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Blind Hunter's Skeleton by NeonVioletOwl Blind Hunter's Skeleton by NeonVioletOwl

Title: Blind Hunters

Age: Neizvesten

Character: individual

The size:

In height: 5-7 meters
Length: 15-23 meters

In height: 7-9 meters
In length: 24-30 meters


They call  blind because they do not have eyes, but despite this, they see infrared vision. They also have a well developed scent, and even if their "eyes" hurt, they will be able to continue the fight without difficulties, as long as they are able to distinguish between smells, but you must take into account that they live in a flock, even hermits can find a pair of other hermits.

What can be said about their abilities and structure, these creatures ..... are very frisky, despite their large size, they hide very well. Their main feature is hunting in silence, that is, the victim does not even guess that behind her. They are good runners their speed is equal to the speed of the cheetah, but they are not fans of running around, they prefer to attack imperceptibly and to death. Physical strength depends on the variety, size and additional things. By the way, firearms are against them without useful, firstly in them it is difficult to hit, because they frisky, and secondly they have high regeneration, so good luck.

And you know, even though they are dangerous and sharp creatures, they have weaknesses, they hunt flocks or in pairs.They alone have little chances to win ,if they ones, because its weak points are the nose and "eyes", without them they are powerless, even with a good hearing, they can get confused if there is a lot of noise they get confused if their weak zones are damaged. Second and simplest size. They are big, and you are small, you will easily find a shelter from which you can defend yourself. Third, you probably will say paws if they damaged
, they can not walk, but they have a serpentine body, they are easy to continue the movement.The third weakness is already dependent on their species, and there are only two terrestrial and aquatic ones. First, in turn, they have no other weaknesses,Their third weakness already depends on their species, but only two terrestrial and aquatic ones. First, in turn, they have no other weaknesses.But aquatic ones, namely aquatic, and not a hybrid (hybrid: aquatic + terrestrial), already clear that without water they can not stay for long.


There are three varieties: common, poisonous and giant (mutant)

Ordinary: Lizards who do not have poison, toxins, or a kind of altered body, namely: wings, neon spots (which glow in the dark), two heads or two jaws.This is called mutants or giants (here not necessarily giant for large growth)

Toxic: have either poison or toxins (in the tail, in claws or in fangs)
the venomous only have two fangs, if you come across four then it's normal.

Giant (mutant): Lizards with a modified body
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November 18, 2017
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