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January 13, 2012
Super Smash Brothers Brawl 2 by ~Neoriceisgood
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Super Smash Brothers Brawl 2



[download for full view & fairly essential for pixelart!]

2nd image in the series.

I worked hard on making everything that was shown in the old image [ [link] ] better than it was on that image, and tried to at least double the number of characters shown; which I managed to do, easily.

I originally wanted to do the whole image next, but attempting to do that killed my inspiration and made me stop working on it for like, a year?

That's the main reason for the delay, but recently I picked up against it again, so here's the 2nd shot.


Characters shown so far:

fully shown:

-Dedede [ and waddle dee]
-Olimar [and pikmin]
-Toon Link
-mr game&watch

partly shown:

-ice climbers
-ganondorf [really partly]
-link [really partly as well]

If the "2" in the title and the half seen characters didn't reveal it yet, this is, although in terms of workload far more than usual; not the "full" image yet.

This is the long delayed 2nd shot in the series, originally I wanted the 2nd shot to be the full screen-sized image, but attempting to do it all at once is the reason it took so long, because it took away a lot of motivation when I saw how much I still had to work on.

I'm thinking I'll do roughly 2 more progress images like this one before I present the final version.

Everything aside, you're obviously free to post this around wherever you want, as long as credit is given & possibly a link to this DA page;

Any comments and critique are appreciated, however if you do plan on giving criticism, try to make it obvious what you're talking about, I can't use comments like "DK's eyes seem off" without any reasoning or hypothetis why this is the case.
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Oh my gosh now that is a picture I love each and every character the way you drew them. The details are just to good to describe. I am speechless. I love the way you did Peach's hair. The shadows are very nice. I love the pik piks they are so cute. You made Samus very cute and pretty. I love little Yoshi in the background. Kirby is always adorable but here he is to adorable. Great work! I love everything and I can not wait to see more from you. Bye for now. I can not wait to see more art from you!

Antonio (*marioxpeachfan)