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All Dogs Go To Heaven


"All dogs go to heaven, because unlike people, dogs are naturally good, and loyal and kind."

Like he had for so many others, Dogbomb has touched my life & inspired me since my introduction to him nearly a decade ago. I was very moved this week to create a piece in tribute to him, I'm only sorry I couldn't get to it sooner. 

 I guess I don't talk about my interests publicly very much, but one of my absolute favorite things is to recreate a style as closely as possible within my artwork for things like this. I love recreating fursuit maker styles in my reference commissions. I loved doing the Lion King & Lisa Frank icons for my friends. I loved the project I did in college recreating other artist styles with my character. There's something so enjoyable and challenging about getting it as close as possible without just directly tracing it. Its something I hope to do more in the future.  Even this image is not very close, as I changed the proportions and made the eyes bigger to help it look more natural. 

I wanted to create an illustration based on All Dogs Go To Heaven because, well, its just so obvious. What could be a more perfect fit for a German shepherd mutt who lived a full and courageous life? ADGTH is a really cherished movie within the furry fandom, and I hoped the familiarity of this image could bring comfort, as well as a sense of love and nostalgia to those who are mourning his loss.

I'm planning to submit this to an artist zine raising money for ALS. I may also do prints of it with all proceeds donated to the ALS association.

By the way, here was the image I used for reference, if anyone is curious to see.

If you keep hearing about this "Dogbomb" person and are a bit confused, I recommend reading this article , this post he made many years ago, or checking out his Twitter.


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You can’t keep a good dog down! Rest easy, buddy. <3

Very nostalgic art piece by the way!

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You know why else? Animals never ate from the Tree of Knowledge.
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RIP Dogbomb 
Forever in our hearts Heart 

this post made me cry. i was watching his twitter a when he passed and i saw the messages from his supporters and fans and it just reminded me of how many amazing ppl are in this world
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The way the community came together over this was amazing to witness. I'm glad I was able to be a part of it. :heart:
What about all cat go to heaven?
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Omg this movie made me cry
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This brings back a lot of memories!😊
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happy 30th Anniversary for All dog go the Heaven
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Thank you soooo much for this. He truly was an earth angel.
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He seemed absolutely convinced he was going to keep going after things ended, so I like to think he's seen this tribute, and is deeply touched by it. May he rest in peace.
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He is a wonderful, beautiful soul, and I really hope he can see it too. 
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Awww what a sweet tribute. Rest in peace dogbomb. :'(
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Rest in peace dog bomb, we'll meet again someday.

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I miss that movie so much it was my childhood
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Good morning, great pose!!;D, well done!!!!!.
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A lovely tribute to him, he fought till the end and he was so brave about it all. Rest easy Dogbomb! 
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A very nice tribute. 
Dogbomb will be remembered 
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not my dog lol I hit him with a rock
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wish there was a way for The All Dogs Go To Heaven Movies
to be rebooted including the past TV series
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