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Lets see, here are my list of people who tagged me :3
:iconnebula-estella:, :iconyumatsukumo39:, :iconerika-zayenna:, :iconyumenonightraid:, :iconsilverazrosii:.... huh not much then but still XD

first I'll do :iconnebula-estella: (who tagged me twice with this), :iconyakumosoulqueen:, :iconyumenonightraid::iconsilverazrosii:, and :iconyumatsukumo39:'s tag first since their the same =w= and in the order that I've been tagged with different tags shall follow =w=

1)Post these rules
2)Post 8 facts about your character
3)tag 8 people

:iconnebula-estella: wants to know about Yukio or Kazuto, so I'll do both while :iconyumatsukumo39: wants to know about Yasuhiro or Tatsuya, and for :iconyakumosoulqueen: she said I can chose whoever I want, and :iconyumenonightraid: wants to know about Kazuto, Yukio, Mikazuki, Tatsuya, :iconsilverazrosii: and says i can do whatever the heck I want so yeah XD

Arc-V OC: Duelist of Timeless Possibilities by NeonNeoz
1.) He has a habit of doing whatever he wants, even when he enrolled into You Show Duel School, he would skip classes just to browse around the city for fun, the only time he ever stay in for class is when he wants to learn how to entertain duel
2.) Yukio has already studied about how the summoning methods would work by watching other people's duels and play style
3.) He rather duels first then ask questions later
4.) There was a time where Yukio abused his time abilities powers, just to be the first one in line to a bakery.
5.) Yukio has it bad when he gets a taste of anything good, he tends to act like a kid who's inside a candy store XD
6.) Yukio shouldn't be left alone even for a single second, e also shouldn't be trusted to be left alone at all or else he'll get into mischief
7.) He's such a fanboy and a nerd when it comes to duel history, despite the fact that he doesn't look the part
8.) He's always thinking about Kokoro (:iconnebula-estella:'s oc)
X-Mas Rqst1: Kazuto and Kiseki by NeonNeoz
1.) He has a bad habit of teasing people he likes just for fun, especially when he loves to tease Kiseki (:iconnebula-estella:'s oc)
2.) He's mostly the calm and rational type of person, so when Zarc has started his rampage, he was the only one who managed to stay calm and talk strategy with any remaining people who are willing to fight back.
3.) He prefers to spend his time reading books.
4.) He has a strange fascination to learn more about his own past lives and would write them down in every detail of what've they've done so far.
5.) No matter where he goes he always have an air of authority despite the fact that he doesn't mean for it to show
6.) He get's excited whenever he gets to do an ordinary activity because he always experience a higher social standing
7.) He's actually from a wealthy family, but he prefers to explore the world and it's secret
8.) Like Yuu he has a soft spot for sweet bread.
Yugioh 6th Series oc: Yasuhiro Tsuneo by NeonNeoz
1.) He's Basically cold-hearted and very blunt towards anyone who would either try to talk to him or befriend him, there are a rare chance when he let certain people be close to him, but it's unknown why he does it.
2.) He has a very extreme hatred towards SOL Technology, when he and his cousin found out that they were the ones who fired his older sister Aila, who refused to further develop A.I. to be used on people.
3.) He rarely listens to Hajime, as he always stays out late after dark, and would return the next day.
4.) He was force to attend to school with his cousin, much to his displeasure.
5.) He has a habit of proving a point in the most extremist way possible.
6.) Yasuhiro's own way of finding information about his sister is either going to the dark web in vrains, or to randomly search the cities of street gangs, while in disguise, and beat them up for answers, if he doesn't get them, he just leaves them bruised and leaves them a dangerous warning to not even follow him
7.) Yasuhiro was the one who designed his own shirt.
8.) Yasuhiro prefers to just sleep in the most peaceful spot he could find.
BNHA Oc: Tatsuya's Casual Clothes by NeonNeoz
1.) He basically practiced martial arts and boxing when he was a kid, he learned how to fight from his dad 
2.) His wings are basically folded on his back, and they can slip out through any fabric
3.) His bed is basically filled with many big soft pillows, because he has trouble sleeping in bed
4.) His favorite foods are Chicken Dumplings, and White Rice with soy sauce, he puts soy sauce in almost all of his food
5.) If Tatsuya continues to fight in his normal base form, he starts to get more feral and battle hungry.
6.) He's a very doting brother when it comes to his younger siblings
7.) He has a bookcase filled with some adventure novels, manga, foreign movies and comics from other countries, and snap-in model figures
8.) He has a pen-pal who lives in I-Island, who later came to live with him and his family so that he can take the U.A entrance exam, said friend ended up passing, but the staff at U.A are fixing his schedule due to said friend having taken two types of courses.
ZEXAL Oc: Mikazuki Kouki (sketch) by NeonNeoz
1.) Despite having no memory about himself, Mikazuki actually acts the same as his old safe, albeit if it's only a part of it
2.) He has no shame in declaring the person that he likes
3.) When Mikazuki did regain his memories, and remembered that he was suppose to be guarding the numeron code at the moon, he remembered how bring and lonely his job was
4.) The Key Mace was a weapon that was given to him was actually not the weapon he wanted, but overall he still uses it
5.) He's basically takes in any animal that would be injured and take care of them until their at full health, and find them a good home
6.) Mikazuki had to learn how to cook for himself whenever his Adoptive mom would come home late
7.) He's very optimistic in any given situation that he get himself in.
8.) He usually carrys a mp3 player with him, despite it being old fashion.

Next is :iconerika-zayenna:
1. You have to post all the rules, no exceptions!
2. Answer the twelve questions you have been asked, then create your own questions for who you tag.
3. Choose twelve people.
4. Actually tag these people.
5. Can’t say you don’t do tags.
6. Tag backs are allowed.

Now for the questions
1) Hello! How's your year been so far?

-50/50, the remaining year didn't went well for me
2) Satisfying or not yet?
-Hard to say
3) What projects do you have in store?
-Eeeeeeeeeh hard to say when you have to find a job =w=;
4) What dreams do you have and how close are you to accomplishing them?
-I don't think i'm close to accomplishing them
5) More of a cat or dog lover?
-Dog =w=
6) Like to travel?
-Yes XD
7) How often do you produce art?
-Not to often like I use to
8) How many series do you follow?
-Hard to say XD
9) How would you feel if all of the nature and animals disappeared from the face of the Earth?
-Welp we're dead XD
10) How would you feel at the idea of living on another planet?
-That would be awesome, except we might end up going to war if it happens XD
11) On a less serious note... do you know how to cook? Because I still can't x'D
-..... Somewhat =w=
12) Something you want to say before ending?
-Take me =w=

Now for my questions:
1.) What movie did you ended up seeing this year?
2.) What do you jam out to lately?
3.) Who would you fight? A Bear, a Liger, or an army of scorpions?
4.) If you could, where would you want to meet you online buddies? At a convention, or at unsuspected place of your choosing?
5.) Abridged or non-abridged series?
6.) Do you have a novel of an anime, or the manga version?
7.) Best way to work out? Dancing to a video game of any music of your choosing, or running around doing errands?
8.) Weapon of choice? A Chair, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, a vase, or a plate of cheese? XD
9.) If you could swap places with someone in DA, who would it be?
10.) You suddenly have a meet a adorable puppy, who can summon a demon dog out of nowhere to eat someone's soul, would you keep it, or run away from it?
11.) Pancakes or Waffles?
12.) Who would you pick as your main in the latest Super Smash Bros. game?

Finally it's :iconsilverazrosii:'s tag
Pick one OC, and state at least five facts about them that you think no one else knows. The more obscure, the better.
Welp think I'll go with this guy
Dragon of Time (True Form) by NeonNeoz
1. This is the true form of Yukio's ace monster, and the true reincarnate of each of his reincarnations
2. He basically oversees time itself.
3. Each reincarnation gets either a different form of how to control time, or have a similar abilities from their previous reincarnates 
4. It's basically the strongest being of time itself as he rules it
5. He's basically in love with the Fairy of Reincarnation and declares his love for her

And done, as for who I want to tag, I tag everyone that ever tagged me, so have fun with that XD, also i'm very lazy right now =w=
  • Listening to: Long Hope Philia [English Cover]
  • Reading: Sword Art Online Novel/My Hero Academia Manga
  • Watching: Random videos
  • Playing: Uno (The game where friends are enemies)
  • Eating: Beef
  • Drinking: Soda
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo I've been featured by these lovely ladies :3 :iconyakumosoulqueen: :iconkeruber0su: :iconkiruiin: :iconnebula-estella: so yeah that's pretty much it.... now it's my turn :dummy:

- Just comment here and I'll list my favorite pairing of yours!
- I'll be choosing only one ship or else this will be very long XD
- Features are currently unlimited!
-It's like a Tag so you have to do one too x3


*Kiss* by YakumoSoulQueen
I just find these two very cute >w<

:iconkeruber0su: & :iconnebula-estella: their both the same actually ;3
Sweet-Acel by Nebula-Estella
They both have a very interesting and complicated romance with each other and I love it ;3


Because this is from her old account and I was trying to go through her new one lol XD
    Man it's been a while since I've done a journal entry huh? XD Anyways, I want to thank everyone for wishing me a happy birthday today, I may not have gotten any presents, aside from some amazing art from others in DA, I've gotten cake, which is about it, aside the college's stress reliever events, and buying a ultimate cheeseburger just to get another one for free from Jack in the box,  it was a nice day today, and I liked it ^w^

Also this song's album was just released today on my b-day, so I was extremely hyped today >w< unfortunately it's not available on YouTube to hear the full version, but I got the next best thing, this one :3

I think I'mma go get myself addicted to this once the full version is also released but for now I'mma listen to this on loop thank you very much, also I LOVE THE SAXAPHONE PART OKAY!!!! XD

Anyways, time for the tags that I've accumulated- I mean forgotten over the past month :dummy:

Anyways lets got for the tag that was from the start of the month :3

First tag is from :iconalb1990:

Here are the rules:
1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

1. What's your fave thing to snack on?
Hmm a tough one, some twizzlers :3
2. if you can pick any instrument to play which one would you pick?
Drums, I fail at everything else XD
3. Science or Sci-fi?
both, because we need them XD
4. If you could go to favorite restaurant what would you pick to eat?
dumplings :3
5. What is your favorite anime type, Yandere, Kuudere, or Tsundere?
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuum, tsundere XD
6. What's your favorite band?
Uverworld as of right now cX
7. Favorite colors?
Blue or red, can't decide from the rainbow XD
8. Favorite game character?
Sonic XD
9. Favorite anime character?
Deku OwO
10. Scariest horror game you ever played?
Never played them :3
11. Best Sci-fi game you played?
Halo XD
12: your Favorite book you read multiple times?
Uuum, hard to say XD

Now from :iconmedabotpuru:

Here are the rules:
1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

1) When you were a kid, what job did you want to have when you were older? ^^
-either be a cop, or a firefighter XD
2) Since most, if not all, of my watchers have seen Medabots, who is your favorite Medabot?
-Metabee obviously XD
3) Do you think the Tide Pod challenge is stupid and dangerous? Or do you think it's a good way to become "Youtube famous"?
-I dunno, have to see it for myself if the product actually work or not
4) When did you first become interested in drawing?  ( Or at least, when do you remember becoming interested? ^^ )
-When I was watching ben 10 alien force, I would just draw the aliens, then after a while I started to draw sonic characters around freshmen year, and made my own original character with my childhood friend, but then I started to want to improve my work when my best friend introduced me to the anime Sword Art Online, and I was hooked, which led me to draw my own new characters again, and from there everything started to fall in place
5) Do you prefer to see Traditional artwork? Or digital?
-I say both, I've only touched the surface between the two, and I want to improve my skills on both of them
6) Why did you add me to your watch list? ;3
-because I wanted to see how your art was like and what your like X3
7) If you have an OC, what inspired you to make it?  Or, heck, if you have multiple OCs go ahead and let me know for each of them if you want to. X3
-I can't have to many to count XD
8) What is your favorite television series?
-Gundam Iron Blooded orphan, Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia, and there's more but too lazy to list them =w=
9) Do you draw as a job/occupation? Or do you draw for fun/as a hobby? ^^
-I draw it for fun but I wanna make a career or job out of it
10) What do you think of mythical creatures?
-Their awesome ^w^
11) If you saw me in real life, what would you do?
-Stutter, try to greet ya, awkward silence leading to strange stuff XD
12) I have no more questions.  Enjoy your day/night, heh.
-Kay *partying*

Here's the next one from :iconkiruiin: aaaand :iconyumatsukumo39: as well as the adorable :iconyumenonightraid:
The rules:
-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
-Write 13 things about yourself
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
-No tagging back

13 Things about Myself
1.) I put things off to the last minute at times XD
2.) I have a new obsession, building Gunpla's XD 
3.) I  have an addiction to these song/music of the same series, so please help XD 

4.) I often wish for something exciting were to happen, but I know that I should watch what I wish for XD
5.) I often let my facial hair grow out =w=
6.) At times, I'm like a ninja who would appear and reappear XD
7.) I fancy a meatball sub right now :3
8.) I got a tan :dummy:
9.) I am a worrywart for others =w=
10.) I am not muscular XD
11.) I am completely weird, but friendly XD
12.) I often stall a lot XD
13.) If playing a game, I am a good at defensive plays XD 

13 Question Asked of Me from :iconkiruiin:

1. What's your OC Pokemon League?
Don't have one :dummy:
2. What's your current song obsession?
isn't it obvious? :3 It's the ones above this tag XD
3. What's your favorite light novel/anime or series based off of a light novel?
Hello, My hero academia, and sword art online :3
4. Which color? Pink or blue?
Blue? ? I don't get it XD
5. Do you like your art style?
Pointy things, I want to improve and try different styles :3
6. Is there a manga/anime you watch only for the art/animations?
I watch them all =w=
7. What's your favorite anime/manga/game scene?
My Hero Academia is an obsession to me XD
8. Any weird thing that annoys you that doesn't annoy most people?
Hmmm I dunno, being oblivious and ignorant? 030
9. Which do you prefer? Husbando or waifu?
Bring me a waifu XD
10. What's your favorite color and why?
I like all the colors, because they all bring life to certain things :3
11. Who's the best magical girl?
....... I dunno? XD
12. How many days are there in February? (I've given up lol.)
28 or 29 days, which depends actually XD
13. Can you come up with the most annoying character ever?
yes, his name is Alfonzo the Bacon, one day he started to scream very very loudly while eating people to avenge his people, then eat his own kind, the end :dummy:

Here's are from :iconyumatsukumo39:
1. Does anyone ever question what you do?
Yes, and I don't care XD
2. How many siblings do you have?
3 to 6 siblings, I only know half of them
3. Does it annoy you when I don’t respond to comments fast enough?
Sorta on certain days, but not all the time =w=
4. Out of my OCs, who is your favorite and why?
I can't choose woman QAQ
5. What’s your favorite canon ship?
Kazuto and Kiseki/Yukio and Kokoro, and many many more~ ;3
6. What is the artwork that you are the most proud of from this year?
Dunno, all of them are sketches so far
7. Honestly are you surprised how far we are in 2018 already?
Yes..... i want it to slow down now QwQ
8. Quick, think of a character!
His name is Davino Albacon, he is a street thug who uses hot dogs as weapons, then took over the world, the end :dummy:
9. What do you love about that character from the question above?
That they are unique and have so many possibilities :3
10.Whose a person that you look up to?
no clue actually, I have a lot of people that I look up too o3o
11. When facing a slump, what do you do to get your motivation back?
Music, walking around, YouTube videos, etc o3o
12. What even is a social life even more?
I dunno, put people in a classroom and have them work on projects together? o3o
13. Finally, what is the craziest dream that you have ever had?
Changing from one scenario to the next XD

Now for :iconyumenonightraid:
1. Any favorite OC shippings?
I have lots :3
2. Any songs you're singing along?
Currently Odd Future X3
3. Favorite characters while growing up?
Optimus Prime, Link, Sonic
4. Lucky number? (Don't ask -_-')
Ummm I dunno, going with 39 XD
5. How's your day?
Oh its going great actually, thanks for askin, how's yours? :3
6. Favorite Pokemon?
Charmander OwO

uhh... I'm running out of questions!!

7. Do you follow your good side (angel) or the bad side (devil)?
both :3
8. Any thing like you want to ask?
Yes, will there be any more adorable stories of Seiko and Mikazuki :3
9. Watching any new movies?
None at the moment QwQ
10. Favorite scenes (it can be anything)
Barbatos last stand against Ghallahorn, and being a freaking beast of a devil QwQ
11. Favorite...umm... Favorite creature?
Uuuuuuuuuuuum hard to say XD
12. Favorite YouTuber??
I have a lot who I need to get back to watching again XD
13. Anything exciting coming up???
My gunpla, and the new Jurassic world movie OwO

My Questions:
1.) What was the last thing you were eating?
2.) What was the last song you were listing to?
3.) Who was the last person you were talking to?
4.) The questions above are just to freak you out a little, did it work? XD
5.) What movies do you want to watch? :3
6.) Favorite shows?
7.) Current obsession? 
8.) What do you think that tv needs?
9.) You walked into a bar late at night to get a drink of water, but then there was a giant crash outside the totaled your car, which left a large dent mark in it, what do you think caused it?
10.) If you meet Deadpool, what would be your first reaction?
11.) IF you had to pick a series to live in what would it be?
12.) Favorite songs of today!
13.) What would you do if you have a giant robot arm? :3

And I shall tag no one, but feel free to do them if you like XD

Next if from the lovely lady herself :iconyakumosoulqueen: who is curious about Tatsuya, and from the amazing lady :iconyumenonightraid: who wants to know about Mikazuki, Hajime and Yasuhiro
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.

1. I would often daydream alot
2. I loe to drink Dr. Pepper a lot and try the new flavors XD
3. I often show a certain someone certain things :3
4. I am afraid to take risk in most cases, but would just take most of them XD
5. I am quite the curious person, but never ask any questions :3
6. I have a habit of thinking up scenarios 
7. I often have more blankets
8. I still play my Gameboy XD

Lets see first off it's Tatsuya :D

1. He has a double personality whenever he activates his quirk
2. He's very docile when he's half awake and asleep :3
3. His animal instincts are very, sensitive at certain times ;3
4. He has yet to master the true power of his quirk OwO
5. Chicken Dumplings are his favorite
6. He learned how to use a bo staff and wants to use it for hero work
7. His horns will come out eventually
8. His wings is very fluffy to nap on, but are very powerful on a fight!

Next is Mikazuki!

1. The mace he carries around is the same design it has like Yuma's Emperor key
2. After retaining his memories, he decides to go back to Astral World, where he dueled against Yuma for the passage of Astral World only to test his resolve and will
3. The Number card that he possesses is Number 98: Antitopian, though it doesn't mean anything to Mikazuki personality wise, it does symbolizes how he fights in duels against opponents.
4. At times he can be very blunt and straightforward 
5. He has a strong obsession of completing task that would peak his curiosity
6. He's extremely naïve even if he regained any of his memories
7. He loves giving out hugs, but hugs Seiko longer than most
8. He often wants to make a big garden and own store

Now for Hajime :3
1. He wishes to reunite with his lover from his previous life, but can't due to the circumstances of helping his cousin look for his lost sister and end the daily nightmares that would plague them both
2. In Vrains he's shown to be a cold and manipulative of situations, and would gladly take on any risks that he faces, even if it mean if his identity were to be revealed, he has prepared a contingency plan in case it ever happens, but outside of vrains, he's seen as a overly nice person who's a bit mischivious at times as well as being playful, in some cases he ends up being popular with his juniors, even with the girls, but he's not aware of that, or so it would seem, though it is hard to tell which of the two personality is his real self.
3. He can freely manipulate time even inside vrains, but not for more than 5 minutes
4. Whenever he dreams, he would have blurry visions of the future
5. His hacking skills are above average but gets most of the knowledge from the A.I. duel monster Hack Drake
6. The symbol on his regular clothe is meant to represent that he's the reincarnation of the previous Time Keeper, while the symbol on vrains represents that he's King of Time, outside of vrains, he often keeps himself from wearing his pendant and villager clothes to not give away his identity as X-Acel
7. He likes to spoil his kohai's a bit too much, but likes to spoil his cousin a lot as well.
8. HIs Vrains Avatar will be receiving a new design change, but the reasons for that is classified

And now finally Yasuhiro :D

1. Most of the time, he has a cold attitude and would be very blunt with his responses, but he has a kind and caring side that he rarely shows
2. He mostly spends his time in the park fishing, but doesn't elaborate much of why he does
3. The Symbol on his chest has a different meaning, but it symbolizes Sight of Truth due to it looking like an eye of sorts
4. The accessory on his left arm is a gift from his sister, but it holds a deeper meaning
5. He has a hidden dagger somewhere, but won't elaborate where he hides it
6. The red Cloth is actually from his mother that he always wears around
7. He doesn't attend the school his cousin goes to until the 2nd season
8. He's not afraid to threaten the life of a person

And now to tag the victims- i mean the people :3

:iconyakumosoulqueen: (Momoka, Teru, Chika, Nozomi)
:iconkeruber0su: (Arya, Kokoro, Sue, Tamashi and Kiseki :3)
:iconjnennyuki: (Shirayuki, Kamiko Murasaki)
:iconyumatsukumo39: (Finn X3)
:iconalicekurocross: (Kogami Atsuko)
:iconkiruiin: (Reina)
:iconscarletu-rozu: (Yoko Kaiba)
:iconTFUflaman17: (Cameron, Ginkga Helios)

Have an awesome day :3
AAAAAAALLLLLLLRIGHT! It's time for them doodle request, like last year, they will be sketched on but I may throw in a surprise,  also I'm accepting about 15 request so don't be shy, and now for the rules for this :3
Also don't complain about it if it doesn't come out the way you wanted it to be.

1You need to be a fellow watcher or someone that I watch to ask request
2. Don't you watch then unwatch me when your request is done I will take down the drawing down and report you, no exceptions.
3. Note that I will not do draw over 18+ content
4.Be patient, these take time, and effort.
5.I will update on who gets what request that are being requested so don't be shy to ask for one

1. :iconpredalienmaster: want Kenshi and Hopstar under the mistletoe
2. :iconkeruber0su: wants me to create Yukio and Kokoro's son  while she's doing their daughter (this will be hard though XD)
3. :iconpimsan0: an oc crossover c8
4. :iconlittlemissskuld: wants Scarab and Kiva
5. :iconyakumosoulqueen: Yasuhiro and Teru cX
6. :iconaltairsky: any character apparently X3
7. :iconyumatsukumo39: wants Finn of Sinn
8. :iconmantor98741: wants Yuto and Ruri kissing :3
9. :iconfaeriiefioss: her oc
10. :iconartgazer12: wants oc Tiera under the mistletoe with Kyoko of bnha
11. :icontiruru: wants Megumi and Shun owo
12. :iconmichaelthedragon39: his oc of Daiki and Yukino enjoying winter :3
13. :iconbadrater: wants his oc fight each other (To the death since you took a while to decide:3)
14. :iconanysketches:
15. :iconjnennyuki: her oc Kamiko :3
  • Listening to: SAO
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: Megaman
  • Eating: Meat
  • Drinking: Water
*tracing something with a marker* oh hello there, I didn't see you come in, please have a seat, of your doom Mwahahahahaha XD
Alright! Since this is October 1st here, time to begin with a bang and hopefully I'll be able to upload some Halloween art, hopefully, but since I'm starting things, it shall be in the form of a tag, because, tags are scary XD

Alright so I've been tagged b6y tultiple people for this one let's see, I've been tagged by :iconyumatsukumo39:, :iconyakumosoulqueen:, :iconkeruber0su: and that's about it XD So without further adew let us begin XD

-Post 8 facts about your character
- Tag 8 people
- Post those people's icons and name of character

Aaaalright! Time to start this tag now :3
First :iconyumatsukumo39: wants Yuu, so let's start x3
1. In his own way, Yuu shows kindness to others, he just doesn't like to show it to others, he only shows it to a select few X3
2. Yuu keeps a sacred katana behind his throne, he already mastered sword skills at a young age
3. If pushed to the extreme edge of life and death, Yuu shows a bit of his, sadistic side, this will be shown in the future page that I will make in the future >w>
4. Hunting out for food is something Yuu would do, even in the winter
5. As a kid, Yuu's other dream was to become a dj after receiving the headphones from his brother, though that dream never came true
6. Ever since he started to trust others again Yuu started to become a bit of himself as a kid, the only noticeable trait that Anna found out was that Yuu started to sleep more XP
7. Yuu knows magic, and can perform it, however he only some uses it on evil spirits
8. Yuu rarely play a prank but will only do it for revenge on those who would prank him

Second :iconyakumosoulqueen: want Yen, here we go XD
1. He loves to torture anyone he comes across with in order to get information from them, but mostly because he loves torture methods that inhumane
2. Normally he would go and bug anyone just to get out of his duties in from the spirit world
3. He once murdered an obelisk enforcer and started to torture his soul just to see what academia was up to, then he would later on bring him back to life and start the processes all over again
4. He can turn his cats into lions jaguars or other felines that are the top of the food chain, for Kioshi he's a black Jaguar
5. Yen's idea of a practical joke involves riddles, hints and a trap room full of snakes, his favorite people to torture are Ginkga,  Yin and Yang
6. He has the ability to switch people's bodies, he would find it hilarious, and glorious to see their reaction
7. He has no regrets on pranking or harming people
8. When he was a kid, the other children would either call him a devil or be called their savior, but all the same he is their doom XD

And finally :iconkeruber0su: wants to know more about Akatsuki x3
1. His deck build is around blue eyes, but later on he started to add and change with various other cards into his deck that would have others question him
2. His favorite pass time is reading books, but it's all mostly about mystery novels
3. Akatsuki plays both good cop and bad cop to interrogate his suspects and victims, this tactic actually works as his bad cop side happens to show little to no mercy at all.
4. He's rather fond of his hat and doesn't want to lose it at all
5. He's a heavy sleeper and has trouble getting up in the morning, this usually happens if he stays up to long when doing an investigation
6. If he's lucky Akatsuki would often look at the sunrise whenever he wakes up early
7. He has a few close calls whenever he get into certain situations that would cost him his life
8. He likes to eat cashews on any given days

Welp that's about it, now for the victims Mwahahahahaha XD

:iconyakumosoulqueen: Momo XD
:iconyumatsukumo39: Misaki Amahara
:iconkeruber0su: Either Sue or Harmony XP
:iconbadrater: Midnight Neon (you never had immunity from this XD)
:icontfuflameman17: Ginkga XP (it was Yen's idea XD)
:icontiruru: Kanade Tamako
:iconenhancerxx: Yumi
:iconpkmnakamegakiru92: Zweilys

And now I return to my most important busy schedule of my daily life *eating a taco*
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ALRIGHT so I'm making this quick tag because I'm bored and I needed something to post while debating on what to draw for tomorrow since my schedule is completely full now, soooo without furtheradew let's begin these tags XD

Also I'm not sure how many times I got tagged sooo I'm just doing the ones that were recent xP

Tagged by the adorable :iconenhancerxx:


How old are you?: 22 xP

What gender and pronouns do you identify with?:  I am a male, and I don't know which ones I use xP

Your name?: Neoz, I don't feel like using my real name XD

How social are you?: As my sister would say, awkward as fudge, I tend to stutter and mess up on my words for some reason


How long have you been on Deviantart?: hmmm about 3 going for 4 years now

What are your future plans for the site?: Dunno, possibly get more ideas and help support my friends here, maybe one day we can meet in IRL but that's never gonna happen XD

Do you want to pursue a career in art?: In a way yeah, because I honestly don't know what other careers wouldmsuotmme

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?: I rate my skills to be a 4/10, I have so much to relearn

Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?: Not in the slightest

Who is your favourite visual artist?: Hard to say actually

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?: I used a mouse

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?: a couple of hours if their sketches, ink or colors, but if I want to go big, that's a different time story

How well do you handle criticism?: Not sure, haven't been criticised by work since college, but I take it well sorta, but I take it into heat to improve myself


What is your sexuality/romantic preference?: .... I don't know how to say this but I'm straight XD

Are you currently in a relationship?: Nope, I'm single, forever alone, I don't think I'll ever get into a relationship because well, I think I'd be a bad boyfriend XD

Is your partner/spouse a deviant?: nope I'm single remeber XD

How long have you been together?: haven't dated anyone QwQ


Nope because I'm mixing it with the other tag mwahahahaha XD

Lol so I've been tagged by the lovely and adorable :iconkeruber0su: who wants to know a little more about Daiki~

- Post 8 facts about your character
- Tag 8 people
- Post those people's icons and name of character

1. One of Daiki's special traits is that he's basically a good cook that he gotten to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Slifer red dorm, he even gets paid there which he sends the money to his parents and the orphanage he use to work for,
2. Before entering duel Academy Daiki lived in a poor environment where he often takes care of children in the orphanage as a part time job, though his pay was low he didn't mind it as he uses his pay for both the orphanage and for his parents well being, but later on her was given a deck by the kids who view him as a hero and was enrolled at duel Academy by his parents much to his surprise.
3. Daiki often has an issue of being very stern with others during either critical moments or comic ones, though his red eyes and hair scares many people and they would describe him as a demon when's he's angered
4. Though despite having a stretched build deck of elemental hero and dragon cards, he managed to make them work and create the deck as his own
5. In the future he dreams to be an actor and star in a hero show for kids, he wants to inspire them to take up any challenges to achieve their dreams by being righteous and true, he also aspires to be a novelist
6.if angered to the point where his friends are hired or injured in any way his whole personality goes dark and will not be so kind in a fight or a duel
7. Daiki worked well with kids and has this big brother kinda vibe going on for him which almost all the other freshmen would call him 'big bro' much to his confusion  XD
8. He enjoys the outdoors simply to clear his head and enjoy the scenery in nature in day and night

Aaaand because this was last minute tag by the cute and adorable :iconyakumosoulqueen: I'll be doing this and since she wanted to know about Yasuhiro and Satoru, I'll do both for her XD

First up is Yasuhiro :
1. Despite being antisocial, Yasuhiro doesn't like being on his own for much but doesn't like to show it to others
2. He has a hard time trusting others after his sister disappeared.
3. Ever since his sister disappearance,  he was sent back to his village and stayed with the elders for most of his life until he went back to go search for her again, the time his sister had disappeared was the same time Yusaku was kidnapped
4. The accessories he wears were a gift from his sister Aila
5. He's somewhat skilled in programming but isn't a a hacker
6. He's good in duels and has a deck his sister made for him, unfortunately WildDeity uses the same deck as him
7. His personality is stoic and expressionless but in time he learns how to live his life as he had a rough childhood
8. The first food he ever tried were hot dogs

Next is Satoru:
1. Despite his constant napping, Satoru can be aware of his surrounding even in his sleep
2. There's a limit of how much power Satoru can use when he's in his Horsemen of John Armor but it is unknown to many
3. There is a record of how many vehicles Satoru has destroyed whenever he is given one for a mission, he is never to be trusted with a vehicle
4. He has the ability to brainwash just about anyone when he had them traded in his tail, he once tested it out on a random soldier and got him to do the maccarrena just for the heck of it
5. Despite bot showing much emotions he is supportive person, and willhelp put a friend in need
6. He has a soft spot for a specific type of soda but won't say
7. Satoru dream was to travel the world, but because eof the apocalypse it never came true
8. At some point Satoru ends up dying while trying to help Shinoa'said group, Mika and Yu, to safety, but later on it turns out he can come back to life somehow

Aaaand because apparently this was barely sent to me just now I'll be taking in on the most cuddle worthy :iconyumenonightraid: tag who wants to know a bit about Kazuto  cX

1. Despite not looking like it, Kazuto sometimes cooks his own meal
2. Kazuto is always calm and collective and is rarely surprised, but like his fragmentedcounterparts he also share a bit of their key personality
3. Kazuto merged his monsters like Zarc only the difference is that Kazuto included a ritual monster
4. His favorite pass time is going to a garden near a park and stay there for a while until sundown
5. He was the one who taught Zarc how to duel and was studying under Alabama Leo on the development of real solid vision
6. During Zarc's rampage he had tried to persuade Zarc to not destroy all life but failed
7. During his deep sleep Kazuto can v8ew how his counterparts are doing and how well they are getting on their own
8. Kazuto pretty much like to play a practical joke sometimes but makes sure it is at a minimum

Alright now to tag people sooo please don't tag me back since my schedules is full also imma tag just a few people XD

:iconyakumosoulqueen: Nozomi (revenge XD)
:iconyumenonightraid: Seiko x3
:iconkeruber0su: Kokoro~ (revenge as well plus I'm bored xp)

Aaaand anyone else who wants to do this because I need to sleep now so night and have an awesome day XD
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Dear lodprd I've been tagged so freaking much, is this what it means to be a tag lord of pure awesomeness and stuff? Why did I stocked-piled them why lord whyyyyyy, tell me my lord, whoever should I blame for this XD .... well since I won't get any answer from that dramatic thing I've just done I'm guessing I'll just blame Tucker because Cabbosse says so XD

Anyways I've been tagged by the following lovely individuals listed below here:
:iconpkmnakamegakiru92:, :iconyakumosoulqueen: ....... and that is all lol XD

So let's get started XP

Tag rules:

Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
Write 13 things about yourself
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and makes your own 13 questions.
Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
It is forbidden not to tag anyone

1. I managed to achieve the one thing that I never able to achieve XD
2. I hate to be the center of the spotlight despite the fact that I want attention for personal reasons XD
3. I now follow the one wisest person that I have ever seen on the internet... and his name is Michael Jackson. Cabbosse of Red Vs blue XD
4. I often have planned drawings that I want to draw but never got around to do them XP
5. I have horrible social skills, but I can somehow find my people but never got the courage to try and interact with them eventually XD
6. I have an addiction to a few certain foods that I can't get enough XD
7. I plan to go digital in a month or so if possible XP
8. I have horrible timing but I mean well XD
9. I still haven't watched the yugioh movie but my cousin can help with that XD
10. I am considering on running a link summoning type deck XP
11. I started going back to sonic game franchise again.... and I have no regrets because of a certain song and character XD
12. I have set my alarm to the one music that I have that is the loudest XD
13. I don't like sharing my bed with siblings because they steal my room to use Xbox or to annoy me XD

First is :iconpkmnakamegakiru92: Questions:

1) What's your style? Cute, pretty, cool, tough, or clever?
- Um my style happens to be all of the above but the total opposite in IRL so just casual lol XD
2) What's your favorite number? Is there a specific reason for it or just cuz?
- 39, because Zexal XD
3) Most recent series? (Anime/Manga/Movie/TV Series/Video Game/Etc.) What are your thoughts about it?
- Okay, the anime that I am into right now is well RWBY ChibiYouta season 2 XD
4) Any sub voice characters you particularly don't like? Any dub voice characters?
- Hmmm not that I can think of at the moment nope :T
5) Yu-Gi-Oh GX, anime and manga comparison? Which do you think is better? If you haven't seen/read both, then uhh...skip this question?
- I've seen and read a few of the manga a bit and I have to say, I have no freaking idea on which is better, but manga because it's more edgier XD
6) Have you read the manga Tomodachi Game? owo Low-key a little upset I haven't been getting my daily updates after around a week of them. =w=
- I'm sorry but I haven't and please don't hurt XD
7) What kind of anime world would you like to transport to? Shoujo? Shounen? The fighting kind? Sports anime?
- I say all kinds XD
8) What makes you suffer more? Despair, angst, or a tragic romance?
- Dang it all of the above XD
9) What anime did you cry the most over?
- Gundam Iron blooded orphans, dangerous it why must my favorite ships and characters have to die!
10) What's currently your favorite song?
- uuuuuum lately I've been obsessed with this one song which happens to the reason why I'm into the Sonic franchise again and other recent songs XD………
11) How much do you love your sleep?
- Very much so that i want to wake up and do stuff then rest XD
12) How much do you love your food?
- Very much XD
13) What grade would you give your life? Your social life? Your academic life? Your romantic life?
- in order, a -E, a D, a C, and my romantic life an F XD

Now for :iconyakumosoulqueen: questions:

1. What makes you smile?
- Talking or having fun with others :3
2. What do you think about harems? reverse and normal. would you let your oc be in one?
Hard to say actually XD
3. If you could make a manga what would it be about? would it be in a anime world that you've watched? or your own?
- I would make my own anime, it'll be about well a guy who has amnesia and can't remember stuff so he teams up with a guy with anger issues of his past and a wild child who has no sense of human culture and they have to fight the villain who's pulling the strings of a governmental system of a game that inflicts horrible pain to you in a competitions of battles XD
4. Have any siblings?
- I got two sisters XD
5. Iphone or Samsung?
- Um Samsung? XD
6. how late do you sleep? whats the lasted you woke up?
-I think it was noon that I woke up last time XD
7. Do you want a drawing tablet? if someone was trying to give theres away would you take it? its in great condistion
- I wouldactually want one, just gotta make sure that they don't have any work that is their's so that there won't be any complications XD
8. Do you still own something from your childhood?
- I still own a Charmander plush that my dad got me at the fair when I was 4 and to this day, Charmander is still my favorite pokemon
9. Water or soda?
- both because they are both life XD
10. Did you ever take art classes?
- yup I did, learning different styles were interesting and I use what I learn to apply to my characters sometimes, and I think I'm out of practice from those lessons I took XD
11. Sour or sweet?
- Both because it's interesting that way XD
12. outside or inside?
- I like being inside but outside is awesome too X3
13. who are your senpais?
My senpai happens to be :iconlittlemissskuld: she's awesome cX

And now for my Questions:
1. If you had to go out with bang what would be the most hardcore way to do it?
2. What theme song would you like to use  for your character?
3.what pokemon would you like to be?
4. If you had the chance who would be your sidekick and what would be your superpower?  
5. Favorite anime so far?
6. Do you believe in the power of OPTIMISM
7. What inspirational quote do you like to use XD
8. Favorite robot of all time XD
9. So, are you fabulous XD
10. Which would you like to choose? The small adorable tedd6 bear of pure evil, or the most adorable bunny plush I'd doom? XD
11. Who would you like to see face off in a rap battle? XD
12. If you could what would be your code name? XD
13. There is only one thing you must worship, who would it BE? XD

I'm not gonna tag anyone because I'm lazy lol have a good day XP
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Soooo I got tagged like multiple times and stuff so I have tocombine them all into one and make it the most devastating tag ever alive, and this time those in my list will not make it out alive mwahahahaha XD

So I've been tagged by these adorable ladies X3 :icontiruru: :iconyumenonightraid: and :iconcamicamcan:

Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
Write 13 things about yourself
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and makes your own 13 questions.
Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
It is forbidden not to tag anyone

Facts about me because the people demands it XP:
1. I have very random and dumb moments which is caused when I'm either daydreaming or thinking of stuff XP
2. Anything random I find I want to share :3
3. I often doubt myself which leads to mistakes
4. It's actually hard for me to ask for any kind of help because I'm either to prideful or because I think of others well being rather than my own personal problem
5. I'm a dork and a nerd,mandatory thus I am proud of it =w=
6. One way for me to be in certain Fandom is either by recommendation, curiosity,  or viewing so,etching epic from it
7. I tend to freak myself out by accident wheneverI have ideas, whether their dark or epic
8. I often feel that I don't have what it takes to survive life itself
9. I'm waaaaaaaah room nice for my own good and panic in situations that I've have to face on my own
10. I tend to not worry about everything
11. I love photoshop so much that I had fun with it cX
12. Video games, anime, Manga cartoons, fanfiction and etc.  Are what makes me interestedin stuff XP
13. I am a sucker for romance no matter how cheesyit is XP

:icontiruru: Question:
1. If you're in college, what's your major?
-Lol I graduated from college XD
2. Do you love your current job/occupation?
-I don't have one, but currently looking into one
3. How long have you been in DA?
- Hmmnmabout 3 to 4 years
4. Do you think 2017 is a lucky year for you?
-Dunno actually
5. Who are your inspirations in DA?
-I have a ton of people that inspire me here in DA, and quite honestly I think I've sum it up in a previous journal about it
6. Country? Are you enjoying it there?
-Meh couldn't say, it feels the same for me
7. Do you believe in miracles/luck?
-Rarely, though it doesn't always happen for me o3o
8. Do you believe in true love
-Yes in most degree, but for myself, not all =w=
9. Ever struggled academically?
-Yes, but it depends on which ones
10. What is the best thing happened in your life?
-Hmmm being able to hang with friends in college and play Yugioh XD
11. What is your major mistake in your life?
-Not trying hard enough
12. Did you ever became suicidal?
-Hmmm I can't honestly say I did had a phase in middle school, it sometimes lurks into my mind, but I never dwell on it to much because there isn't a point to it, it would mean giving up on the things that I've worked for or have yet to work and see what I could gain, and the same could be applied for everyone
13. What do you think of me? XD
-What I truly th8nk about you is that I want to cuddle you and that is it X3

1. Do you believe peace will return into this world?
-Depends if there was peace actually, don't get me wrong, I also want peace, it might take decades to get to it, and we may not be able to see it one day, but I believe that it probably will, but then what's next once peace has been achieved? Will the world end? Will there be someone to break that peace and cause chaos? Will we discover other lifeforms? Would they want the same peace we want? Or will they want to start a war? Questions will be answered but more questions will be formed, so it's hard to say o3o
2. What music/song inspires you [in present day] that will be your symbol of yourself?
-Lol its hard to say actually but for now let's go with this one XD…
3. Are you excited for anything?
-Mm no at the moment actually, I'm more nervous on life than being excited
4. Who was your favorite inspiration idol (it could be anyone and anything)?
-My inspiration, my idol, my hero, shall forever be known as..... Deadpool XP
5. What animal symbolizes you? What do you think it symbolizes you?
-Hard to say, I think I'm a Taurus a dog or something else XD
6. If you are in a world of Haikyuu!! who will you be with?
-Um dunno, sorry I've never watched it ^^;
7. In RWBY, who would cooperate with and why?
-Oh I would most definitely cooperate with Ruby, mostly because of the cookies
8. Solo player or a cooperate player?
-Dang it hard to choose, mmm cooperate player XD
9. If the world is filled with unknown mysteries, what do you want to seek?
-I seek life XD
10. Shula asked and said, "Do you believe that love will send kindness?"
-Hard to say actually, pretty much anything could go either way
11. Who is your favorite character that you remember the first anime you watched?
-I can't remember but I have to say Sonic from Sonic X XD
12. What kind of sport you play?
-I sometimes play defense on soccer
13. Do you love being here...?
-Despite the the good and the bad, I love it here, I get to interact with other people despite where we are and learning about them and their culture, so yeah I love it here
:iconcamicamcan:  Questions:
1. How do you fell about kittens!? O_o
-They are dangerous, but adorable
2. What grade level are you?
- Pfft girl I'm going to University level ;P
3. If you wanted to be a anime character for a day who would it be?
-Please let me be part of a gundam series X3
4. What's your favourite art style?
-Anime, but I sometimes try realism a bit when I get the chance
5. What's your favourite holiday? (Mines my birthday XD)
-Christmas XD
6. Who's your most favorite and least anime character?
-My most Favorite character is Well Cabbosse And my least favorite is Oberon from Sword Art Online
7. Whats your favourite song?
-Hmmm CheatCodes No Promises
8. The city or the country?
-Why not urban area? XD
9. If you where to make song, who and what be in it?
- Uuuuum probably a remix of cartoon and anime evolution XD
10. Any siblings?
- 2 sisters
11. Boy girl or twins?
Uuuuum all of the above? Xs
12. I'm I random?
- Yes XD
13 Pick a number 1-13 ;3
-Uuuuum 4? XD

Now for my Questions Mwahahahahaha!
1. If you had the chance to marry anyone who would it be?
2. What would be the one meme you dream to create?
3. Free hug?
4. Would you like to see a random video I found? :3
6. You have to pick 5 DA People here and play a game, one of them has to be the bad guy, the other is the good guy known as a cop and the rest are witnesses, who are those people and hwho would be the first victim to go to a trip?
7. Who's your role model in anime? X3
8. There's is a song stuck in my head, may you please help me get a new song stuck in my head XD
9. If you had the chance, what meme do you want your oc to be in?
10. Name your top 5 favorite ships
11. You must eat the vegetables, but you cannot refuse, what will you do?
12. How will you feel if you were a Transformers? Who side will you be In? And what vehicle class you want to be in? (Stealth,  Leader, Flight, or Power)
13. ALRIGHT! You have now gained a new company called the ALRIGHT super market, but your employees are dangerous, who would you hire if they are people of DA XP

I'm tagging:
:iconkeruber0su: :icontiruru: :iconyumenonightraid: :iconbadrater: :iconalb1990: :iconaltairsky: :iconjohnbrasser: :iconmedabotpuru: :iconanysketches: :iconyakumosoulqueen: :icontfuflameman17: :iconpredalienmaster: :iconmichaelthedragon39:

Here's another set of tags which are from :iconaltairsky: and :iconjohnbrasser: let's begin XD

-Pick one of your OCs
-Add a link for them
-Answer truthfully

Link to them here:


1) Do you have any siblings?
Ryu: I have 3 good sinlings, and 1 bad sibling, we don't talk about him much

2) Have you ever gotten into a fight?
Ryu: Uuuuum *many many flashbacks of cars being thrown* ... Noooooooooo.....

3. Someone has just taken your most prized possession. What do you do?
Ryu: i hunt them down, put them in prison, interrogate the person like batmannwouldmdonit until said person breaks down and cries

4) If you were stranded on an island and you could only bring one thing, what would you bring?
Ryu: My firework collections

5) A random person has just given you a hug. How do you react?
Ryu: Hug them back till they can't breathe, lol jk

6) What would you do if your favorite food suddenly disappeared?
Ryu: I will go on a murderous riot demanding to have it back

7) Your worst enemy captures you. How would you escape?
Ryu: Easy, break out in the most epic way possible, food fight

8) If you had to choose a different race/specie, what would you be?
Ryu: i wants to be a dinosaur

9) You just got asked out! How would you respond?
Ryu: i am married axtually, but if it'd from said wife, then I shall take on her many places

10) You've changed into an ant. Where's the first place you would go?
Ryu: anywhere that I can ransack for food

11) If you could write a story about yourself, what would you call it?
Ryu: i would call it, Masters of the Medaforce

12) A,B,C,D,E....what's next?
Ryu: ..... I'm sorry but I don't know!

13) Your best friend is really sick. How do you cheer them up?
Ryu: By playing video games and help take care of said friend

14) You're in jail. What did you do?
Ryu: .... I've kinda created an army of supee robot military puppies and cloned some mutant dinosaurs..... the city never recovered from that horrible bloodshed

15) What would your theme song be?
Ryu: easy, this one…

16) The worlds cutest animal is right in front of you. What's your reaction?
Ryu: i must protect this tiny creature

17) You just got married to your crush/significant other. What are the first words you say to them?
Ryu: I could show you the world, no literally I can

18) If you could change one part of yourself, what would it be?
Ryu: Um not have a crazy personality?

19) If you could make your own drink. What would be in it?
Ryu: there will be many things, banana, cherries, spinach,  straberries, blueberries, milk, lots of it and Ice, and I shall call it.... the smoothie

20) Do you think you're a good person/animal?
Ryu: Yup hands doen

-Pick one of your OCs
-Add a link for them
-Answer truthfully

Link to them here:


1) You can time travel to anywhere in the past. What year would you go to?
Satoru: the moment the vampires are born

2) What's one piece of advice you would give your 10 year old self?
Satoru: Don't be an idiot and run

3) What is the thing that you despise the most?
Satoru: Anyone who betrays me or my comrades will die

4) If you were to start the next world war, what would it be over?
Satoru: Already in a war with a vamp, not much can be done there

5) You've turned into a videogame character!!! Which game would you be in?
Satoru: A violate game

6) What's your deepest darkest secret???
Satoru: I have no sanity

7) You have a button in front of you that wipes out half of the population (at random, so you could die as well) Would you press it?
Satoru: No, it's not enough and it's pointless,  because I'm the button that will wipe everything out

8) Your dream job is...?
Satoru: I have no dream job

9) What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?
Satoru: Letting a certain individualsuse me a either a bed, a stuffed bear plush, or anything to sleep with me!

10) You're running for President, what's your campaign slogan?  
Satoru: Death to all beings

11) Do you have any nicknames? If so what are they?
Satoru: the demon Horsemen .

12) You've become invisible! What's the first thing that you would do?
Satoru: Take a nap and ignore Guren

13) What would your last words be?
Satoru: I will haunt and torment you for all eternity

14) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Satoru: I wouldn't change a thing

15) You're in the hunger games waiting for it to start. Would you go to the cornucopia or run the other way?
Satoru: None I will just break my way out, hunt down the moron responsible for it, murder them, and set everyone free

16) You can only carry one weapon. What weapon would you choose?
Satoru: I only need one, and that my demon ring

17) 20 angry looking people are in front of you. How would you tell if they're friend or foe?
Satoru: I wont, I will just show them how weak they are

18) You have a pet! What would you have and what would you name it?
Satoru: Already have to deal with a kid I been teamed up with

19) What's 9 + 10?
Satoru: Not answering that

20) You're reliving your entire life. Would you change anything? If so, what?
Satoru: No, I wouldnt

-Pick one of your OCs
-Add a link for them
-Answer truthfully

Link to them here:


1) If you could travel to any planet, what planet would you go to?
Yukio: Um I think pluto

2) What is you native/1st language?
Yukio: Japanese or was it English

3) If you could travel to any era, what era would you travel to?
Yukio: the era where the first king of games has started OwO

4) Are you aware of the fourth wall?
Yukio: the fourth what?

5) The world is about to end. What would you do in your final moments?
Yukio: Spend, you final moment with the ones I love.... or just go back in time and stop whatever is causing it

6) You're the last person on earth. How would you react?
Yukio: Nope, not doing this

7) If you were to write a song about your life, how would it go?
Yukio:`Probably along the lines Promise ,email No Promises

8) You throw a note in a bottle into the ocean. What does the note say?
Yukio: I LOVE KOKORO~!!!!

9) If you had one wish, what would it be?
Yukio: probably to have Kazuto and Kiseki to have a happy ending

10) You can see into the future. What scares you the most about it?
Yukio: I can literally see ir, but nothing actually,  except if it harms my loved ones

11) You're in a coma. What do you dream of?
Yukio: I don't know

12) You're lost in a forest. What made you go in there in the first place?
Yukio: ..... I was trying to find a shortcut to get something

13) You can only say 5 words to someone who you'll never see again. What are the 5 words?
Yukio: Tu eres might Vida Kokoro

14) You're stuck in someone else's body for the rest of you're life. What do you do?
Yukio: I would panic

15) You're a professional assassin. What's your code name?
Yukio: The final killer

16) How would you kill the person/thing that you love most?
Yukio: I woildnt.....

17) Would you trade your soul for immortality?
Yukio: Nope, because my soul gets reincarnated

18) You're best friend is being held captive. Would you help them escape?
Yukio: of course I would!

19) You wake up 1000 years into the future. What does it look like?
Yukio: very confusing andI have to get back to my original timeline

20) How would you like to celebrate your birthday?
Yukio:; with my friends and loved onesI can't say how but wanting to spend time with them

21) The world flooded. How would you react?
Yukio: How do I fix it

22) You've procrastinated from doing important things. What are they?
Yukio: Dueling,  going on a date, and homework... though I have time to finish it hehehe

23) What song is stuck in your head right now?
Yukio: well this one.....…

24) What is one thing that you like most about yourself?
Yukio: well that I love to spend my life with my loved ones

25) You're the strongest person on your planet. Would you use your power for good or for evil?
Yukio: For good, I will protect everyone that I care

Soni tag
:iconkeruber0su: :iconyumenonightraid: :icontiruru: :iconyakumosoulqueen: and that's it have fun everyone XD
  • Listening to: Shooting Star
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: Megaman
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water
Yeeeah, I got tagged XD but I don't mind lol XP I think I forgot if I got tagged multiple times, if I did let me know XD
So this is from :iconyumatsukumo39: who made a new tag war, and wants to know more about Youta and Yen XD

Just post some (at least 5) trivia facts about OCs. That's all.

I'm doing Youta first then Yen XD
1.) Youta`s scarf was given to him by an adult Daiki which he kept
2.) Youta rarely listens to any warnings
3.) Youta scarf is based off from Contrast Hero Chaos
4.) The hair on Youta is meant to be literal XD
5.) Red is one of my favorite to create him XD

Now for Yen
1.) He's based off from Hao of shaman king for ideas XD
2.) He's personality is like Yuri's
3.) His name was actually randomly selected XD
4.) He's a literal genius of evil XD
5.) Cats are his favorite XD

I'm not gonna tag people because I'm lazy XD
So I got tagged twice by :iconyakumosoulqueen: ANd then theres's :iconkeruber0su: who also tagged me twice XD who teamed up with :iconyumatsukumo39: who is joined by :iconpkmnakamegakiru92:

ALRIGHT! Lets get started XD


1. Choose one of your OCs

2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.

3. Bulletin title should be "OC Interview".

4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.

5. Have fun!!!

:iconyakumosoulqueen: says I can use anyone I want so I'll use Satoru :dummy:
Oh and :iconkeruber0su: want me to use Yoshio and Yen ;3 but :iconyumatsukumo39: want Yen to do this as well XD

1. Hi! What’s your real name and nickname?
Satoru: Satoru Yuki nothing more
Yoshio: Just Yoshio
Yen: Eeh just call me your new Lord and Master~

2. Interesting… what’s your current age?
Satoru: 18
Yoshio&Yen: 17

3. Uh-huh. What’s your favorite food?
Satoru: It was just a straberry flavored pastry
Yoshio: A simple Glazed donut or just a Cinnamon Roll, I usually don't eat much in the mornings due to my job as a part time doctor
Yen: Cheesecake :3

4. And your favorite drink?
Satoru: Nowadays it's just black coffee
Yoshio: Just tea or coffee
Yen: Mostly Tea

5. Confession time! Who’s your crush/lover?
Satoru: I don't have one
Yoshio: It's Ikarus
Yen: A simple question, but to my lovely lover Harmony~

6. Have you kissed yet?
Satoru: I don't have any relationshipso no I haven't kissed anyone
Yoshio: Yeah we kissed 
Yen: We have kissed and done many more~ ;P

7. Classic question! What’s your favorite color?
Satoru: Don't have one
Yoshio: Purple
Yen: Black or Gray

8. Who’s your favorite author?
Satoru: Don't have one
Yoshio: Hard to say
Yen: I've already done my fair share of reading so I can't say

9. Now what’s your biggest fear?
Satoru: I have none other than not being human anymore
Yoshio: Losing everyone
Yen: Seeing my brother or loved ones Suffer

10. Any siblings?
Satoru: None...
Yoshio: I am anonly child
Yen: I have an older sister who looks like she's 10 and a twin brother

11. Almost done, it’s only twenty one questions. Who’s your hero?
Satoru: I have no hero
Yoshio: I can't say actually
Yen: My big sis because she's awesome :3

12. Okay, who’s your worst enemy?
Satoru: The vampires
Yoshio: Academia
Yen: Huh I don't have much enemies buuuuut if you must know~ *took out a list which then rolls down and out the door*

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Satoru: I really don't care
Yoshio: That's would be disturbing
Yen: Pffthahahahahaha they don't stand a chance with her :3

14. Interesting… What would you do if you met your creator?
Satoru: I would slap him
Me: HEY!
Yoshio; I would ask him why do I have so much anger build up
Me: I need it for angst and feels!
Yen: I would slap him because it's fun :3
Me: That's just plain mean QAQ

15. Okay, I’ll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Satoru: Annihilate all the vampires
Yoshio: Continue being a medical doctor
Yen: Meh just being king of the spirits here~

16. What’s your worst nightmare?
Satoru: Not being human, but I got over it
Yoshio: Losing my loved ones
Yen: not have enough chips lol~

17. What’s your life-long dream?
Satoru: Didn't I just said I would kill all the vampires?
Yoshio: I just said I wanted to continue my career
Yen: I've told and now I'mma knife ya :3

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Satoru: Die in peace or something
Yoshio: Marry Ikarus
Yen: Eeeeh I'm already living the dream, just gotta ask Hamony to marry me then annoy the twins~

19. Okay, where’s your favorite place to relax?
Satoru: Going ontop of the building and looking at the sunset
Yoshio: GOing tothe small garden with the flower
Yen: Going to the lake or going to a maze :3

20. What do you spend most of your time doing?
Satoru: Kiling the vamps, and Horsemen of Apocalypse while being covered in their blood
Yoshio: I mostly spend my time with Ikarus or Kyle
Yen: I spend most of my time being in meetings, hanging out with Harmony or my borhter and sister, playing a bit with my cats and Kioshi, messing with four eyes, messing with the twins aaaaaaaaaaaand making a politic system within the spirit world and governing it.... ya know I should run for politics in the world of the living, lets see what kind of chaos I can make with that :3

21. Last question! Who do you tag?
Satoru: I'm tagging no one
Yoshio: Same
Yen: HA! I'm doing the tagging here because its fun :D 

:iconyakumosoulqueen: Teru
:iconanysketches: Any
:iconjnennyuki: Ayase
:icontfuflameman17: Ginkga XD

THis one Ive been tagged :iconyakumosoulqueen: and :iconyumatsukumo39: and finally :iconpkmnakamegakiru92:
You have to post ALL the rules.
2 - Answer 7 questions asked to you and invent 7 questions for tagged people to answer.
3 - Choose as many people you like.
4 - You legitimately have to tag 12 people. (no > : 3 )
5 - You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
6 - Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED.
7 - YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry.
8 - You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks.

Here are :iconyakumosoulqueen: questions!! 
1. What kind genre do you like?: Any genre except horror =w=
2. Quick!! Think of random character on the spot!: Link! HA!!
3. anime or manga? Book or movie?: Manga, Movies =w=
4. Whoes your anime crush? if you don't have one then whose your favorite character??: Dang it lol XD Uuuuuuum I don't have an anime crush but my favorite is ya know what fudge it, BARBATOS LUPUS REX! >8D
5. How many langues can you speak?: I can only speak 2 languages, and that is all XD
6. Ok, remember that character i made you randomly make up. well now he/she is trapped! What will you do? leave them or save them?: I'd tried to save him, but he know how to get out on his own XD
7.  whats your favorite movie quote? : "
I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you."

And here are :iconyumatsukumo39: questions

  1. What was your first game? :3 - My first game was Pokemon Stadium on the N64 XD

  2. Nintendo or Sega? - Isn't it obvious? Both XD

  3. Do you prefer salty or sweet? - Both because it's amazing XD

  4. Who is your favorite characters in your favorite animes? - Mikazuki Augus hands down from Mobilesuit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

  5. What was the longest anime you have ever watched? - Ya know, I don't remember actually XD

  6. What was the worst anime you have ever watched? - I don't want to relive that moment, but I can't seem to remember XD

  7. Is there anything that you would like to know about me? - Who's your favorite OTP? XD

 And finally here are :iconpkmnakamegakiru92: questions

My Questions:
1. Who is your favorite character of all time? Do try to pick one. ;D: SO evil, but it's DPZ Abridged Goku XD
2. Out of all OCs, who is your favorite OC of all time?: Dang it I can't choose Uuuh WildDeity okay i panicked XD 
3. What kind of designs do you like the best?: Anime because it's beautiful XD
4. Arts and humanities or STEM?: I do not know what this STEM is, but I will go for Arts and Humanities
5. Do you play Puzzles and Dragons? owo: Sorry to disappoint you but I don't :T
6. Favorite mangaka?
7. Who are your art inspirations?: Well since you ask~ *took aout a list* * Ahem* Me.... and that;s about it lol nah I'm just playing here are teh following people XD
:iconlittlemissskuld: (Mah sensei who teaches me everything!)
:iconjohnbrasser: (He's awesome :D)
:iconyumenonightraid: (She so awesome cX)
:iconlilyblizz: (her art just makes me go Bow Chicka Bow wow~ XD)
:iconyakumosoulqueen: (I love the speed paints so much cX)
:iconjnennyuki: (she got awesome art skills cX)
:iconaltairsky: (she is amazing even with the animations cX)
:iconanysketches: (her art is cute cX)
:iconkeruber0su: (I love her at style its amazing cX)
There's so many more artist and I just simply can't list them alll because their all amazing in their own way I can't even begin to say why must they be so awesome cX

Okay okay here are my questions XD

  1. What would be you dream mash up (the music kind actually XD)
  2. Will you share any particular music that is in your mind? :3
  3. What's your guilty pleasure~? Muaha
  4. Your inside a train that going over 100 miles per hour, the brakes are dead, and there's no way out other than jumping out which is dangerous because your on a bridge over a sea, you only have 1 hour beore it explodes and you have no skills in defusing a bomb that's on it, also in less than 35 minutes the train will fall over a the bridge due to a tsunami storm happening, also there is no more toilet paper, what will you do? :3
  5. You get to pilot a Gundam Suit known as Barbatos Lupus Rex, (don't worry you get the alaya vijnana surgery but uh there was no anesthesia and uh the liminators are off so you'll lose a limb but don't worry you live :dummy: ) however your friend (pick anyone at random) is piloting 00 QAN[T] (aka an Exia XD) you both must fight each other in order to save the damsel in distress (pick anyone but not me XD) the reason is because the mastermind is holding him/her hostage (I'm the mastermind XD) if yo both fail to kill each other then the damsel will fall into a pit filled with boiling hot fudge with sprinkles XD What will you do :3
  6. Name 6 characters that you ship XD
  7. Soooo you meet a guy named Cabosse, and you just became his best friend, but he keeps shooting you by accident and blames it on Tucker, what will be the first thing you say wen you get shot at a random area XD
So I tag the following people XD


and thats about it have fun everyone XD
    ALRIGHT! I've been tagged by a couple of people and by a couple I mean I've been assassinated and killed by people with these tags because apparently they want the tag lord to be back or well it wouldn't be the same without me XD
But there's one tiny problem everyone forgot to take account for actually, that I can tag them back, with the tags that I have stockpiled XD
So without further ado I shall commence this tag XD

First up it's from the ever so lovely :iconyakumosoulqueen: (gurl your in alot of trouble now also I forgot which one you tagged me on so I'm using one them XD)

1. It can be any OC character of yours
2. Who does your OC character resemble as? 
        - Resemblance has to be someone (anime characters, movies, games, etc.)
3. 1-3 facts for resemblance of your OC [You can put more if you like]
4. You can decide to tag others or not
5. Have fun :) (Smile)

Hmm ya know what I'mma use Yuu lol because it's gonna be fun XD 

  1. I dunno why, but this video just reminds me of Yuu alot well because ya know he's one heck of a Shaman with that personality and such also because I love this song so much actually XD
  2. He's like Mikazuki Augus when it comes to being ruthless in fighting the enemy
  3. He has a very sweet side but doesn't show his emotions like Oreki Houtarou 
No tag on this one =w=

Here's the next tag by :iconanysketches:
1 - You have to post ALL the rules.
2 - Answer 7 questions asked to you and invent 7 questions for tagged people to answer.
3 - Choose as many people you like.
4 - You legitimately have to tag 12 people.
5 - You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
6 - Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED.
7 - YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry.
8 - You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks.

Her Questions
1. What is your dream ?
-I dream to be an graphic designer or an illustrator artist
2. What is your most embarrassing moment in life?
-Eeeeeh my most embarrassing moment in life was getting caught with me sneaking in a late night snack XD
3. Has something to say to your watchers? Cx
-You guys are awesome, your truly the best, and I hope that you guys keep being awesome no matter what :3
4. If one of your friend is mad on you what you will do? 
-Um we don't talk for a whole day but eventually we make up about it
5. Your favorite art~? (Can be yours or someone else)
_ I can't decide actually XD
6. One thing you would take with you if you had to be in a deserted island. 
-Just one? Dang, I can't function without anything sooo I'm doomed, meh might as well bring a book or something lol XD 
7. If someone was going to kill you and ask you your last words what would they be? xD
-Can I have my last drink of Big Red XD

Now for my Questions >8D
  1. Who's your favorite author?
  2. YOu've ben left with just 48 hours of life to live but you can't move your arms or legs, what willl you do in your final hours? 
  3. You've been attacked by a giant melon monster and gremlin bacons, you have to think of 5 deviants then choose who was the mastermind and who the accomplice is :3
  4. Your facing against a large army but you have a giant robot mech, however it sustained some damages and only has one arm, will you survive the fight or die?
  5. Your now commanding an army or robotic soldiers, but everything went wrong as they attack you, what will the first thing you do?
  6. What type of music will you suggest to others?
  7. If you were inside of a video game which game would you want to be stuck on? (the landscaping will have no limitations)
For this one I shall tag 

:iconjnennyuki: lol XD

Next up is from the ever so lovely :iconkeruber0su: who wants to interviews Yasuo and Kazuto along with the ever so amazing :iconyumenonightraid: and she want to know abit more about Mikazuki alrighty then and finally from the ever so wonderful :iconyumatsukumo39: =w= 

1. Choose one of your OCs
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Bulletin title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!!!

Mikauki: Eh? I'm doing what again? 
Yasuo: This should be fun~
Youta: yup
Kazuto: I believe so

1. Hi! What’s your real name and nickname?
Mikazuki: My full name is Mikazuki Kouki I think, that's what mom named me actually
Yasuo: My full name is simply Yasuo Meijin
Youta: Just Youta, my full name is long
Kazuto: My Full name is Kazuto Reiji actually

2. Interesting… what’s your current age?
Mikazuki: Mom says I look 14 so I say 14
Yasuo: I'm actually 17
Youta: 17 =w=
Kazuto: I'm interestingly enough I'm actually 17 years old

3. Uh-huh. What’s your favorite food?
Mikazuki: Fried Dumplings
Yasuo: Ramen actually
Youta: Cinnamon roll
Kazuto: Hmm my favorite food would have to be.... actually I can't say I do have a favorite, I'm not really a picky eater hehe

4. And your favorite drink?
Mikazuki: Fruit punch ^w^
Yasuo: Hmmm just a cup of coffee or hot chocolate really
Youta: Hmmm a soda
Kazuto: Hmm mainly juice or water

5. Confession time! Who’s your crush/lover?
Mikazuki: Ah! I really really reeeaaally love Seiko >w<
Yasuo: *chuckles lightly* That remains to be untold~
Youta: Not telling ;P
Kazuto: I love Kiseki, she's really precious so I plan to be there for her

6. Have you kissed yet?
Mikazuki: Ah ehehehe um yes but that resulted in a painful result... but worth it ^//w//^;
Yasuo: I may or may not have kissed someone~
Youta: I haven't told this person how I feel ;P
Kazuto: Yes we've kissed actually, though when she blushes a whole lot only makes me want to kiss her again and spoil her a bit, I really love her

7. Classic question! What’s your favorite color?
Mikazuki: Eeeeeeeeeeh blue?
Yasuo: Red because it represents passion
Youta: red because it looks good on me
Kazuto: It was Cyan, but my new favorite color is silver~

8. Who’s your favorite author?
 Mikazuki: Hmm don't have a favorite author
Yasuo: Hmm I don't have a particular author actually
Youta: Don't have one because I read alot of light novels
Kazuto: Too many to actually decide my favorite really

9. Now what’s your biggest fear?
 Mikazuki: My biggest fears is finding out what I really am
Yasuo: Failing others
Youta: Being controlled by my crazy double personality
Kazuto: Losing everyone I care for

10. Any siblings?
Mikazuki: Hmm nope not that I know of actually
Yasuo: 3 elder brothers, but I'd rather not talk about them
Youta: I' adoptive so yeah I got some siblings
Kazuto: I have no siblings actually

11. Almost done, it’s only twenty one questions. Who’s your hero?
 Mikazuki: I don't have a hero actually, but I guess my mother since she saved me from that pouring rain that night
Yasuo: My mother was a hero to me, she didn't like how unfair the system of the Commons and Tops were like and she inspired me to be like her, kind and generous to others
Youta: My E-Hero's..... what? I like how they look like 
Kazuto: I don't have a hero actually 

12. Okay, who’s your worst enemy?
 Mikazuki: Myself
Yasuo: Basically TOPS
Youta: My double personality
Kazuto: ....Zarc

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Mikazuki: That seems weird yes?
Yasuo: Doesn't make a difference to me there
Youta: That would be terrifyingly awesome
Kazuto:Seeing that I don't particularly have a hero I would say that is impossible

14. Interesting… What would you do if you met your creator?
Mikazuki: I'd ask him to tell me what I really am ^w^
Yasuo: I'd probably teach him how to ride a d-wheel
Youta: Duel him cX
Kazuto: I'd probably play a few rounds with him in duel mosnters

15. Okay, I’ll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Mikazuki: Hmm I don't remember but I want to own a shop of some kind
Yasuo: *chuckles lightly* Why run for governor of course~
Youta: I want to be a pro duelist!
Kazuto: My dreams won't come true actually considering that I've 'died' however because I'm part o Yukio's soul art of my dream will come true actually *smiles*

16. What’s your worst nightmare?
 Mikazuki: Remembering
Yasuo: Losing to the TOPS
Youta: not regaining control of myself
Kazuto: I've already lost everything so I don't fear much, but losing my love again is actually harder

17. What’s your life-long dream?
Mikazuki: Hmm getting my dream store and Marrying Seiko when we're at proper age ^w^
Yasuo: Making sure that the people of common and tops get along and have equal rights and opportunities
Youta: Uuh being a pro duelist
Kazuto: I'ts not much, but I want to be with Kiseki for all time

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
 Mikazuki: I'd do everything I can to protect my dream
Yasuo: I'd make sure everything works out
Youta: I keep doing what I do best
Kazuto: not much I can do, but I would be very grateful and happy 

19. Okay, where’s your favorite place to relax?
 Mikazuki: near a river
Yasuo: Rooftop to see the stars
Youta: the Pier
Kazuto: Hmm a small garden with Kiseki

20. What do you spend most of your time doing?
Mikazuki: Running alot of errands and dueling
Yasuo: Planning and tuning up some d-wheels
Youta: Not trying to cause any trouble at all :3
Kazuto: Hmm mostly helping Leo with his experiments

21. Last question! Who do you tag?
Heheh X3
:iconkeruber0su: Harmony
:iconyumenonightraid: Seiko
:iconjnennyuki: Shizuka :3
:icontfuflameman17: Ginkga Helios c8
:iconyakumosoulqueen: Nozomi
:iconjohnbrasser: jonathan =w=

And that's about it have fun with these guys lol mwahahahahaha XD
Taglord out! PEACE!! XD

THat's right I've stockpiles just enough tag just for the heck of it and to tag everyone and get revenge mwahahahahah XD
Never tag the tag lord >:3

Anyways, if I forgot any other tags let me know XD
Now lets begin with REVENGE!!!! XD

Alright! First tag here is from the awesome :iconzer0-stormcr0w: (I will get revenge XD)

Mikazuki Kouki (Yugioh Zexal)

1) What is your real name, what does it mean and what is your nickname?:

Eeeeh I think it's Mikazuki, well that's the name my adopted mother has given me, she's nice, I've learned that my name means crescent moon, my friends often calls me Mika, but there's another nickname and she keeps calling me Meebo, and I kinda like it.

2) How old are you?:
I'm 14 years old actually

3) What's your favorite food?:

Hmmm I actually love chicken actually, there's something about that I can't describe, but I do say it's delicious.... now I'm craving for some now

4) How about your favorite drink?:

Mmmm mom makes this amazing fruit punch, and it's delicious

5) Who's your lover?:
That's easy, I love Saeko ^w^

6) Have you kissed anyone?:  

Nope haven't kissed anyone actually

7) Who was your childhood sweetheart?:

I don't have one actually, I have amnesia and I don't remember my past

8) Who's your favorite author?:

Author? Hmm I dunno actually, I rarely read anything, but I think my favorite author is Honobu Yonezawa, he's a good writer in my opinion
9) What's your biggest fear?:

Losing my friends, and forgetting them, finding out what kind of past I had and if I've done horrible things...... those are my fears
10) Do you have any siblings?:

No, I don't have any siblings, but I guess I would like one.
11) Who's your hero?: 
I don't have a hero

12) And your worst enemy?:

Hmmm my worst enemy...... I don't think I have any enemies..... I think
13) What about your best friend?: 

I don't have a best friend, but I think all my friends are my best friends, so what's the difference?
14) What would you do if you met your creator?:

I'd ask him why I'd have amnesia in the first place and ask him alot of questions

15)  What do you want to be when you grow up?: 

Hmm when I grow up..... I dunno, but if I have say I want to work on a company actually, I don't know why but I want to do something like that.....
16) What's your worst nightmare?: 

Losing everyone, and forgetting them..... I hate amnesia.......

17) What's your lifelong dream?: 

My dream is to open up a shop actually, though I'm still wondering what kind though
18) And what would you do if it came true?: 

I would do my best to keep it open and running
19) Where do you like to relax?: 

Ah I like to relax near the river or the school rooftop and sleep a bit, i just like the peace and quiet
20) What do you do most of the time?: 

I mostly duel, do deliveries, read a bit to learn more, cook, do lots of early morning exercise, hand out with friends, tune up my motorbike that was given to me as a gift and that's about it

Now to tag more victims mwahahahahahahah XD
I tag :iconbadrater: :iconenhancerxx:

I stole this from the ever so lovely and awesome :iconyumenonightraid: and I wanted to try it :3

1. It can be any OC character of yours
2. Who does your OC character resemble as? 
        - Resemblance has to be someone (anime characters, movies, games, etc.)
3. 1-3 facts for resemblance of your OC [You can put more if you like]
4. You can decide to tag others or not
5. Have fun :) (Smile)

OC character: Yoshio

  1. Yoshio is like Mikazuki Augus when it comes to protecting his comrades, by becoming aggressive and brutal in battle
  2. Yoshio is willing to sacrifice himself to continue on with the mission, like Mikazuki from gundam he would often prompt Barbatos to give him more power
  3. Yoshio is actually caring and would show worry
I hope I did this right cX
No tags for this one :3

I've been tagged by the ever awesome :icontfuflameman17: who made this tag up great lol XD

1. think of a game, movie, show, cartoon, anime, book or anything you remember
2.Answer the questions
3. tag people
4.don't forget to mention who tagged you

Welp time to answer these =w=

Q1: What was the name of the show?
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask XD (Lol what? I can't think of any shows I've watched as a kid so I'm using a game XD)

Q2:How old were you when you came across this?
Hmm about 5-6 my cousin gave it to me for a christmas present and I tried to pass the game... I failed miserably at that time XD

Q3: Who was your favorite character or characters?
Pfft Link obviously XD Buuuuuut I find Mikau and Darmani to be awesome cX

Q4: what was it about?
Weeel basically you meet this imp name Skullkid who apparenlty stole links horse and ocarina then turn him into a Deku Scrub when he caught up to him. Ohand also he's dropping the moon down to a town called Clocktown and he did very horrible things around the land of Termina so you have to go to 4 temples free 4 giants got to majora and beat him, there summary done, oh wait you also get to collect mask that have awesome powers so have fun XD XD

Q5: what did you enjoy about it?
The power to turn into the fallen heroes and exploring the town

Q6: What was the best moment you remember
Hmm using the song of healing on certain events, but mostly the Romani Ranch and the Anju and kafei mission actually :3

Q7: did it have any villains if so who was your favorite villain?
Yes it did, and my fav villain is Majora XD

Q8: any hated characters you didn't like?
Freakin Ingo brohters

Q9: anything else you liked about it?
 The music was amazing actually, I can't choose between the Oath of Order or the Song of Healing (Someone made an awesome remake of it and it was beautiful QwQ), but hten again I do like messing around with time lol XD

Q10: were there any sad moments in the show that got you
I found this one part where when you help out at the Romani Ranch and on the final day Creamia would let Romani drink the Chateu milk for the first time and then told her to come sleep with her because of the moon falling down and that freaking broke my heart QAQ There's more I'd like to tell but that would spoill everything QAQ

Q11: welp thats all hope you enjoyed the quiz
You owe me a soda nowmy emotions where there XD

I tag :iconzer0-stormcr0w: (REVENGE!!! XD) :iconxlunar-queenx: :iconjnennyuki: :iconlilyblizz: :iconyakumosoulqueen: :iconyumenonightraid: :iconanysketches: :iconkeruber0su: aaaand :icontiruru:

Okay this one I've ben tagged by :iconzer0-stormcr0w: and :iconxlunar-queenx: XD
Three names you go by:
Taglord (Yup this one makes more sense XD)

Three screen names you've had:

Three things you've done in the last 33 minutes:
Got a hair cut
doing this tag XD

Three things you like about yourself: 
I have a creative mind thatmy sis seems to enjoy when I tell her good stories :3
I like to encourage people to do their best and hope to see them reach a potential that they have yet reached
Being able to

Three things you don't like about yourself:
Being depressed
Being lazy
Being self conscious

Three parts of your origins:
Spanish.... that's all I got XD
Call of Duty
the internet XD

Three thing your afraid of:
My mind
being alone

Three things your wearing right now: 
a shirt
and some socks

Three of your everyday essentials:
pencil and paper XD

Three important objects:
Paper! (need to draw stuff)
Pencil! (needs to use it!)
computer! (needs the references XD)

Three of your favorite bands:
Alain Walker
Porter Robison

Three ways to be happy:
Listening/watching amazing things
People brightening up my day

Three of your favorite songs at the moment:

Three things you want to try in the next 12 months:
Try the nintendo Switch
being able to FINALLY make digital art
Fraking get a job XD

Three things you regret:
Being lazy and not motivated
not having enough experience in life!!!!

Three things you want in a relationship:

Three thing you've given to the world:

Two truths and a lie( In that order)
I have no confidence in myself and blame myself waaaay to much
I give in to peer pressure way to easily
I have so much cake right now

Three things you just can't do:
I can't seem to motivated enought
I can't stop being negative about myself
I can't stop thinking

Three things you miss from your past:
Spending time with all my family and friends
Being joyful and blissfully unaware about most of the things
..... regret trading away my utopia the lighting (God dang it peer preasure) XD

Three gifts you would like to receive:
A computor
A drawing tablet
a job XD

Three reason why you are how you are:
the internet

Three of your favorite hobbies:
Playing Yugioh or video games

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
get another burger XD
do photoshop or use any other drawing media XD
find a job XD

Three careers your interested in:
video game creator

Three places you want to go for holiday:
the beach

Three animated characters:

Three boy's names:

Three Girl's names:

Three things you want to do before you die:
Do youtbe video and reach a billion XD
Finding love XD
become an illustrator or novelist

I tag: :iconlilyblizz: :icontfuflameman17: And that's about it XD

Have fun everyone :3
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  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: Majora's Mask
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Soda
Welp I got tagged by the ever so wonderful :icontiruru:, though it's alright because doing tags means I'm not entirely dead :dummy:
Anyways here are the rules

1. Tag 10 people you would like to know better with this name
2. Do this tagged meme, don't be a party pooper
3. Tell 10 facts about yourself and personality
4. Have fun!

  1. Apparently my only drug that I need is Dr.Pepper, random music, epic games and comics, and some food XD
  2. I am a very deep thinker, who happens to have an out of control imaginations, who also happens to have no control over my own mind, but that's okay it keeps me fro getting bored XD
  3. The first letter of my name starts with a B and it's spelled differently than it should >w>
  4. I'm too nice for my own good and I don't do well with peer pressure at all
  5. I love to listen to orchestrated music sometimes, it gets me pumped up depending on what type of theme I'd go for
  6. I can't handle gore at all, despite the fact that I happen to know how to tell freaky made up storied that'll just pop up my head
  7. I tend to not make sense which is a struggle, so it takes a while. mostly a few minutes, for me to make any sense at all or until I give up on the matter o3o
  8. My brain happens to have ideas of what drawing I want to make and I roughly tend to try and sketch it out until I stop for a moment and never finish it XP
  9. I'm a huge sucker for romance stuff, no matter how cheesy it is so don't judge me alright XD
  10. I don't really like to swear so I use censored versions for it, tis then became a habit for me to use at a daily basis
Welp time to tag more victims because why not XD
:iconjnennyuki: :icontfuflameman17: :iconkeruber0su: :iconanysketches: :iconzer0-stormcr0w: :iconlilyblizz: :iconenhancerxx: :iconsapphrie27: :iconalb1990: :iconalicekurocross: 

HAve a nice day, and I'm of to get some food XD
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  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: Majora's Mask
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Soda
But I am the tag lord so I kinda expected this XD
Anywho I may or may not have forgotten which ones I'm suppose to do so please bare with me, and yes request are still on hold, please be patient, everytime I decide to do em I get interrupted and have to help out with something, not to mention I have to do this homework project so it's hard to do them at the moment ><;

Soo I got tagged by :iconzer0-stormcr0w: and twice by :iconlilyblizz: XD
God dang it whyy meh XD
le sigh, time to get started
The first one is from the ever so awesome :iconzer0-stormcr0w:

Rules: Tag 8 people you would like to know better with this meme.
Pfft fudge that I'm a rebel lol jk XD :iconyakumosoulqueen: :iconjnennyuki: :iconlilyblizz:

Name: NeonNeoz, or you can call me Neo, Neoz, Neon, The tag lord, etc. but for my real name, well here's a hint of what my real name is actually well you only get on XD _ _ _ _ _ N Yes I am making this difficult XD

Zodiac: Taurus(western), Boar(Chinese) *Yes they are real XD*

Games I Love 2 Play:
Legend of Zelda (currently playing the old N64 Majora's Mask :3)
Yugioh XP
Uno (That game changes you man XD)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Megaman Battle Network 5&6
Custom Robos
Pokemon Colosseum
Super Smash Bro. (Melee, Brawl, WiiU)

Current attire: Eeeeeeeeeeeeh just a normal white with black sweat-shirt with Hawaiian looking trunks wich is white with blue flowers, don't judge me lol XD

Fav Characters: Welll I have a list sooooo you may want to brace yourself over this actually XD
Yugioh,Gx, 5ds, Zexal, Arc-V - Yugi Muto, Atem, Seto Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, Jaden Yuki, Chazz Princeton, Aster Phoenix, Zane Truesdale, Bastion, Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Akiza, Bruno, Yuma Tsukamo, Astral, Kite Tenjo, Shark, Rio, Vector, Yuya Sakaki, Yuzu Hiragi, Reiji Akaba, Yuto, Yugo, Yuri,
Pokemon - Ash, Pikachu, Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Greninja, Lucario, Cyndaquil, Serena, Brock,Zoroark, Litten, Rayquaza
Medabots- Metabee, Pepper Cat, Brass, Ikki, Mask Phantom, Rokusho
Megaman -  Megaman, Lan Hikari, Roll, Gutsman, Protoman, Falzar, Gregar, Zero, X, Rush, Heatman, Spoutman, Yuko, Sharkman
Transformers - Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Hot Shot, Starscream, Jazz, Smokescreen, Arcee, Rachet, Bulkhead, WheelJack, Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl, Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, Soundwave
BeyBlade - Tyson, Ginka, Kyoya, Zero
Digimon - Ty, Matt, Agumon, Greymon, War Greymon, Agunimon, Burning Greymon, EmperorGreymon, GeoGreymon, RiseGreymon, ShinningGreymon, Omnimon, Gabumon, Gururumon, MetalGururumon, Imperialmon, Dukemon, Alphamon, etc.
Marvel- Spiderman, Ironman, Deadpool, Venom, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Prof. Xaviar,
Wonder Over Yander- Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, Peepers, Dominator
Hyuoka - Houtarou, Eru, Satoshi, Ibara
OnePunchMan - Saitama, Genos
Naruto - naruto Uzumaki, sasuke uchiha, Hinata Hyuga, Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, Gaara

What do you post: I mostly post traditional drawing with a bit of fanfic and that's about it :3
Do you get a lot of comments?:  Eeeeeeh somewhat if I'm gone for a few days lol XD

Onto the next one now XD

This one is from :iconlilyblizz: who want sto know about Yasuhiro

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
5. Tagbacks are fine! If you want to know more about any of my OCs feel free!

  1. Yasuhiro is born from a small unknown village which was excluded from the world, it is said that the village he lives in only appears in certain areas and time
  2. His only interest are dueling, fishing, and exploring, when he arrived in the area that Yusaku live in, he he was actually quite fascinated by the technology and structures that was all around him
  3. He's basically not a talkative type of person so getting a conversation with is a bit difficult, unless you find a topic that he'll find interesting
  4. He doesn't have a place to call home, so he basically sleeps outside with no shelter, but he tends to find any place that will do for now to sleep
  5. He actually owns an Arctic Fox who follows him almost anywhere
  6. The artifact that is on his left arm is actually a keepsake from his parents, it actually contains the mystery of how he actually duels, but it also the reason how he's able to survive certain obstacles
  7. He isn't aware of modern customary culture, so it takes him a while to understand it, though he isn't naive in most department of the world
  8. He is an early riser, but also is active at night, what he does at night is actually unknown at the moment
Gonna tag people now
:iconkeruber0su: Etsuko
:iconyakumosoulqueen: Teru
:iconanysketches: Any
:iconzer0-stormcr0w: Azure

And now for the last one by :iconlilyblizz:

Her Questions(what are questions oh mai gawd):
1. What is your favorite subject in school?
-Art or reading, it's the only thing that's I go for lol XD
2. If you have original characters, who is your favorite out of all of them?
-Uuuuuum I can't choose!!! *jumps out the window*
3. Night owl or early bird? Do you wish to change the way you sleep?
-Night Owl, that's what I am XD I wish I could be Early bird though so yes XD
4. What game are you looking forward to most in this year's current release?
-Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild OwO
5. When you draw, what do you start on first? (Hair, face, body, etc.)
-Head, shoulders, body, it mostly depends actually XD
6. Looking at your art now, what is it that you see and want to improve?
-Hmmm I'd say the Optimus Prime one actually, it's been a while since I've done anything that's mecha related
7. What genre of music fits your taste most?
-Hard to chose actually, I say probably electro pop, rock and roll, a bit of classic, instrumental, I really don't know actually XD
8. What do you think about people taking off/putting on contacts or you yourself taking them off/putting them on? I know people who freak out about it xD
-I don't get it actually, please explain to me of how this is done XD
9. First word rhat pops up into mind?
-I'm so alone trying to find my way back home to you~ ...... yes this popped up, and yes I'm not really thinking at all at the moment xD
10. I'm running out of questions. What time of day do you prefer most?
-Anytime actually, except for sleep, it's precious to me XD
11. So... Spiders.... Do you have a scarring or funny story about encountering one?
-No not really other than having to put them to 'sleep' whenever my sis finds one
12. What activities do you like to do to pass time?
-Listening to music, playing video games, draw or basically play a game with my sis
13. I hear someone snoring in class right now. No, I really do. What would you do to wake this person up? He has his head in the table already. (help me lolololol).
-Lol are you psychic lady because I believe that you should get a job for this XD

My Questions
1. What song do you think best describe you?
2. Ever have a song stuck into your mind and it never goes away for a while? Because mine is like that apparently XD
3. Soooo who do you see yourself to be shipped with? XD
4. What do you wish were to happen now in this very second?
5. Is your imagination wildly active with no control? Care to hare what on your mind? :3
6. You are in a abandon mansion with 6 friends (list them it could be anyone here on da XD), a rope, some water, and a single master key, you each split up to separate rooms. a not and hour has past and you all decide to regroup, all but one member was missing (your choice on who it is), you all decide to go to the room said friend went into, only to find said friend dead and bleeding. You just became the detective of the group, and is trying to figure out who murdered your friend and how? Here's the twist one of your friend is the murderer. So who did it? (randomly pick them XD)
7. So which of my oc do you ship with the most? (I'm bored so go along with it) XD
8. Your oc (anyone is fine XD) just walked into their friends in a situation they didn't want to believe. What is it that your oc waked into? (bored and this is for my amusement XD)
9. Your oc got turned into an animal, what animal did they just turned into?
10. What is the most inspirational quote that you've ever heard of and applied to your life? If you dont know one make it up!
11. Your wearing an onisie, what kind will it be?
12. You now own a giant robot, what will you do with it?
13. What will you do to survive while being chased by a T-rex?

I tag:


Lol have fun, I have no regrets over this XD
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  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: Majora's Mask
  • Eating: Hot Dogs
  • Drinking: Juice
I have no idea what I'm doing, but I got tagged by the ever cool and awesome :iconzer0-stormcr0w: and have wanted to try it actually lol XD

Comment and I will...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
Or as I would like to call it, Valentines Request :3
It's simple, all you have to do is ask me what ship you want me to draw :3
Since this is the month of love apparently I am going with it XD
  1. You need to be a fellow watcher or someone that I watch to ask request
  2.  Don't you watch then unwatch me when your request is done I will take down the drawing down and report you, no exceptions.
  3. Note that I will not do draw over 18+ content XD (Fanservises however are somewhat allowed depending on my mood XD)
  4. Be patient, these take time, and effort.
  5. I will update on who gets what request that are being requested so don't be shy to ask for one
I'll only be taking in 4 request mostly because I have a project to finish and stuff so wish me luck everyone XD

  1. :iconlittlemissskuld: Wants Eva and Metabee (This ship shall be done!)
  2. :iconpimsan0: Wants his oc with Hikari from digimon
  3. :iconaltairsky: Wants Hummer and Altair (I will bring these lovebugs together! X3)
  4. :iconkeruber0su: Wants her oc's Xavier and Sun (This outta be fun :3)

Have a nice day wave remake 
Exactly what the title says, I was suppose to take up on request on a Saturday, but I got distracted with stuff and well that just spiraled out XD
Soooo I've got a few projects that I gotta finish up, aaand I think I can only accept about 3 request apparently, soo I'll try again either this Friday or Saturday, so fingers crossed if I can remember and not swamped with work ^^;
Again I would like to apologies to everyone about that
Have a nice day
Welp Someone decided to get revenge on me after teh many piles and spams of tags that I've dished out, and for that I apoligies for the many tags and causing the war QwQ Now that that's out of the way lets begin XD
Sooo 've been tagged by :iconjnennyuki: (You got your revenge okay XD) and so I've to do this lol XD

welp time to do this XD

1. Pick 2 OC to answer questions 
2. Tag at least one person back 

I'mma use the new guy who I just recently made Yasuhiro, and Yen's cat Kioshi XD

1 Do you like animals and do you own animals  
Yasuhiro: Yeah, I love animals, to be exact I own a fox, well it mostly follows me.... perhaps it was the fish I gave it that it started to follow me.....
Kioshi: I'm a cat, so yes nya...... yes I can talk your language, my master made me talk and understand so I'm bilingual in human speech and animal speech nyahahahah~

2 What's your favorite element  
Yasuhiro: That's is quite hard to choice, though I would say light perhaps
Kioshi: Nya I think mine is darkness nya, mainly because I have the advantage there nya~

3 Favorite color
Yasuhiro: Well..... blue to be honest actually
Kioshi: Nya, I don't have one, but I say red nya don't ask why I picked it~

4 Favorite hobby
Yasuhiro: Dueling, though I also like to fish and camp out sometimes, I often read
Kioshi: Napping, chasing mice, drinking milk, sleeping in my masters lap, listening to him reading to me nya, those what I like about it, oh and I like sleeping with my brother Kyoran-nya

5 Favorite Music.
Yasuhiro: Um, I don't have a specific genre, but I love listening to
Kioshi: Nya, I love listening to my master and his brother performance with their instrument nya, Yuu-nya plays a ocarina and Master Yen-nya plays a harp, their both suppose to pick an instrument when they were young nya

6 Your weapon of choice
Yasuhiro: *has a light bue glowing sword on him* ....... I always carry one......
Kioshi: Nya I have magic powers thanks to master nya, also *has an army of cats* I am king here nya~ >:3

7 Favorite Anime?
Yasuhiro: Anime....? What is that?
Kioshi: Dunno what it is nya, but I don't care nya~

8 Favorite Book [manga/comic books don't count]
Yasuhiro: I always read this text that was given to me...... though I rather not talk about it....
Kioshi: Nya Yen-nya always read to me a story, about a King and his trusted and cunning Cat nya~

9 Favorite Food 
Yasuhiro: I don't have a preference
Kioshi: Fish nya~

10 Favorite Game 
Yasuhiro: Dueling, though I rather not talk much about it.....
Kioshi:  Chest nya~ Don't try and bet with me, you'll lose nya~

11 Your best friend takes your favorite lunch which was made for you 
Yasuhiro: *grabbed him by the ear* Will you please give back my meal, before you lose an ear
Kioshi: .... Kyoran-nya, is this revenge for what I did this morning nya~? I'm sorry, please give me back my fiah nya~

12  A innocent friend is being held at gun point by your enemy and they'll shoot if you don't give up
Yasuhiro: .......... *somehow has the gun, and point it at the enemy* Do not bother asking me how I've done it, all you need to know is that you are at my mercy
Kioshi: *turns the gun into a fish* Neko army!  Attack~!!! *has an army of cats attack the guy* You will forget what you've see today nya~ OwO

14 You have to play in a band in front of a huge crowd. 
Yasuhiro: ............. *walks away*
Kioshi: Nya~ I don't know what crazy people wants to see a cat perform.... give me  piano I'll make one of those cats on the thing you call internet be shamed by what I can do nya~ *starts a party, then a riot, then ruling the internet* Nyahahahahahahaha~

15 You become to ruler of the country.
Yasuhiro: ....... Um How did I've become ruler... let alone I'm not interested in it
Kioshi: Nyahahahahaha~ For my first order nya I want milk and fish~ and I want a statue of me an Master Yen-nya with my brother brother Kyoran-nya and his master Yuu-nya~

16 You meet your favorite character. 
Yasuhiro: ...........
Kioshi: Nya, can I have a fish~?

17 You get trapped in video game by a mad man you can't escape till you win and if you die in game you
die IRL [Basically SAO]
Yasuhiro: This won't be any different.....
Kioshi: Whoops nya, I've taught them the wrong spell nya~

18 What would you do if you have to climb Mount Everest
Yasuhiro: *looks at the sunrise of the mountain* .... Beautiful....
Kioshi: Nya it's freezing out here nya, *looks inside the cooler* But it's forth it nya *took out a frozzen fish* I'm making fishicles nyahahahaha~

19 You see cute animal [but not endangered] caught in a hunter trap.
Yasuhiro: *frees it* Don't worry, I'll find the person who did this to you and make him or her pay
Kioshi: *destroys the chain* Nya, who do I have to kill to get revenge for you nya, don't worry you won't owe me anything nya~ Because destroying those people is what I love to do nya~~

20 Your thoughts on the other person who answered these.
Yasuhiro: Your quite..... destructive..
Kioshi: Nya I got it from my master nya
Yasuhiro: Intersting....
Kioshi: Nya but your like my master's brother though nya, but your more old fashion nya~ But your interesting so I can't wait to see more from you new guy nya~
Yasuhiro: Thank you I suppose

And that's about it, am I gonna tag anyone? Nope, I'm not tagging anyone, your all free so be free everyone from the tag war, until the next one shows up that is mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD
Soo this time I got tagged by :iconbadrater: and he said I can use any medabot oc I got lol XD
So I'll use Breaker

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
  1. He's mainly the sensitive type and will cry over and tragic soap opera drama XD
  2. His favorite past time is going over ancient artifacts, and will geek over it with his master about it all the time
  3. If he finds any hidden treasure he will keep it and will fight anyone over it XD (He wants to donate it to any museum that needs the money XD)
  4. Breaker has fought over 30 treasure hunters and never lost to any to them (He cheated by digging alot of holes and trapping the treasure hunters first then he fights the medabots/killobots)
  5. Breaker's definition of a good time is spending the day soaking in a pit of magma...... his medaparts can survive it, it's been tested over 400 times
  6. Everything to Breaker is like an egg, so he thinks everything is like an egg, so he tries to be gentle, literally XD
  7. He owns a pet iguana, and takes him everywhere, he also has tiny outfits for his pet
  8. Breaker wants to prove to everyone that no one is stronger than him

Soo here's who I'mma tagg

  1. :iconnoname-sami:(Anyone you want lol XD)
  2. :iconanysketches: (Anyone you ant lol XD)
  3. :iconyumatsukumo39:  Rhea Culati
  4. :iconlilyblizz: Izzy
  5. :iconyumenonightraid: Kuro Aihara
  6. :iconalb1990: Kohaku
  7. :iconmedabotpuru: SkullCandy
  8. :icontiruru: Katsuta Miya

Have a nice day~ X3

Soooo I've been tagged by the ever so adorable :iconyakumosoulqueen: And apparently she wants to know a bit more of Satoru, ALRIGHT I'll use him, now prepare to learn the secrets of Satoru =3

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

  1. Satoru has a snarky-sarcastic-like personality, he often comes out uncaring about things mostly because he doesn't want to form an attachment to others, but he has a soft side that not many people get see so often from him, he's also very cheeky when he wants to be, but he mostly just shows a bored expression.
  2. The amount of time that Satoru would spend sleeping is almost a whole day, but he's often interrupted just to go on a mission, much to his displeasure (never wake him up from a nap, he'll grab you if you do XD).
  3. Compliments coming from Satoru are rare, so it's best to just take it XD
  4. Any weapon that Satoru would be facing he can mimic it and it's ability, it frustrates his opponent alot when he does it
  5. Satoru once lost full control when he first gone full armor with the horsemen of john, after that he couldn't move anywhere from the bottom waist, though it only took about a month for him to recover and be able to move again
  6. People from the Moon Demon Company would often refer to Satoru the monstrous demon of the moon demon company
  7. He rarely remembers the any noble vampires that he faces off, though he often comes up with nicknames of them based on their appearance and personality
  8. Satoru often cooks his own meal, even with one hand he knows how to cook very good meals.

Now to tag people because tagging is fun XD

  1. :iconyakumosoulqueen: Teru(Sayu)
  2. :iconkeruber0su: Harmony
  3. :iconmichaelthedragon39: Nori
  4. :icontfuflameman17: Ginka Helios
  5. :iconpkmnakamegakiru92: Yoake Hīragi
  6. :iconenhancerxx: Yumi
  7. :iconmedabotpuru: Puru

And have a nice day lol XD