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Vector Game Cover Templates v6

Vector Game Cover Templates v6 + Bonus

Complete Vector Wii, Wii U, SNES, NES, GameBoy and Mega Drive Cover/Box Template as PSD (easily importable in AI) for custom cover creation. all icons, layer and co. are vector shapes and lossless resizable.  
.PSD contains:

new in v6:

*Fix some Layers for the NES Cover
*Sega Mega Drive Inlay Template (Classic and Blue Style)
*Sega Mega Drive Cartridge Label (600 DPI) (Classic and Blue Style)

new in v5:

*Change the package name, now its shorter and easier to remember ;)
*Fix some Colors for the SNES Cover
*Add forgotten Cut Lines on the SNES Cover Spine
*NES Game Box Template (Action, Puzzle,.... Serie Style) Ready for Print size (A3 Paper). it also divisible into two parts for an A4 Print.
*NES Cartridge Label (600 DPI)

new in v4:

*Game Boy Game Box Template (EUR Style) Ready for Print size (A3 Paper). it also divisible into two parts for an A4 Print.
*Game Boy Cartridge Label (600 DPI)
*Game Link, Game Boy and Super Game Boy Game Pak Logos (look at the GB Box Template)
*BONUS: Super Game Boy Vector Logo as .PSD, .AI and .EPS

Fixed the WiiU Spinal font, now it's the right font and color (THX for the hint feeder)

new in v3:

*Wii U Cover (EUR Style) - completely redesigned, original look, text icons and co.
*Add new Wii U Controller icons (please take a look in the .csh)
*Fix some Fonts
*Add new FreeType
*add my V2 of .csh (now with Wii U controller icons)
*BONUS: SNES Box Template, Ready for Print size (A3 Paper). it also divisible into two parts for an A4 Print.

new in v2:

*Wii U Cover
*Nintendo Network Logo
*WiiU Logo
*Spinal Font (you need font "Myriad Pro")
*Optimize 90% of Vectors
*Add Font that i used for the back text
*Add Exclusive my .csh (CS Shape Library) with all controller icons and stuff


*cover (US and EUR style)
*EUR Region triangles
*all back icons (wiimote, nunchuck, balance board, zapper....)
*front icons (WiFi, Compatible with...) in german and english
*USK, PEGI and ESRB rating labels
*Seal of Quality (US and EUR version)
*Logos (Nintendo, Dolby, Wii and other)
*Nintendo Select ribbon and frame

zip includes 2 versions. big sized file with 3240*2144 and a pre-sized file for covers.
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Thank you, this is incredible work to share for free!

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I prefer PEGI, British spellings and the DD/MM/YYYY date format itself the best, and I WILL continue to think so.

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Holy Sh--! I struck gold! Thank you

Looked everywhere for the sega cart. This is great. what is the best place for the actual game art

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I'm never a fan of American stuff myself to be honest, since I prefer UK/European ones. But then again... Many people just stick with America and their chosen ways, because they either don't care or realise that. Sigh. -_-

Anyone seeing my comment here, and before you choose to respond, go easy on me please. What I've just shared is my major problem with the things of America - their ESRB system, spellings, and date format displayed as "MM/DD/YYYY". Personally, I prefer PEGI, correct spellings like "colour" or "realise", and "DD/MM/YYYY" as in the simple order of size from small to big.

"Colour" and "realise" aren't the correct spellings. They're the original spellings, if they even are. I prefer those spellings, but you can't call everything else incorrect.

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And if you missed out the message, altered date formats CAN be confusing as well. One cannot tell what some of the dates mean, like 01/06 could be the 1st of June or the 6th of January.

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No, colour and realise ARE correct. It's just that America modified them.

This is amazing, do you have templates for Gameboy color and Advance consoles boxes?

Thank you very much for the work.

(I finally remembered my account 😂) I've gotten your gb template for years now and want to say thanks so much for all of these templates. I'm using the gameboy box again and making more custom boxes. Now I just have to figure out how to print them out in Photoshop with the right settings. I'm wanting to print them from home.

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This is some really great work, I am quite impressed

I used this to create some reproductions and custom boxes for my collection!

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You are a BEAST, man!

These templates are absolutely stunning!

Congrats and thank you for sharing them.

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Help please, I was using Krita, it also allows .psd files, but I can't edit the text,

Thank you. I mean it. This is exactly what I needed.

amazing work!!!!

This is awesome! Thanks a lot! :)

One question - How did you save these as PSD's whilst preserving vector images? I have opened one of them in Illustrator to edit and would like to save it back to a PSD but I can't seem to do it without flattening the images...

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You're Welcome ;)

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You're Welcome!

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