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Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

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Finally finished the entire roster! I'll probably do a few of the missing alt costumes in the future, but this is a nice square.

How do you guys feel about the roster this time around? I'm glad everyone ever is back & all of the newcomers seem quite cool, Piranha plant represent.
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Can you add Link's Hero of the Wild set?

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Oh boy... Ridley is way to big! Amazing reference! CURSE YOU!
Though my personal favourite is actually Olimar and Alph with different Pikmin types. That made me smile even more!~ 
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coooooooooool, you just need to add  the new dlc characters and why there are two inkling boys? and the rest? 
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Are you going to update it and add Joker, Dragon Quest Hero, and Banjo Kazooie?
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Where's links breath of the wild tunic
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Falco’s been placed in the wrong spot there.
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Only fighters missing from showing their alternate outfits/skins are Link and Little Mac.
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And there’s Villager as well.
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It's very good!
Will you do the other DLC once they are out?
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Yep, I'm kinda waiting on an official render of how Joker looks in Smash itself. His trailer didn't give us that.
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you forgot the villagers.
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I'm gonna do some alts in the future still.
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A big family for sure, the xmas table must be an spectacle.
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From the numbers 1 (Mario, of course) to 82 is for me...a really BIG one! and that is okay. Also, i love all of them in pixel-art style!.
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Needs Steve, Sans, Reimu, and that bitch from monsterhunter.
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Wow what an amazing job! It must have been long to make all of this, but you nailed it! B-)
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Looks really nice x3
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*Waluigi dies in the background*
I'll play as Richter Belmont and King K Rool and Ridley and Cloud and Link and Wario and Dk and cute isabelle and adorable pikachu
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This is so nice!!! And i also like how you add their alternates like the Koopalings, male Wii Fit Trainer, etc!
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This is art!

I mean, it's literally art, but it's also Art!
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