Sup, who are all you guys?

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Pixel Art fan. :)
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a game programmer looking for sprites to use for games im making. (unpublished)
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I'm Luka, a moderator on a spriting forum that centers around the style of LSW. Check us out! Some of us are pretty decent. Haha.
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Hello, I am Nero,
I am an award-winning graphic design major.
I adore animation, graphic novel storytelling,
What about you?.
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I am me, though I do not use this username elsewhere on the net any more.
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A antisocial person who likes to draw and love pixel games.
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I'm one, small person with an extra helping of medical challenges and a habit of webcomic delving when I'm down
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A shifty eyed vampire macaroni noodle.
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The question is...who are you?
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Geen idee. Jij?
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A fan of your Hero Oh Hero back then. :)
Still a fan of it and now I have my own hobby to do as of today. :D
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I'm a fan who started following all of your webcomics since Tom RPG.
And I dare to say you inspired me to dive into the pixel art universe, and that I did.
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The good one out of all my brothers
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Hi i'm a former banned video editor who decided to put my mischievous past behind, to learn more possibilities with art.
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Someone who admires what you do. :)
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socially awkward sausage who likes to draw ;w;
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An amateur anime artist who likes pixel games!~ : - D 
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An animation student that wants to go into game development or something like that! o/
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A-are you the shape of a sheep..?
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You know it! B)
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