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Pillow Dragon

Cropped preview for next pillowcaaaaseee~ Second male one and this time looks like a guy, almost. Theo isn't too manly, he is a shy dragon :3


The pillowcase is purchaseable in my store:…

Also another important thing: Please do not use this character for roleplay or posing as him. I identify with this character and it causes a heckton of confusion. Please make your own instead. If you dig the species, I have a description here:…
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Hey there! I've seen this character for awhile now, and have really come to enjoy his design. Recently, I was wondering if it would be possible to create some fan art of him. I will give out the proper credits, and will make sure to link people to where they can see your own work.

can I take the character

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Super attractive! Glowing eyes and scales plus a cute demeanor combine to maximum amiability. ❤️ 
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This is indescribably cute
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Theo, more like Theawww~ :heart::D
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He is very very CUUUUUTTTTEEEEEEEEE >/////< how old is he?
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Ack since when is black on black on black so adorable?!?
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awwww! He's sooooooo cute! *human hugs*
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I love it, wish it was mine (:
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I really need this in my life. The dragon is too cute! :love:
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Really impressive art style you have here, diggin' the blue lighting on this too. Theo's a cool looking dragon too, very well done. :thumbsup:
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Can I ask you a question? (hopefully the artist sees this) I have some troubles, okay lots of trouble, drawing my Ocs snout design and this drawing that you posted is what's guiding me to draw her snout, yet I still can't draw it properly and it's sorta getting on my nerves since she's supposed to be my fursona. So if you don't mind, could you teach me how to draw such snouts?
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Heya! You made me specifically log here on DA since I spotted your comment.

I sometimes draw a box in correct perspective for the muzzle and then round it up - although mostly just winging what looks nice.
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What tablet do you use to make this?
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I have wacom cintiq 22hd, but just having any graphics tablet will enable you to do this quality - it's more about the years of practise.
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Yea. Because of skilled.
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I love the character design, although my parents already gave me their prejudice against body pillows.
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