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Golem Asuna and Kirito by Ibenz009

So as thanks for doing a story request for him, :iconibenz009: decided to draw out the converted and golemized forms of Kirito and Asuna from my Sword Art Online story, which was super awesome of them to do. I think it turned out really well, ibenz is a fantastic artist.
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Where can i find the story?

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Lovely liquid Mercury upgrade (I think that's what it was) <3
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Not quite liquid, but fairly similar.
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If only they had been this from the start, I would have watched~ I'm fawning over Kiri-bou right now.
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She's super cute.
kurorintakeda's avatar
Indeed. I suppose Kiri-chan is more appropriate, though.
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True. Either way, her and Asuna are looking lovely after their upgrade.
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i like their new look
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Definitely an improvement~
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Any chance of seeing lisbeth from Sao end up  like they did?
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Given how the original Liquid Mercury comic ended, maybe.

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oh quite nicely
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Glad you like!
What exactly happens to them in the real World?
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Ooo! They look great!~
They look like silver female mannequins
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