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By neonxaos
Since nobody took me up on my request to show me the best poem they've read as of late, I decided to share ten of my own choices instead :). In no particular order:

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ahhhhh fucking stop it! :)
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i am among greatness : )
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As you deserve to be.
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I did show you- I told you to look in the goddamn mirror!
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You did, and that was total bullshit!

(but I secretly loved it)
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It's wasn't bullshit!

and I not so secretly love you.

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(love you too, very openly)
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I meant to...and then I forgot. Easily distracted...

Five of my all-time favs from DA:
[link] MaggieMalarky (bonus points for the moniker)

[link] YouInventedMe (subtract a point for the moniker, 'cause I'm pretty sure it's from a movie)

[link] Scarlettletters (extra point 'cause it's not the usual bodiceripper he's known for)

[link] (you could subtract a point 'cause it looks like asskissing. But then you'd haveta put it back, 'cause it's been in my 'worth repeating' folder for forever)

[link] Aadea, don't know if this poet's still here, but s/he used to make startlingly good stuff.

And STILL my most favorite thing read on DA ever:
A collab between YouInventedMe and Shackell. Simply divine nonsense with a twist of human and served up with a grin and a whole lotta' love.
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Hey, what a genius that guy at #4 is! Bwah!

Maggie's poem is very solid indeed, seems to know exactly what it wants. YouInventedMe is obviously one of my favorites already. Scarlettletters... bodicerippers indeed, haha! But this one does do things differently. Never heard of Aadea, and looking at her stuff, I can't understand why, that this just amazing!
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Then it was a solid trade; I'd never read estallidos before, and I found lots and lots of deliciousness.

So thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Check out Shackell. It's madness just this side of the line. And the piece in the link? It's a vacation without the ticket price to the secret places you've always wanted a pass to but could never get in, for whatever reason.

Brandon, yeah. It's bodicerippers, but credit where credit's due: he's good at it. He's really, really GOOD at it. If poetry garnered the same attention a rock star did, you know the girlies would line up in droves to throw their panties at him. He's something else. But also, when he puts his mind to more serious matters (though, what could be more serious, or more important, than a right and proper roll in they hay?)you see both his skill and his talent. He is gifted, and there's the tempation to tease because of his LARGE following of giggling girls, but the fact remains; the kid has a mastery of the language and the skill and deft hand to slink into the imagination and pull out all the good bits. He connects.

And YouInventedMe. Simply one of the best this generation has to offer. They'll be reading the likes of him in school in 50 years.

And I daresay, your words might be on the next page.
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estallidos is one of the top five poets in this site, if you ask me.

I will check out Shackell when I have the time, life has been busy.

As for Brendan... I used to read his stuff a lot. I like how steamy he can get things, like proper full-on romance and passion. But after a while I just realized that the poems were for a different target audience, and I sort of stopped reading. I still think he has real talent, though.

YouInventedMe has the flow. Undeniable.

People reading my work in school? Get outta here.
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I thought her shorts were better than the poetry. And I love a good short story. I've gotten in the habit of steeling myself before I read a short on this site; it's usually such a painful experience. And not that sweet shared pain; I'm talking about the indelicate trudgery that's the equivalent of reading a high school textbook. Rife with errors, repetetive, lacking in anything substantitive and the greatest sin of all: dull.

So that may have a little to do with it. But seriously, her shorts are well thought-out, edited without being tortured, and they contain something worth reading about in a way that makes it interesting. At root, there are essential truths in there, and in the end, that's what matters. I don't know how the people who do the DLDs/DDs do it. Especially in the prose section. I can barely make it through the first paragraph of most of the pieces submitted and an hour of reading the latest in that section makes me want to get up and start beating teachers. Or penmakers.

Shackell is mad in that delicious, Alexander Blok sort of way. He sees with different eyes. I love him, but it was the collaboration of his insanity with Shane's precision and beat that made my toes tingle. Speaking of mad, MegsMad is pretty good, too. Lots of potential. And your girl, Crimson, has got chops. There's a horrid little girl I'd like to give a good shaking to, but she's got potential coming out her itty bitty ears -- VampiricBunny. Something like that. Not a particularly charming person but...something new and fresh in her head. Who else? Lily has talent. Pip has the voice; he knows what he wants to say; when he works through it he sometimes lands on sheer brilliance. Other times you wanna yell at him to just write a fucking paragraph. But he never gives up, and that's admirable, too. Oh. Another fav would have to be Voed1; it's abstract construction and I don't know that anyone has a clue what he's saying but it doesn't matter; it's like falling into someone else's heroin trip; the less it makes sense, the more you see how it does. Delicious!

And then there's Bullet-Magnet. You have to go chase down the stuff he says most of the time, but it's poetry in one- and three-liners. His poems are a refreshing treat from the melodrama of existance; he is of the mind that we're all stuck here, we may as well have a bit of fun, and I subscribe to that remedy.

I know there are a couple more; PandaVision has potential, so does oh. How could I forget? Chloroform boy. The older stuff is actually better, in my opinion; more raw, less...trying. But still all in all there's some magic in that pen. Then there's Leurindal...haven't seen much from that one lately but, right before he disappeared you could see the light; the kid was finding his voice and a bit of maturity. It became less about copying the styles of the old ones and more about saying something he'd actually either seen, or wanted to see. And it was good. And...Beaple. Probably one of the most abstract minds on this site; the kid is a genious there's no question and when he starts scratching those words in his liver...we feel 'em. I doubt he's completely sane and I worry that one day it'll all come crashing down on him and smoosh him flat but in the meantime, he bleeds gold. I hope he makes it to maturity because the things he'll show the world...they can't be seen through eyes untainted. Yep. One to watch, for sure.

You know what? This was a good exercise. Made me remember; that was fun.
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Oh wow, I'm currently at work, so I can't possible comment on all this, but I will look at your suggestions when I have the time. Meanwhile, I'm curious. You talked at length about everyone else, but do you have anything to offer about my work? You seem to have a good grasp on peoples' strengths and weaknesses. If you choose to say something, know that I asked for it and that I can take it. Hopefully ;)
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thanks for the double mention. as for the poem title on 'fire works...', there's no movie involved...except for maybe my brainmovies.
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I meant YOUR name: YouInventedMe...that's in a movie somewhere, I'm almost sure of it.

Though, maybe the movie stole it from YOU!
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haha. the name is actually Bukowski inspired. let me know if you think
of the movie.
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Hah. Well if he said it in Barfly, that would explain a lot! :) :) :)

It rings familiar. And for some reason, I can picture someone saying it, which...doesn't usually happen when it's something I read; I'd see someone I KNOW saying it if I read it. And, it'd most likely be in black and white.

I just realized: that could've sounded as if I was accusing plaigerism; that was absolutely NOT my intent, and I hope I didn't cause offense -- it was meant as funny, and sometimes...my 'funny' comes off as everyone else's 'asshole comment'.

I am, as always, an admirer of both your talent and your skill, and if that was offensive you have my most sincere apology and the usual redfaced embarrassed, "Ooh, damn, I did it again..."
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no worries, I didn't take it in a plagiarism sort of way. I just remember creating the username with Bukowski on my mind, but I've not been able to find the exact quote anywhere. I'd also be interested in seeing if it had popped up in some other work, like a film.
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appreciate the feature. thank ya thank ya.
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thank you, Neon, for including
my poem in such selective

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No problem, pip!
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