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NeonWabbit's 2019 Summary of Art

By NeonWabbit
Select artworks I made in 2019, mostly fan art of my friends' OCs!

January: "Harper New Nyah 2019", part of an image to ring in the new year featuring The-F0X 's OC, Harper, and my OC, Skye!
February: Various expression keys from Nyah Has an Adventure, the animated series I'm working on based on The-F0X's OCs, some other friends' OCs, and my own OCs (of which two are seen here - Lone and Skye).
March: A rendering of a voxel version of SilverGhøst's mink-mink harpy OC, Koit! Mink-mink harpies are her closed species.
April: Some character portraits of The-F0X's OCs, made as thumbnails for their links on WikipediNyah, the wiki for Nyah Has an Adventure and my other projects. A lot of these were made.
May: A digital 3D sculpted model of Koit, made with minimal reference. This was only my 2nd time sculpting a model. SilverGhøst chose this as a winner of her contest where the winners could make their own mink-mink harpies, so look out for art of my own mink-mink harpy, Frie (pronounced "Free"), soon!
June: The-F0X's OCs Carin and Drake shown below a possible, non-canon blob of their offspring.
July: Carin and Drake, having a wholesome hug in bed while laughing at jokes. Pixel-art sprites of the characters surround them, and in one of the sprites, Carin is shown to be holding onto another of The-F0X's OCs, Kitty.
August: A giant version of The-F0X's OC, Amber, plays with an inflatable llama-shaped pool ring. Additional art of Drake with The-F0X's OC, Nala, is also shown here.
September, October: Two months were spent on drawing this collage of more than 120+ of The-F0X's OCs, the entirety of which isn't displayed here. Note that in this early preview, Nala is accidentally shown twice! Two OCs that were originally property of The-F0X, but are now OCs which I own, Ink and Flye, are also included in this collage as they were bought after the finalization of the sketch for this image.
November: An early version of a sculpt for a 3D model of The-F0X's OC, Poet, alongside an image of Carin climbing some stairs. The model sheet for Poet was drawn by The-F0X as part of a college assignment, years ago.
December: An image titled "A Pier in a Pear Tree" of The-F0X's OC, Pier, and 5 of the 51 The-F0X OCs that will be featured in yet another collage. It'll just be the humanoid characters this time, and they'll all be sitting down like a school photo of an entire class.

Characters © The-F0X, Lexi-Cat, NeonWabbit, SilverGhøst, et al. All rights reserved.
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