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it was the 80s

as the children say nowadays, "bark, bark"

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I want to... touch him... give him to me :shocked:

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request denied, this is my waifu thank you very much

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how dare u, Dio is also my waifu thank u very much 😤

Alrighty jokes aside great work and i will add this to my Dio fanart collection 👀

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ah.. well... i never expected him to be loyal anyway.... 😔

and thank you!! :D

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The amount of details amazes me, and textures look so damn good... I wanna touch him

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yes, DIO does have that effect on people lmao

thank you!! <3

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What a champ! Ah, I love this necklace aaaaa And look at his pecks kdscbkb

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thank you!! :'D

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Why wasn't this in the anime?!

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Ah yes

the 80s

any other year and such an outfit might have seemed strange

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I love the way you design outfits! The amount of sass in this is just perfect!
also I actually really want that outfit lmao
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Thank you, but this design isn't quite my own!

It's heavily based on an outfit of a singer from the 80s, C. C. Catch

someone linked a photo of her to me and said DIO would look good in the outfit lmao

I did some changes and simplifications, but the overall design is very much lifted from that.

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i love this so fucking much When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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Dio’s looking real good in leather, dang! (That is leather, right?)

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the jacket and pants could be leather yea

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He's rockin' that look

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Mmmmm yes a corset alongside a leather jacket, now thats a powemove

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DIO only serves powermoves

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Dio is MADE of powermoves

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