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Link Sprite anim

Another little fansprite, this time of Link as some people suggested.

For your viewing pleasure I decided to make an animation of how I made the sprite, hope you guys enjoy it.
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Love to see it from start to finish! 
Opa Cara blz?
Bom ... Eu entrei em hum curso de Desenvolvimento de Jogos e Irei Fazer hum Jogo 2d nenhum pixel art estilo, se voce Puder me Ajudar eu ficarei Extremamente agraddecido.
Na parte do Personagem ELE tera Que funcoes Fazer varias Como nessa imagem: kai-the-awesome-fox.deviantart…
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These characters look like something right out of Terraria! Good Job!
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Pink hair link is the best link.
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F*cking pink.... haha I love it!! :)
Well done, and it's great you share the process for all the curious peeps.  Keep it up and stuff (won't lie, your popular on GAF and found you through that...But the fact your username is "NeoRiceIsGood" instead of going for the "Rice is Nice" rhyme eats my insides a little to be that annoying person who blurts it out anyways...).
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I've never heard of the Rice is Nice rhyme before ... o:

... Also your art is really good!
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Oh man...thank for the watch.  I haven't posted in a while, but I hope to impress with the new stuff. :)

(pssst... I've been doing sprite art lately myself... and I won't lie, when I get fed up on how "it works" or need some inspiration/help, I open your Dev page (andafewothers)).  
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Well if you ever need advice/help on sprite stuff you're free to contact me,
you're great at actually doing art so you're already over halfway there anyway. ^^
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I made a perler bead Link based on your amazing work (

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BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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look awesome
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Suddenly, pink.
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Inspired me to make this wip!
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... a question? On occasion, for some reason, perhaps ... you could make a beginning of Zelda 8-bit as well, the way you did with Samus, Ganon ... if you can not or will not do everything well and do...... :please:
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