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Welp I'm still trying to decide which pictures I should show you with my totally bad camera phone quality XD
And as all of you requested here are the picture that you all wanted to see :D
So enjoy XD

Okay so here how it all went, I had to get up extremely early just to leave early, and I was exhausted so I ended up sleeping since it was still dark outside and I really want to sleep XD
I was still in my family truck and when I woke up all I could see was trees, lots and lots of trees and roads XD
0703150643-00 by NeonNeoz
Though we were on the lovely place on Houston which was near the freeway and I always see this lovely park there and you guys are still curious on where I was really going well you'll know right away XD
0703150719-01 by NeonNeoz

So yeah you guys can pretty much guess where I went, the beach~ :la:
The Beach~! by NeonNeoz It was so nice and warm and very sunny that I've decided to take a pic of this :meow:

0703151049-00 by NeonNeoz  0703151626-00 by NeonNeoz Oh yeah we also had cupcakes as well while we were there, melted but tasty cupcakes~ :meow: (Yes that's my hand XD)

We also had to sacrifice this melon but it was worth it :meow:
0703151051-00 by NeonNeoz but we also had good food too :)  0703151220-00 by NeonNeoz

Also I swear this wasn't Photoshopped, my uncles just lured them with chips and they were coming in close enough for me to take this picture XD
0703151449-00 by NeonNeoz
Later me and a couple of my family member went out to have dinner
0703151907-01 by NeonNeoz I've also visited this place though we didn't go on the rides seeing that its very expensive there
So we did the next best thing XD
0703151959-00 by NeonNeoz Thats right we went to go eat our meals in Bubba Gump XD
After that we saw this really cool firework show then went to this visiting center that I have no idea what it was about but was fun XD
0703152134-01 by NeonNeoz  0703152153-01 by NeonNeoz  0703152142-00 by NeonNeoz
So we left after these eventful days that I had X3
So yeah it was a really fun day for me over there also say hi to Mr. Statue man also known as Sam Houston X3
0704151350-00 by NeonNeoz Yeah the speed of the car really made it really bad in quality XD
But we also made a pit stop to eat at the best place ever XD
0704151524-03 by NeonNeoz
Also there is lot and lots of land 0704151641-00 by NeonNeoz
... and a drive through theater 0704151656-00 by NeonNeoz XD

Now I know what you are all thinking, where did I pacifically go XD
Well this T-shirt can explain it all on where i was XD  0703150927-00 by NeonNeoz
So yeah that is all from me on my most fabulous trip/adventure at the beach XD
I have to recover from the sunburn I have now QwQ
Oh and if you want to know more on what happened at the beach like my dislocating a guy's toe, then go ahead and ask away :D
Have a nice day wave remake 
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PredalienMaster Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
interesting pictures ^^
cupcakes!!! *o*
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
Thanks :D
And yush those are cupcakes and the've already gone to a better place now... my stomach XD
PredalienMaster Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
Yush XD
NoName-sami Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Awesome pictures!! I LOVE BUBBA GUMPS!!

Should I post more pictures of trees? XD
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Yes post more pics of trees XD
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July 5, 2015