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Bat-Cat by NeonVioletOwl Bat-Cat by NeonVioletOwl
Nickname: Bat-Cat
Name: Stacy
Age: 14 years old
Sex: Female
Character: kind,likes to joke,a little quick-tempered
History appearance:

Once, Stacy, along with his friends, decided to go to the Damned Cave, the name already speaks for itself. Yes, only they did not believe that there really lives, something unseen.Take a few flashlights, they went to the cave. For several hours they wandered around the cave, and suddenly strange things began and the teenagers ran away in fear and horror, but Stacy went to another tunnel by her inattentively (yes, there were several tunnels ).And she ran into a blind alley and shadow monsters began to stretch toward her. And it seemed that it was over, but before her appeared a small cloud and he said that he would save her if she becomes his eyes(I'm the master to come up with an exchange!) (no)). Stacy, did not want to deal with the monster, but what to do when your life is on the verge, and she agreed. Suddenly, her eyes darkened, and then suddenly it became light, and she realized that she was on the street, but her eyes were very sore when she looked at the phone screen (21st century !!!) and saw that her one eye was black with a white cross."This is your part of the deal ..." - said the Monster, Stacy trembled and turned around. Behind her, a monster similar to a bat: "My name is Dark .... DarkFog ..... and now we are connected to you", Stacey  sighed, but there was nothing left to do, but she was glad that she had remained intact, almost ...
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September 27, 2017
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