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150 fakemon old version

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Did this a while ago because everyone kept calling my work pokémon, sadly, when the intention is to make pokémon, people will say they don't look like pokémon;

I guess people know exactly what comments hurt you the most :)

I want to replace this dex with a better one, as I designed 90% of these on the spot; however as easily distracted as I am, that might take a full year to be completed.

(Just a small note, as I just read in notes that I apparently uploaded this before, but it got deleted;

I did create this entire piece myself 100% art wise and design wise, so I hardly see how it violates copyright;

and PLEASE try to get a picture with all official pokémon sprites on it for comparison before just deleting it, because you may imagine that it took a lot of time to get 150 of these things done, so it really feels bad that someone just decides they're stolen after taking one glimpse, not even paying attention to if the designs or actual sprites even -match- authentic game material.)


Considering this is rather old and outdated I see no reason to privatise it; anyone who wants to use this -old- dex non-commercially CAN DO SO

however I expect explicit credits to be given to me, and incase the medium allows it a link to my DA page will be nice]
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The-Cloaked-OneHobbyist Digital Artist
Those sprites are actually pretty good. I've seen plenty of fakemon, too.
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StarofnightsHobbyist Digital Artist
May I use it for my fangame?
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Can use these pokemon on my fangame? I will give you all credits needed
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GrungePhotographyHobbyist Photographer
This is the best Fakemon Dex I've seen like ever, I love it :)
tfelipetm's avatar
Please, can I use your fakemon sprites on my pokemon fangame?
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lilbluedemonStudent Artist
I've give all the required credits, including a link to the page, and your page.
But, do these have names? Or, can I think some up myself?
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Will use them and give credit both in-game and on the forums, give me your e-mail and i will send you the game :3
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I am looking for a person who can make pixel cartoons for my RPG. Can you do it?
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TundraSlashDesertHobbyist Digital Artist
This is one of the best sheets of fakemon. ever. Nuu must learn from your powers
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Just asking, I know you said that it was all good as long as credits were given, but is it alright as long as I use a few of them, also, in the ROM Hack, the credit might not be in the credits of the actual game itself, just the download page of the ROM Hack.  Is that OK?  Or should I go to extra lengths to have your name in the Credits of the actual game?
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NeoriceisgoodHobbyist Digital Artist
Adding extra credits is fine, as long as there's a link to my name or DA/webpage somewhere in the delivered product.

No need to hack the rom itself as long as it's relatively easy for people to trace the mons back to me.
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Hey, so I know that you are probably going to say no to this, but is there any way I could convince you to to back sprites of a few of these?  Like probably only my 15-20 favorite ones.  Thanks!
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Yep, i need backsprites.
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blackcoffin7734Student Traditional Artist
i actually really like this :) some of them look pretty legit C: :iconpokemonplz:
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MidnightShardStudent Artist
Its in minimon. The first 9 pokemon is there. Look it up.
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Dablim Digital Artist
I have seen some of these in this game on Steam Greenlight:…
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NeoriceisgoodHobbyist Digital Artist
I think they paid me, don't quite remember but the name's familiar.
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Dablim Digital Artist
It would have been nice to see the complete Ricemon in a videogame.
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NeoriceisgoodHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yeah, maybe I'll do a proper game with monsters created by me some day.
Dablim's avatar
Dablim Digital Artist
I hope so! A pokemon-like game on Steam and Kickstarter would be a success.
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DairoOrtizProfessional Digital Artist
i would like to use your fakemons on a hackrom im working in, reply if interested :)
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NeoriceisgoodHobbyist Digital Artist
Feel free, as long as credits are given.
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Sorry for bothering you Neorice and I'm sure that you are busy, but I was wondering if you could help me make my fakemon sprite. I have tried doing it myself but I can't get that pokemon style like you can. My friend helped me make a drawing of it so you knew what it looked like if you decided to help me. The picture is at… . Colored or not this would do me a huge favor so then I could copy the pixels to make a shiny version and such and my dream pokemon would be finished. P.S. I would give you full credit for making it.
Neoriceisgood's avatar
NeoriceisgoodHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Fritz,

I'm sad to say I don't have the time to do open requests for people, sorry. (and apologies for the late reply, I've been horribly busy x_x)
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