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Head desk- Forkke

anyone else ever felt something like this?

Principal Devi Ann Forkke "I'm surrounded by idiotic delinquents... *sigh* "

Fork-ish references

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A clever and fanatic art!!! I am a dummy! 
It's the Concussion Protocol for her!
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Nope. Anyway, nice work! I love this style, and the animation is so cute!
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Pardon me... I need to try something. [headdeskplz]
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no te importa si lo huso para la wedcam?
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Yes, I just felt that way two days ago - last Friday. Fucking incompetent public transport bureaucracy.
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yes at school
like today
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My life is this everyday at the bank.
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How i feel at school and when my mom talks to me -sigh- like now hahahaha
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I feel like this right now. Several hours of working on an $)(*#$#) typeface as a project. And I'm not a typographer at ALL.
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yeah, im sitting in latin classes since... nearly 4 hours...
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I actually have done that at college, where I fell asleep sitting up and then banged by head against the desk, scared the heck out of everybody
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I love this xD
Do you mind if I save this image?
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not only have i felt like doing that, i have DONE it.
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Ive done it against a desk,wall,and floor.
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