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N50 Did They Really Say Exorcism?
I don't wanna fight anymore. I want this day to be over.
Noah gives me that look. I know what he's thinking. He wants me and him to join up with Lynn and Octavia against those freaks. We probably should.
This weirdo Caleb, surrounded by a wall of green flames, seems to still being doing whatever he's doing. We need to give him all the time he needs.
But I just had my ribs shattered and put back together. I don't want to get them shattered again.
These demons are out of our league. They've killed Chris. They're gonna kill us next. This whole situation is messed up.
I have no faith whatsoever in Caleb's – my God, did they really say exorcism? We're all gonna die.
“Let's go!” Noah shouts as he rushes headlong into the fray. Stupid. Forget demons. That idiot's gonna be the death of me.
Tameka's twirlin' like a wound up ballerina. One minute she's on the ground, the next she's in the air coming down hard. Her kicks are fast.
But Octavia's been one step
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N49 I'm Drowning
I'm drowning. Each breath I take's harder than the last. I can't see any light above me. Only the darkness from below.
I don't know how long I've been fallin'. Every so often, a vision flashes before me. A vision of sorrow. A vision of suffering. A vision of death. The visions carry weight. They're so real. So immersive.
In one, I'm chained t'a dying tree. Lightning strikes it at regular intervals. No one else is around. No one can hear me cry out as the bolts charge through my body.
In another, I'm alone in a barren wasteland. The ground is breaking apart. Geysers of fire spew forth. Meteorites fall from the sky like rain. Skeleton bones litter the field. The heat alone's almost too much. Then there's the smell of rotting eggs coming from every direction.
My heart races as I try t'avoid this landscape's attempts t'kill me.
Then I'm drowning again. Back in this viscous, black liquid, in a state a free fall. I'm chokin', tryna inhale something akin t'air, but doing so only makes the sit
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N48 Seems So Surreal
When did Tameka learn how ta fight?
Out of all the things these demons have done, that's the most mind-bogglin' ta me.
Everything the Mystics tried ta teach us about the proper way ta hit, the proper way ta block, and the proper way ta move is the furthest thing from my mind right now. It takes years for that junk ta become second nature, and here she is kickin' my ass like she's been doin' it her whole life.
It just ain't fair!
I swing my left fist at her. Big swing. I can hear Huifang right now tellin' me that I just left my entire body wide open.
And of course, I miss. Big whiff. She ducks right under it.
Next thing I know, my arm is being clutched on. She tugs it her way then slams her fist right on the side of my elbow. I hear a crunch. Big crunch.
I cry out louder than I thought humanly possible. My elbow is broken. Everything in my mind is telling me ta get away, but I can't. I'm freaked out!
I feel a thousand tiny little pins pokin' at my skin all over. The violent breeze Tamek
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N47 Just Call Them
My face is on fire! Can't believe that wolf girl scratched me like that! It hurts to move my cheeks. It hurts to open my mouth. It hurts to do anything!
I look around an' see Noah's gettin' his butt kicked by Mr. Mayer right now. Got half a mind to be done with this an' leave, but I know better. I clench my fist an' charge in yellin'. Tameka decides to come outta nowhere and act like some spinnin' ballerina of doom.
I raise my arms an' block her flyin' spinnin' kicks as they come. I try to throw a punch her way, but she grabs my fist like a kung-fu master, an' palm hand strikes my chest. The attack's backed up with a mini-hurricane, so of course I'm blasted back.
Got me floppin' over all ova desks an' tables until I finally hit the wall by the window. I'm mad. Usually when that happens, there's a stream of fire that ignites around me, but for some reason, that ain't happenin'.
I look at my hands an' notice a distinct lack of fire. This is the weirdest feelin' in the world
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N46 The Darkness Surrounds Me
Demons. That's what they are. Explains a lot.
I've seen them every damn day of my life. They haunt my dreams. They tarry my vision. Always jus' out of reach. Always standin' on the verge, jus' outta sight. But I felt them. I always knew they were there.
Then somethin' flipped. Don't know what it was, but it came outta nowhere. All of a sudden, the shadows weren't backin' down from the light. They've always walked among the livin'. They're as much alive as we are dead. S'jus' gettin' harder an' harder t'tell the difference.
But that ain't the weird part.
I look up at the front of the room. Mayer's surrounded by waves of that very darkness that exists in us all. He's upset—shoot, he's always upset—but this time he's got a reason t'be.
There's a very large, very sharp, spiky pillar of ice inches away from his face. It wasn't there a second ago. I put it there. More accurately, I threw it there. Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't end up missin' the target. My aim's
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BV44 Business as Usual
Business as usual? Business as usual. This life—God—I can't take it.
I stare down this big ol' long conference table an' see the look of disgust in FengRi's eyes. He trippin'. He always be trippin', but it never seems t'reflect on his face until I start speakin'.
I didn't ask for this. He certainly didn't want it for me. But here we are. I'm the captain of this ship, an' I think it's about dang time, I started flexin' on it.
Rutra t'my right sittin' here lookin' tuned out. I don't even know why he comes t'these things. He says he always kept an ear t'the happenin's, but he sure don't act like it.
I'm also surprised t'see Mera still taggin' along. She ain't even sittin' outta sight like she usually do. Nah, she right up front, t'my left. Don't know if this is her tryna support me or what. She ain't said nothin', but she never says nothin'. Don't know her game jus' yet.
But that's all whatever. They ain't the reason I'm standin' up here. Nah.
I bli
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N45 Stuck in Detention
Well, I can't say anyone here's happy with this. School let out some time ago. We wanna go home, but when you get caught settin' fire ta the hallway, the higher ups feel like its best ta punish you in some form or fashion.
I guess that's fair.
So here we are. Been sittin' here in an empty classroom for the past ten minutes, waitin' on our great and wonderful assistant principle to step on in.
Oh look, there he is now.
Each loud, clacking step his hard, leather soled shoes makes as he walks across the front of the room is menacing. Puts chills down my spine.
“I can't believe the all the shit you kids put me through today,” he starts out. His voice is thundering. His posture is stern. He's looking down on us both figuratively and literally.
Tameka and Rayne are on opposite ends of the row. Mr. Mayer's gaze starts at one side and slowly makes its way down to the other. My heart practically drops as he looks past me. “Fighting each other before class?”
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BV43 I'm Dying
I don't think I was out for long. Feels like I jus' closed my eyes for a second, but the first thing I notice when I walk out my room is how different the ship looks.
An' by different, I mean not toe up beyond recognition. The place—or this hallway at least—looks almost official. The lights is fixed, an' they shinin' off the newly remodeled chrome walls. Ain't no wires exposed from the ceilin'. Don't see no fire hazards.
I head down the halls an' notice small lil' mechanical basketball-sized orbs or somethin' roamin' about. Some're rollin', some're floatin'. A few stop in front of a wall, an' pull out a fine, tiny lil' mechanical arm t'tend t'some other repairs, then move on t'the next thing.
I shrug my shoulders at the sight, an' continue down the way, passin' by different people. Their reactions t'the rollin' robotic drones is a varied as you can imagine.
Some come off as paranoid, thinkin' they shouldn't get outside help from a guy they don't know.
Some welcome the repai
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BV42 Twice?
I hear them all talkin' over each other. Their alien tongues is gettin' mix-matched with my personal translator. I think the thing has a range, an' based on where I'm floatin', I'm definitely outta it. Makes everything a thousand times worse than it already is. An' with the ship gettin' hit every couple seconds now, it's hard t'stay focused on anything.
Artificial gravity in the place's been gone, but the magnetized soles of my boots keep me grounded. At least t'what's left of the ground.
Another heavy hit. I'm flung t'the other side of the hall. The impact along my back hurts a lot more than I thought it would.
My sword slips out of its holster. It was 'spose t'be magnetized, too. As I see it floatin' away from me, I push myself back t'my feet an' reach out. Touchin' the hilt sends a jolt through me. These electric shocks've been gettin' harder an' harder t'ignore lately. I see slight lil' specks of blue around me, faintly flashin' before they flicker out.
Another forceful impa
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N44 Magic's a Powerful Force
In the next instant, I'm back in the halls. Not a moment has passed. The same hurried footsteps, the same clamoring bodies, and the same ominous shadows.
I see them everywhere. Shadows climbing the walls, hanging from the ceiling, walking behind the people. Everyone's oblivious to their movements, apathetic to their influence, ignorant of their existence.
But I know. They're definitely here.
“You can see them, too.”
I was so caught up in their actions, I didn't take the time to mind my own. I accidentally bump into a guy walking in my direction. “Sorry,” I say. It's more of a reflex: me looking up to address him, but I'm glad I do. My eyes widen as I see who it turns out to be. “You!”
“Yeah, me. Caleb,” he answers. The same shaggy haired, burgundy sweater wearing guy from earlier. He helped me get out of that shadow realm. “Nice to see you're alive, too...” He ends his sentence openly, and with a smile.
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N43 I Can't Catch a Break
The sound is soothing. Soapy water falling over my hands, splashing as it hits the porcelain sink. I look up to find myself through the mirror.
As I check the different angles of my face, the mirror's digital overlay adjusts to bring out the clearest possible picture in the highest possible definition. Every pore, every blemish, every mark along my skin is on display. When my eyes focus on a particular spot, the picture zooms in and zooms out according to how close I stand to the glass.
I'm starting to think it's about time I get a hair cut. Normally, I try to keep the pink locks from going past the bottom of my chin. Now, they're starting to creep on down to my shoulders.
That's not the only thing this mirror brings to light. The water in the faucet stops pouring as I bring my hands up to my face. I'm starting to get dark circles under my eyes. And I don't know if it's my vision getting blurry or what, but I think the blue in my eyes are starting to lose their sharpness.
I widen my le
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BV41 It's a Space Monster
Can't believe dis. Truly a messed up kinda situation. I'm runnin' along the big empty hallways of my former ship—it's a grand ship, got all the bells an' whistles—tryna stay outta the way of some fat, humongous tentacle thing that's rampagin' every which way.
I'm rushin' my way down the hall. The loud, hurried, echoin' stomps I take're overtaken out by the loud, wreckage of the ship violently being pummeled t'pieces behind me. An' as soon as the broken pieces touch the black nothingness, all the sound surrounding them're instantly null an' void.
It's an odd sensation. Sound, then no sound. Terror, then emptiness.
I turn a corner an' come t'a halt. Where am I? Dang, why's this ship so big? I look up, an' at that moment, the ceilin's broken in. Dat huge tentacle cleaves its way down, forcefully wreckin' any an' everything in its path. It's a miracle it hasn't hit me yet.
There's a beep in my head, followed by a “What the staak is goin' on?!” from Rutra. The helmet
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N42 I Need Light
It's dark.
Pitch black.
I shut my eyes for a moment and breathe in deeply. After letting out a sigh, I open my eyes again.
There's no difference.
I look back and forth and see the same pitch blackness. I feel myself walking forward, but I can't tell if I'm really moving. My eyes rapidly jump left and right.
I can hear a quickening beating noise come from my chest. My pace picks up. It feels like I'm running. I know I'm running, because I'm telling myself to run. Then I feel something tug on me. Not like a person, but some strong force—more of an urge—telling me to stop.
And so I do. It happens so fast, I almost lose my balance. Skidding to a halt, I mean.
It's a good thing I do, because in the next instant, I hear, feel, and see a loud, cold purplish red light skate past me. It's concentrated like a beam, coming from and running towards the darkness.
Another beam comes from behind. I don't see it coming, but I know it's there. I'm drawn to my left, so I step that way. Anoth
:iconneopaladinoflight:NeoPaladinOfLight 3 3
BV40 Public Speaking Sucks
I've never been one for public speakin'. Not sure if it's the nerves, the inexperience I have with puttin' my thoughts t'words, or me thinkin' nobody cares. But it sucks.
What is this place anyway? A conference room? Is this where the big decisions are made? I told FengRi that I had an idea about gettin' supplies, an' he said this would be the place t'talk about it. Now we're all here.
One long slender table fills up the whole space. A buncha chairs're all lined up around it. Some extra chairs're lined up along the walls. I'm standin' at the head of the table. The faces I see sittin' before me are familiar. It's the same group that made me captain.
Kal-Artang's burly, yeti lookin', behemoth actin' self sits poised an' attentive. Like some ol' military man. Straight posture. Harsh wrinkles along his face from the stone cold glare he gives me.
Rutra, sittin' across from him, is the exact opposite. Sittin' back all slouched over. Got his legs propped up on the table as he leans back in hi
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N41 Now I'm Caught Up
As I make my way to class, I pass by a digital clock hanging from the ceiling that strikes two. I'm starving, but I don't think there's time for me to rush to the cafeteria to nab something, and the only vending machine I can think of is on the other side of the building, downstairs.
I feel my tummy twist and turn on itself. There's a war raging on, and I'm powerless to stop it. This sucks.
I, along with the last few remaining students, crowd in the door. Someone accidentally bumps their way into me. Is it bad that my initial reaction is to think of turning him into a pigeon? Probably. With a deep exhale, I hurry my pace so I don't get trampled by my overly excited peers.
I take my seat at the front of the room. It doesn't hit me until my cheeks touch the hard plastic. I am totally unprepared. I have no tablet, no smartsheet, no pen, no stylus. I throw my head back and moan in frustration. Then I hold my belly as I lay my head along my desk.
I'm startled by how loud its growl is, but n
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BV39 This is Vulnerability
My God, what did I see? It was terrible. Those screams. Those awful pale an' hollow faces. I can't close my eyes without seein' some alien dude with his mouth wide open, eyes closed shut, cryin' out in pain. That junk haunts you t'your soul.
I'm back in my room, sittin' on the edge of my table-bed, starin' down at the floor. My hands're at my side, an' I'm frozen stiff. I don't even realize that I'm grippin' tight on these bedsheets right now.
“It was real bad Mera,” I say. Yeah, Mera Ven Roew's in the room with me. I dunno how this happened, but she turned out t'be the only one on this ship I can actually confide in. An' you know me, I ain't about that life: sharin' feelings, talkin' things out, exposin' emotions – blech.
The whole concept's foreign t'me. I don't get why people do it, cuz it's pointless. You don't end up feelin' better about nothin'. At least I don't. So when I look up at Mera—who's now calmly approachin' me—I got no idea why I go on as I
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I got so many plans for the future. Everything's right on track, too.

If you've been following my stories, I'm sorry, but they're over. Nexus and Black Void, as you know them, are canceled. It's been coming for a while, but the patchwork I've been doing with them over the many years is now too much. They're suffocating under their own weight, so I gotta scrap 'em.

But every end leads to a new beginning.

I'm redesigning them from the ground up. Why? Well, for starters, I started these stories about ten years ago, and in that time, the direction of the stories have changed over and over again. That's cool. It's good. I like the way they've both changed, because each change reflected where my head was at. But now, I think it's time to pinpoint one clear focal point, and stick with it. I think that'll make the stories stronger as a whole, and once they're set, I'll finally be able to proceed to the next phase.

The comic.

That's always been the goal. The whole reason I'm writing these stories is so I can get an artist to help me add some scenery to this. And after the comic is supposed to come the TV show, and after the show should come the video game, but y'know. Baby steps.

So yeah. I'm kinda thinking about changing the names of them too. Nexus was always really a placeholder name, but I couldn't think of anything. Now, I'm kinda leaning on This World. Maybe. Black Void is still staying, though.

Either way, stay tuned for some changes. I'll slowly be putting the chapters that're up in storage, and then slowly start putting out the chapters of the newly revamped story for the public.
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