krita.


Needed some good stuff to put up here as the latest journal finally.
Also free art raffle over my FA account to celebrate 13k watchers:…

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2 min read
Sometimes when people trace/steal and then proceed to block the people they ripped from, still fighting back and denying that they did wrong. I think they deserve masses of people jumping on them and raging that they're doing wrong.
If we just keep sugarcoating shit and being nice to those who do evil things - how will they ever ACTUALLY learn to behave?

Human psychology works so that we need some kind of shock to change into better.

Please let this tracer in denial know that we are only their enemy until they apologize and stop.…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another alert: Do not commission anyone who has freshly set up their account. There is a scammer running wild in FA atm pretending to be various different artists and "taking commissions" - while their accounts are usually banned within a day, they keep making more and more all the time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I guess that's all, sorry for only having sad news.

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