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151 Ricemon

I decided that out of celebration of finishing the 2nd version, I'd dub them with my own collectible monster name;

RICE MONSTERS or Ricemon for short;

That aside, the new version is finally complete after I pushed through the last few revamps today;

there's some of the old ones completely gone and some entirely new ones added, for those who paid attention to it; and unlike last time, I included the names for all of them;

Types aren't included, but I hope that for most the types are at least guessable.

Comments are always appreciated, and I hope to beat my old dex in term of favourites (considering it's virtually the same thing, but better.)
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Types for these guys?

Hello. I love your style.
I'm looking for fakemon for a non-commercial project (GBA) and it will be great if I can use your dex.Your credits will be given as it should be.
Thanks since now.
They are great: 3 I would like to use them, are they public? Of course with your well-deserved credit Editar
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Quit it Nintendo. Stop making new and newer pokemon. Otherwise they will have to reboot the entire series.
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Is this in any way related to me? lol.
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Just I started to stop interacting w/ pokemon 2 years ago. 2 years later I see 500 newer pokemon and I forget their names. I hate it when nintendo does this.
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Well,  pokemon's fundamentally a franchise about discovering & catching new little guys, it seems kinda natural for it evolve in the direction of
"here's more guys to catch".

Considering the franchise still sells very well & this is the most obvious natural progession for the mainline series I don't really understand the issue.
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Okay sorry if I triggered you, but this conversation is going too long.
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Lol what? Triggered?

You posted your opinion on my art, so I figured I'd give mine in return.
No need to get rude about it.

Have a good day.
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(walks away in shame and cries in corner)
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It's fine dude, I just don't get how polite disagreement counts as "triggered".

Usually people throw that around in an insulting way, sorry if you didn't mean it that way.
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No. Still I liked the effort u put into this though.
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I must tell you I love your style. ^^

I search fakemon for a non-commercial project and it will great if I can use your dex ?
Naturally, I will take a good place for you in the credits ^^

Thanks for you answer :3
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Wait, so you're the original creator of them? I first saw them in Monster Ranch on Facebook.
Hi :) can i use this in my game? do i have to buy or something? :)

Sorry good afternoon , wanted to know if I can use sprites for your hack rom
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I recognize some of these from GeoSociety. I'm working on fan art of Cloflower now. :D
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Can I use some of your sprite for my Fan Game Pokemon? I will animate them and i will put you in the credits! ;)
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Reply me please ahha
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JFC be patient.
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I can honestly see the Rice Monsters thing being a video game or graphic novel.
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I know that your old list were open for use by anyone, are these ones as well?  With proper credit, of course.
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