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Pokemon Sand and Pokemon Papaya

By neonUFO
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The other day someone on my Undertale blog asked me what I think Papyrus’ favourite Pokemon would be. I ended up spending 2 hours reading Pokedex entries to find what I perceive to be the most suitable Pokemon team for Pap.

And then I gave Sans a few as well, because, y’know. 

In the end I was so fond of their teams that I had to draw them. <’:

(Read about my choices here!)

To re-cap for the lazy ones who don't wanna read:

- Plusle, his main companion, pokemon who is known to support and cheer for his friends
- Togetic, the pokemon that comes to those who are pure of heart, and gives them joy. If Papyrus doesn't have a Togetic, then no one deserves a Togetic.
- Rufflet, would evolve into a Braviary if Papyrus ever joined the Royal Guard
- Umbreon, a very loved Eevee evolved in the darkness of the Underground, understanding the constant darkness as night
- Growlithe, a parallel for Annoying Dog and a great pokemon for someone who wants to be a guard
- Marowak, Papyrus' first pokemon

- Minun, to share love and support with his brother
- Eevee, while loved, doesn't get enough constant attention to evolve
- Cubone, which Sans hasn't trained much
- Slowbro, a pokemon that lives at Sans' lazy pace and yet it is very intelligent

+ in two extra pokeballs;
Special weapons Glalie and Metagross, each with their respective mega stone rolling around somewhere in Sans' messy room.

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Huh, I've never seen this.
Feather626's avatar

//hugs you//
katomatic22's avatar
what do you think gasters team woulda been?
MoonArcher222's avatar
Pikachu (because of pluse an minun), Mew/mewtwo, Dusknoir, Mr. Mime, and Slow King
katomatic22's avatar
i have a weird feeling hed find a way to get missingno too XD
MoonArcher222's avatar
Also Alolan Marrowak
neonUFO's avatar
i don't care enough about gaster to think about it tbh
especially with the killer headache i'm having rn.
ILovePUNdertale's avatar
Haha this is too perfect
I can just see it
iwannasetstuffonfire's avatar
Will Glalie and Metagross serve as the Gaster Blasters in a genocide run?
iwannasetstuffonfire's avatar
And due to the different movesets and types would the blasts from each one have different effects (i.e. an Ice Beam freezing Frisk's soul?)
sandslas's avatar
I feel like sans would have a jolteon instead of a nomral eevee
neonUFO's avatar
jolteon is quite literally the least sans-fit eeveelution you could possibly suggest tbh
sandslas's avatar
but remerber sans speed and jolteon are known for his speeds
neonUFO's avatar
Sans is only known for his speed in ONE particular scenario.
Jolteon is known for it's extreme energy and for being emotionally impulsive which is the exact opposite of what Sans is.

I didn't want to depict edgy fanon Sans in this picture in case you haven't notice. I went for canon.
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I respect you thought and opions sir
DemonicWolfGirl1's avatar
I made Sans a Shedninja in Pokemon Showdown with a focus Sash he is quite OP I switch to him whenever I need to just so my other Pokemon aren't harmed.
sandslas's avatar
I think sans eevee would become a jolteon because sans is know for his speed
caprrca's avatar
Sans is known for his speed? Since when did that happen?
sandslas's avatar
Seganimator's avatar
This is cool! QUICK! SOMEONE MAKE THIS A FAN GAME! Is there a game hacker in the house?
JustUndertaleTrash's avatar

I also kind of feel like Sans is a Magikarp
neonUFO's avatar
well that's your opinion
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