Katharos-Amaritian Adopts!
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The Design

You may give the character a name, story, etc., as well as change their outfit.
You are NOT allowed to change their physical traits or their body's color scheme (skin, eyes, hair).
DO NOT claim the design as your own! Credit me every time you use the design.
If you commission a piece of your adopt, make sure they give credit as well!

Re-selling and Refunds

You may trade the design or re-sell it for the same/lower price, not higher!
Commercial use is absolutely not allowed.
Adopts are not refundable under any circumstances.


Be sure you have the money and don't send any payment before I accept.
You have 72 hours to pay me after claiming the design.
You will be given the full image with my watermark still on it.
For auctions, if you retract your bid you'll be banned from future auctions.

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Regular Batches
OPEN - Katharos Adopts by NeonSR OPEN - Amaritian Adopts by NeonSR

Skin by UszatyArbuz
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