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Medabot Ty and Aina by NeonNeoz Medabot Ty and Aina by NeonNeoz
Yush these kids are with Ryu and Msaki, but Ryu and Misaki aren't their parents, their more like adoptive siblings, Ryu found them in a back alley in Italy and Aina was in terrible conditions, Ty mostly took care of her and they didn't have the money to repair Aina due to her legs being broken and damaged, so Ryu took them in as siblings

Ty is Ryu's adoptive younger brother who looks up to him even though he's extremely shy, he has the habit to hide behind Ryu whenever he meets someone new, he's also protective towards Aina and always try to hide his bashfulness whenever she kiss him on the cheek or whenever she says that she likes him, even though he has a huge crush on her, and to Ryu's enjoyment teasing his little brother. He's a bit reserved medabot but likes to take things easy and he hopes to be more open and strong like Ryu. It takes time for him to warm up to other people that he meets but he eventually will start talking a bit more, he's also fairly intelligent for a bot his age and Misaki would comment "He's a lot like Ryu when he's young he just doesn't know it". His Medal is a Tyrannosaurus Rex and he takes battle lessons from Ryu and the training is a bit extreme.

Aina is Misaki's adoptive younger sister, she has this hyperactive energetic energy and is full of energy everyday, her favorite hobby is taking fencing and dance lessons from Misaki and to drag Ty anywhere that seems like fun much to his objections, she's basically a lot like Ryu whenever it comes to fun and Ty has a hard time saying no to her. Like Misaki she has a joy for cooking and has a similar medal like hers but like Ryu she loves adventures and is more out going and Ryu would often comment saying "She's good for Ty but Ty is also good for her for ovbious reasons"

Both kids currently live with Misaki, Ryu and Me but the kids would often ask Ryu and Misaki when are they going to have a baby, that always leaves Misakki in distress and Ryu to ask the kids where would they get the idea and would often take away their desserts from them leaving the kids in distress and apologizing  XD
Also the kids are the victims of Ryu's hug attack and teasing but don't worry its minor :D ... though everyone IS Ryu's victims for a hug attack so I would suggest to watch out :T 

Welp thats about it I might color them in later :T

Ryu, Misaki, Ty, Aina belongs to me
Medabots is owned by Rin Horuma, Bee Train, Natsume and Imagineer
Have a nice day wave remake 
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March 7, 2015
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