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Oh my God, I cannot believe people still remember Mighty Max, let alone Norman, his guardian. This picture brings back so many memories...

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I drew a Muffer for no reason
This was drawn in 2017. I only uncovered it NOW after a year. Obviously my art skills (or lack thereof) has improved for what it's worth, so I'm putting it here because I don't, I never will. I mean, it took me an entire YEAR to find this for God's sake :P

To all you die-hard Undertale aficionados, tell me how this looks, especially if you came here through THIS piece:…

Also, if you're wondering why I wrote MuffeR rather than MuffeT, it was deliberate, because I think it's stupidly cute :D
Lila doesn't understand smartphones
Anyone remember the show Juniper Lee? It was on Cartoon Network for a which and was cancelled because it had to compete with Danny Phantom on Nickelodeon, American Dragon: Jake Long on the Disney Channel, and Xiaolin Showdown on Kids WB?

Well for those of you who don't remember, the basic idea is the main character Juniper Lee is a Te Xuan Ze, basically the chosen one in the series, who is the only one in the universe who can see and fight monsters, and as such protects humanity from the evil one.

There is a long story to the entire series, but one character that was introduced in the 3rd season of the show was "Lila". Notice how huge her feet is? Well that's because she was an ACTUAL Sasquatch (the species Bigfoot is), that was (for lack of a better description) sick of her Sasquatch brethren and heritage and joined June and the main cast because she liked humanity better. To integrate into society better, they used a magic spell to make her more human, and for the most part it worked save for the fact she has gigantic hands and feet, her human hair is unmanageable, she doesn't seem embarrassed or aware of people's confusion when she acts...weird in public (see the episode Make Me Up Before You Go-Go) and she has superhuman strength that she has no control over (unlike, say, Superman, who can fake the idea that he is NOT strong when he's Clark Kent; Lila does not have that luxury).

Basically if you've seen the My Little Pony movie "Equestria Girls", she has the same problems Twilight had in the first movie.

I really wanted to draw this character for some time, and do it completely digitally. Unfortunately, it took WAY too long. I made the background in basic 3D shapes before drawing over it, and THAT was done on February 5th. As of writing this is it now August 14th, SIX MONTHS LATER. And yet, this was as much of a pain in the butt to draw as you'd imagine. I feel like I REALLY need to find a way to speed up my drawing process. Maybe draw more stuff in one sitting? Anyway, the background was done in Blender, then put in Photoshop with a threshold filter to make it black and white, which was used as a template to draw OVER it. It was DRAWN entire in Manga Studio 5 (I don't have Clip Studio and I DON'T have the money to get it), and colored entirely in Photoshop. The coloring part, of course, was the hardest part. I also threw in a photo filter to make it look like a lot of Quasi-realistic, anime-inspired early 2000s shows and anime.

As for the idea, I knew I wanted to do...SOMETHING interesting with Lila, but I couldn't think of what. Then I remembered the year(s) this show came out. The series got cancelled on April 9, 2007. There were plenty of episodes made but never finished (not sure what they were). Nearly 2 MONTHS LATER, the first generation of iPhone smartphones would be released. I thought it would be funny seeing how Lila would fumble around with technology. Considering how she cannot control her super strength, I imagine she might accidentally break one of them, either by crushing it with her fist, or crack the screen with her thick fingers. Though considering I am NOT a sadistic person, I decided against that. So I decided to just have her look like an idiot when holding it.

Anyway, this was my first attempt (I think) making an entire art piece digitally. Considering this took no shorter than my normal stuff, specifically where coloring is concerned, let me know what you think.
Rocky and Lucy 2 - Summer Picnic (Inked Version)
"Summer is butter on your chin and corn mush between every tooth." - Calvin and Hobbes.

I think I was working on this for over a month. I'm really proud of this, however I have yet to begin coloring it, so I'm putting this up as filler until I do.

I really wanted to deaw ANOTHER picture of Normal, "Valley Girl" Lucy with Rocky. I know some people like AmandaHenriquez think Lucy didn't like that look or "wasn't being herself", but it actuality if you listen to how she talked she DID enjoy her new look and only ditched it because, obviously, she had no idea what she was doing. So, the answer to that would be instead having her keep the valley girl look, but not be a tryhard.

This was ALSO the first drawing I did with a crowquill like comics used to use back in the good ol' days:……………

And, while some aspects of the drawings I flubbed with like Rocky's jeans or the inside of Lucy's hair, I think I did a pretty good job with it, and it especially helped put it as much detail as possible.

I'd REALLY like you guys to give me your two cents on it, especially my female viewers like PnkPrism, k-Liight, Artistic-Winds, AjaLuvDolls, MusAmantes, Trying-to-Draw and Zichqec. I want to know what they think of this art style and the art style of the images I posted, versus what they like or what they draw like.
Brandon (Loud House) Ref
Just something I was doodling for the amount of time listed on the page.

It's the character Brandon from the Loud House, done in my style.

If you've never heard of him, I have a catalog of characters and ideas to do, and he was one of them, however random it may seem. But as you can see, it took a while for me to draw with all the house and familiar problems I have, as MrRemoraman and klunk1990 can kindly tell you.

This is it for now. Expect more in the future
Jun 26, 2018
:iconneonwarpdrive:NeonWarpdrive has changed their username (formerly V2AUZoltanKhan)
I've recently been going under some HUGE depression yet again, not helped by the fact my computer short circuited and is in the shop. The commissions I set up have not been successful, not helped that I couldn't finish one of them because my mom is a neat freak who went through my room to reorganize it, thereby making me lost those pages. So I basically spend the last couple of months wishing to die.

Recently, things at a friend of mine's household, klunk1990, has gone downhill and I've decided to get back on track to help him. I know for a fact I don't have a huge selection of GOOD art for people to commission me from so for the next couple of weeks I will be uploading as much art as I can to get more people interesting in commissions.
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My absolute pleasure. You are very talented and I am exceedingly jealous of your abilities
trackrunner49011 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Professional Artist
Thank you for the Faves!  Much appreciated :)

I hope you enjoy the story I have cobbled together so far...

(you have very nice linework by the way, I like the high-contrast effect it gives)
NeonWarpdrive Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Professional General Artist
No no no, the pleasure is ENTIRELY mine. I am so so SO envious of the story you have so far, even if it's only...what? 30+ pages? I am an aspiring comic creator, and the fact you are shilling out anything AT ALL is nothing short of inspirational for me. Reading Earth 3056 gives me a lot of inspiration for TRYING to make my own (NO, I will NOT be ripping it off. I've got like 3 stories in the backlog that have nothing to do with a Cyberpunk Future, I'm just saying the way you structured Earth 3056 gives me the kick the pants I need to do my OWN stuff, if that makes sense).

And I'm glad you like my artwork :)
trackrunner49011 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Professional Artist
Wow! thank you :)
Its been a LONG work in progress, but totally worth it, even if only a few read it, I still had a great time making it (Im inking out a new page while putting some final touches in PS on another right now!)  The toughest part is just getting started, and holding your breath while hitting that 'submit art' button :D  

I totally get needing a kick in the pants!  I have had times where work on this project has slowed way too much ...   its always a timing/time of day, or inspiration that are my roadblocks...

I am curious now, what are those stories you have on the backburner?  Got any storyboards put together, or are they preuly conceptual at this point?
NeonWarpdrive Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Professional General Artist
Well you're really asking me FIVE questions, the first of which is what religious preference are you, or are you not religious? Feel free to answer me that if you are comfortable with this. Bare in mind I am a devoted Muslim but I won't judge you if, for instance, you are an Atheist, mostly because I'm not PETTY. :P
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thanks :)
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My Pleasure
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Thank you for the favs!
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