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Mac OS X Panther-Brushed

EDIT: I found this and re-uploaded it. Don't know if it will help since it is close to 5 years old, but here it is.

Thanks for all of the interest in this theme! You all ROCK!

This is/was an attempt at a better Panther Brushed skin than the ones that are available. Feel free to edit, and perfect it, and redistibute it. Included are Skins for sysprefs, and ishut.
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I have re-uploaded the theme thanks to Husaini HB @ [link]
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[link] also I cant, does anybody can send to me this theme?, please, here my mail
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noo downloads broken :cries:
Why can't I download it??? :'(
Yeah, could please someone send the theme to me? Can't download it from devianthard =/
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Please, if anyone would be so kind as to send me a copy of this wonderful skin, I will provide download hosting - Thanks in advance...
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Looks really neat :) I am a tuning fan of win xp and you can have my RESPECT! :D Only one prob i cant download it :/
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yea can someone send me a copy of This..or post it on a FileHosting Site.. for Everyone 2 download from so u don't get bother by us asking for a file..

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I don't have the file anymore. I have long since swithed to Macs, and have no need for it. I'm very sorry I never hosted this somewhere else.
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cant download this ;(
hy i can nt download this theme can someone send to me! E-mail
can somone send the theme on my meil
i can not download the theme why? Can someone send to me ?
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File Not Found

No page exists at your destination address, but the deviantART home page should help you to find what you need.
i cant download file not foun yas! Can someone send the file to me ? PLs e-meil
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Really nice skin but for me it has one probleme I can't put it in 1680x1050 on my 15''4 screen otherwise I have an error ( probably comming from the dock bar ...) any Idea how this could be corrected ?
Yoyo73 do you have this theme? If you do, do you mind sharing it with me?
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I am sorry I don't have it anymore :-S
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nice, very nice and clean looks
What program r u using to pull off the modified display properties window?
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Way cool. I love the look of macs.
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I think it is probably a program called Objectdock... you can download a free version of it @ [link]
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how to get this apple / OS like toolbar which is located at the bottom?
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i looked it up....its called Aquadock...try it on google..can get it free :D
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