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PKMN Unlimited - MasterBall 2.0

New render engine, new shaders and textures ! More re-textured or new pokeballs will coming soon. (~-.-)~
Made with Cinema 4D and Photoshop.
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Very cool! :) How I wish this style of Pokeballs and this level of graphic in 8 Generation.…
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is there a way to download these (I will pay you if you want)
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Ooh... tireball.
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I really wanted that rubber aspect, so thank you! ^^'
Nice texture!
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If only AlienWare computers looked like this...
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To be more expensive ?
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if i had multiple angle sof this i would 3d model it o.o
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This is amazaing
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Dude, honestly, if this was a thing I could buy I'd get like twenty.
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One ball to catch them all
One ball to find them
One ball to bring them all
And in the Pokémon box bind them
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Bruh dat pokeball is DOPE BABY!!
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Looks crazy! Nice job.
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as always your pokeball designs still amaze me, I would actually like to see a pokeball like this with the beehive style detail but with a blue top and silver bottom to it and blue or white lighting coming out of it.
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Maybe when I can have time to make it.
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Amazing. Best ball ever
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Nice, but i feel like it still needs some purple and the M in it. It just you look at it, and you wont know its a Masterball, its just a suggestion
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