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Prince of Fall - Autumn

By Neotheta
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"Draw to adopt" entry for :iconcanterwit: group!

Autumn is a confident, protective, somewhat stubborn and a more silent canter.
Not all flowers are gone by the fall, for there are some that blossom until the very end. Taygete flowers are one of those, even after the first snow they're still standing.
Autumn's job is to make sure all the last flowers give their fullest and contribute to the colourful fall. He's still out there until the first snows cover the ground.
And before finally leaving back to the canterwit realm he makes sure to enchant the plants for protection so they'll for sure rise strong after the winter again.

Autumn has two flowers growing on him: Taygete's on horns and roses on the tail. His body is decorated with rose's thorns like laces and coleus leaves to enrich his colours furthermore.
Taygete's represent strength and stubbornness, while roses are for wisdom and confidence in own abilities. Thorns are there to remind there's always both sides to anything.

His alignment is towards Alderley, but he does not agree with the rivarly with Delamere, because great knownledge and courage go hand in hand.
Without the power and courage you cannot make good use of the knownledge you gather, but you can't be truly be powerful without knownledge.
However, knownledge always comes first and confidence to use it grows alongside.

Autumn is interested in magic that makes flowers stronger towards anything that might threaten them: disease, cold, drought...

(( I might change the name when I come up with a better one (feel free to make suggestions, I'm looking for an unisexish name) ))

 Canterwit are created by :iconowlfinch:

- - - - - - -

I redid my entire entry, here's the old drawing if you miss it (since I changed the main submission to avoid hassles)
 Autumnbeauty by Neotheta
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Looks so breathtakingly beautiful ^^
No wonder autumn is my favourite season ^^
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This autumn-themed picture you've done of such a character looks very nice, and I'm also looking forward to autumn because of it being my favorite season of the year as well. :)
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She is an amalgamation of natural season splendor. Clap 
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Awesome i wonder what Winter's Beauty is gonna look like
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