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Freedom Hope Barbatos Calamity Dragon by NeonNeoz Freedom Hope Barbatos Calamity Dragon by NeonNeoz
Summoning Chant: " Wondrous dragon of hope who serves the envoy of the plains of the galaxy itself, reach to a new height of surpassing your very limits, and become the symbol of freedom and shine through the darkest of hours of our need! Xyz Summon! Come forth, rank 6, Dragon who brings the calamity of destruction of hope , Freedom Hope Barbatos Calamity Dragon!"

    Yoshio's ranked up monster of Hope Freedom Dragon, this dragon was born right before Yoshio was about to lose against one of the academia soldiers. The whole event started when Yoshio was running out of medical supplies from one of the resistance refuge camps and needed to make another medical run and restock the little supply he had left for the camp. However upon hearing his distress over the shortage of supplies one of the kids that Yoshio had promised to watch over wanted to come with him and help him, Yoshio refused their help saying that going outsie is dangerous and had asked Ruri look after them while he took a few people with him to help him with getting more medical supplies.
     However during the run the refugee camp had been under attacked while Yoshio and his group had gone out to look for more supplies which they had to hide and go off to fight but not before Yoshio told them to quickly treat any injured members they had even if they can do a well enough job but can help them up their feet. While Yoshio had made his way to the temporary medical camp that he had set up to treat the injured members, he had to quickly treat any injured members that had been almost taken out by Academia's soldiers. But he had to move them to a safer location so that they cannot be spotted.
    After he had heard screams from one of the resistance escape alleyways he had witnessed one of the Obelisk Forces card one of the kids that he was taking care of during the invasion but because of this he was enraged by the the action and had rusheh the academia student to a duel, however after barely surviving with only 100 of his life points, the Academia student had taunted Yoshio about how carding a child was easy and that he did not put up much a fight and he had planned to card te rest of kids that had gotten away, this enraged Yoshio so much that in blind anger he had used his Hope Freedom Dragon to summon out Freedom Hope Barbatos Calamity Dragon card without the need of using a rank up card, much to the surprise of the Academia invaders and resistance. However something went wrong during the duel, Yoshio was in control after beating the first few Obelisk Forces, but slowly he started to lose control of his mental state and started to go on  blinded enraged rampage by destroying every last monster that Academia had at their disposal, but that wasn't the thing that had them run away in fear, Yoshio ended up heavily injuring multiple and almost killing one of them right after their duel had ended, after he found the one soldier responsible for carding one of the the kids he was watching and had his monster destroy his monster without mercy or hesitation, he had him pinned on the ground with his Freedom Hope Barbatos Calamity Dragon with it's foot, which was covered in blood, and was preparing to kill the Academia student with a piece of metal that it had ripped out from one of the Ancient Gear Chaos Giant's, before Yoshio could killed the man he was then stopped by Shun, Yuto and Kaito, and almost every resistant members that had tried to retrained Yoshio, this let the Academia Student to teleport away after receiving so much critical injuries that could have killed him.
    After calming Yoshio down from the sudden episode, he had fainted from the sudden stress and had to be taken to one of the resistance other refugee camps. After waking up Yoshio discovered that his right eye had almost lost it's vision and he could barely feel his right arm but he was able to recover after a few days worth of rest, which he was forced to take by Kaito. After Kaito had came to talk to Yoshio when he was conscious, he had told him that one of the kids had acted on their own and acted as bait while the others were able to get away, but he had also told Yoshio what they had all witnessed his duel and that he managed to drive the Academia student's away but at the process almost injurying one of their comrades during the sudden attack that he had made with his new monster, this made Yoshio feel guilty that he had lost complete control and that he almost hurt his comrades that he was suppose to treat when their injured. Though before Kaito had left, he had told Yoshio that he had done well to be able to saved the many lives that had been able to get away from Academia's sudden attack and left Yoshio alone but the sound of Yoshio in tears could be heard.

Well that's about it for what I got for Yoshio during an unknown attack, bet you guys know who had leaked that info to their camp *coughcoughfreakingDenniscoughcough* so yeah on to the effect of Yoshio's monster.

Rank 6
Attribute: Light
3 level 6 monster
Effect: (This card is also treated a dragon type monster.) The summon of this card cannot be negated. This card cannot be destroyed by battle of card effects. You can Xyz summon this card by using "Hope Freedom Dragon" you control as an Xyz Material (Xyz Materials attached to to that monster also becomes Xyz Materials to this card). This card can attack all your opponent monsters once each. When this card attack your opponent cannot activate any spells/trap cards during the end of the Damage Step. If this card has a "Hope Freedom Dragon" monster as an Xyz Material, it gains this effect.
  • When this card declares an attack on your opponent face-up monster, you detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate that opponents monster's effects, and also this card gains gains that opponents monster ATK. These changes last until the end of your battle phase.
Atk: 2800
Def: 2600
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Keruber0su Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yoshio T.T *hugs him again*
Anyways, this is a good and strong monster
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016
Yoshio: ?!

Thanks cX
looking at giant epic robots can do wonders :dummy:
Keruber0su Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you feel better now, Yoshio?

no problem X3
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016
Yoshio: .. a bit, thank you

Yus cX
Keruber0su Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay :D I'm happy you feel good!
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016
Yoshio: ... Yeah
PredalienMaster Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome dude :la:
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
Thanks dude :D
NoName-sami Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
Woah,nice! This looks awesome!
NeonNeoz Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
Thank you so much cX
A certain song made me do it :I
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