The end of days...and Comissions?

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Ok guys, its been a looooong time since I wrote my last journal around here. ( I think I write this same sentence all the time that I get in here anyway, hahaha ) but no seriously, despite the fact that I´ve been working in different companies, studios and editorials during all this time I just found really uninspired to get back here and post things. So now that we are all trapped in cuarantine like is the end of the world, I´ll start posting again around here. No just fanart but stuff that I´ve done for work and others things.

COMMISSIONS!!! I´m free to work on some comissions, so if you would like some awesome renditions of your favourite character and wanna have some rocking visuals then hit me up in the notes section and let me note what would you like me to draw for you.

In the mean time, stay safe, wash your hands and be prepared for an alien invasion, hahaha.

See you all devs around, stay tunned for more awesome art!

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