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Earth and Cybertron

Art by NeoRock_096
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© 2012 - 2021 NeoRock096
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Absolutely think this is dope. I was if I could use this for a post.

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In wanna live on the Cybertron half!
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hey, I was wondering, I'm changing up my theme on tumblr (TF RP Blog) and I was wondering if I could use this? I will make sure to give you proper credit for it
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Yeah, no problem! 
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Okay, and it's done. I even made sure to credit you for the image

It's in one of the small 4 window images in my side bar.
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Very nice. I love the dramatic counter-balance between the organic Earth and the metallic Cybertron. Well done.
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Amazing! My two planets combined! I think I am in love!
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It's Beautiful
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This is great but in scale Cybertron is a lot larger then Earth but love what you did keep up the great work XD.
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Of course larger, but do not care for it ;D
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Oh, my God, this is so awesome! I'm loving this! :D
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That looks so cool!
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That does look amazing.
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Wow :O that's awesome. Nicely done!
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