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Spirit Dancer [COLLAB]

By Neotheta
Commission for  Rasmwolf :3c
Collab with Dralygonyx, he did the pose sketch and I finished!
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© 2014 - 2021 Neotheta
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Mabye they just tripped and fell and they want to go down gloriously

Dierwolf26's avatar
Can I use your art for my furry videos?
Neotheta's avatar
if it's about exposure and doesn't falsely present who the character is / owned by, then yes ! Also credits need to be somewhere c:
Dierwolf26's avatar
Its not about exposure at all and if you would like I could explain what its about, to help get a better understanding of what im doing.
Neotheta's avatar
Err can you explain then?
Dierwolf26's avatar
yea sure, mostly what im doing is asking other artists if I can use there art for my video and what happenes in the videos is that I pick a sertain song and i animate the pictures to match the beat of the song, if you know what anime wolves videos are thats excactly what im doing just with furry pictures.
Neotheta's avatar
Well I'll then have to sadly ask you to not use my commission work for modifications.
Dierwolf26's avatar
oh ok, i understand
UMSAuthorLava's avatar
That outfit...

Royle-McCulloch's avatar
How much are you're commissions? (If you're still doing them.)
SELT0N's avatar
These colours :omgomg:
Amazing picture X3 Emote :eeeee: 
GratitudeAdvocate's avatar
Incredibly gorgeous <3
Nashatok's avatar
Great job! Have you ever considered Rave pictures? You two would destroy everyone else's. Mine included.
Neotheta's avatar
I've drawn many manymany rave pictures in the past atleast xD
Nashatok's avatar
O rly? I'm gonna have to check them out!
pwned31's avatar
Try fullscreening this picture, drinking a Red Bull and listening to pink floyd's ''Dark side of the moon''. Works wonders. 
Akimune's avatar
this pose is awesome, draly do amazing poses ♥ youre on my commission list ;;
GizmoTheDragon's avatar
Hmmm... reminds me of something...

Great job, by the way!
kwdispirited's avatar
this looks amazing !
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