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November 11, 2007
Super Smash Brothers Brawl 1 by ~Neoriceisgood - Rich colors, wonderful dithering, awesome amount of work, with a subject close to many folks this piece of PixelArt will be seeing a lot of favorites'.
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Super Smash Brothers Brawl 1


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Finally decided this piece was "complete enough" to post, because I, just like many others I assume, am excessively hyped for Brawl I decided to work on my own tribute to the game.

I've been working on this exclusively (test week aside) for the last two weeks and today touched it up enough to make it worthwhile posting, although there's still some mistakes and tiny errors to fix up, I figured I could just as well post it and fix any mistakes later on.


As you may notice there are 5 characters obviously visible in this image;

- Mario

- Sonic

- Snake

- Donkey Kong

- Peach

and a rather oddly posed Diddy Kong;

If the "1" in the title and the half diddy didn't reveal it yet, this is, although in terms of workload far more than usual; not the "full" image yet.

Although I'll take my time as these are really big and time consuming, I -hope- to expand upon this square with around 5 more squares of aproximately the same size to get the entire Brawl playable cast presented.

However, as you may imagine with the size I'm pixeling at, this will take ages, several months most likely, so I figured it'd be in my own and other's best interest to cut the piece off in several presentable pieces (otherwise I may end up only finishing it half, getting bored, and never showing it)

As, though somewhat hidden, seen in the image; all designs are © Nintendo, sega and konami and not my intellectual property.

The seperate artwork belongs to and is made by me, yada yada.


Everything aside, you're obviously free to post this around wherever you want, as long as credit is given & possibly a link to this DA page;

Any comments and critique are appreciated, however if you do plan on giving criticism, try to make it obvious what you're talking about, I can't use comments like "DK's eyes seem off" without any reasoning or hypothetis why this is the case.

I think that's all I have to say, hope you guys like it so far ^_^
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Awesome artwork it's amazing