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My 00 Orphan Academia: The Beginning
    People...... are not born equal. That's the hard truth I've learned at the age of four. The world of quirks, where fantasy became a reality, where people born with super powered abilities has become the norm of our society. About 80 percent of earth populations has these super natural abilities that we call quirks, but those who are in the 20 percent of the margin who don't have quirks are considered to be useless in the hero community as one would say.
    I was once quirkless, but that all changed after a horrible incident that occurred 10 years ago, that would forever change my life, my destiny, and my future, for the rest of my entire life, and the people around me. And it would be my last and final setback of my entire life, for this is the story of how I became the greatest hero in history, with not only with the help from the greatest hero, but also, from a power that was once considered a curse and originated from beyond the stars.

:iconneonneoz:NeonNeoz 5 74
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United States
Just another random Hispanic guy who just gets inspired and bored easily
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo I've been featured by these lovely ladies :3 :iconyakumosoulqueen: :iconkeruber0su: :iconkiruiin: :iconnebula-estella: so yeah that's pretty much it.... now it's my turn :dummy:

- Just comment here and I'll list my favorite pairing of yours!
- I'll be choosing only one ship or else this will be very long XD
- Features are currently unlimited!
-It's like a Tag so you have to do one too x3


*Kiss* by YakumoSoulQueen
I just find these two very cute >w<

:iconkeruber0su: & :iconnebula-estella: their both the same actually ;3
Sweet-Acel by Nebula-Estella
They both have a very interesting and complicated romance with each other and I love it ;3


Because this is from her old account and I was trying to go through her new one lol XD


Because I am bored, I have decide to show you guys more random things I find on YouTube XD

THis… I just loved it okay XD
HELLO beautiful people of the world, I am here to show you some random stuff as I always do :D

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade.... but if you don't want the lemonade, then you jug all that down until you explode from it! XD THe reason why I say this? Well I'm glad you didn't ask :dummy: the show I was watching almost made me cry, so don't judge me dang it XD It's either that or tears of laughter for the cute award that seemed rigged, either way I enjoyed these waaaay to much XD

Now here I am, sharing these with you folks, now if you'll excuse me, I'mma go drown myself with inspirations :dummy:

OH MAH GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! THIS IS PURELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I NEED THESE!!!!! I LIVE FOR THESE VIEDOS AND MUSIC!!!!!!!!!Percedal - Excited Percedal - Excited Percedal - Excited  Izuku Excited Icon Izuku Excited Icon Izuku Excited Icon Excited - Natsu Fairy Tail Excited - Natsu Fairy Tail Excited - Natsu Fairy Tail Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] Excited Giffany Icon Excited Giffany Icon Excited Giffany IconWander Emote: IM SO EXCITED Wander Emote: IM SO EXCITED Wander Emote: IM SO EXCITED excited Star Butterfly icon excited Star Butterfly icon excited Star Butterfly icon Stitch bouncy wouncy plz Stitch bouncy wouncy plz Stitch bouncy wouncy plz 

Uwaah, so tired =w= but I have vids for you all to see XD

LOL! IT IS I! *distant screams of terror being heard from the background* I HAVE INVADED MY STATUS UPDATE TO GIVE OUT AN UNIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! My unannounced yearly hiatus trip :dummy: From where you may ask? Well noticed how I was quiet for like, almost 2 days? No? well then, I just came back from a very short hiatus to the beach XD ANd I gotta say, I can feel my body burn from every inch of it's fiber :dummy: but yeah, it was a very lax trip :3
And now, time for my usual shenanigans to begin XD

I can't get enough of these vids XD

And that's about it cX
have an awesome day :D
Welp I've found some pretty interesting videos that made me laugh, and cry, and love, and also feel pretty hungry if I'm being honest :3
Also I've somehow caught a cold, but no worries, I'll be fine with plenty of rest and stuff =w=
so enjoy the vids XD


Man, I feel like I'm forgetting something but I can't seem to remember for the life of me to remember... mmm oh well couldn't been important :dummy:
I have arrived to show you some more music, mashups, and many others that I may show you or not :dummy:

I know it's been a few days since my last status update, but after watching this and listening to this.... I'M AFRAID I'VE GON TO HYPE MODE WOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!!!!!!

Someone please revive me for I have fallen victim to this song QwQ

I'm also having some more epic music addiction now XD

Aaaaaaaand some things I find hilarious :3
I think my brain just died after watching this XD


Also I enjoyed the latest Gundam Show, makes me want to start building more =w=...... help me QwQ

ALSO MY LOVE FOR THIS IS BACK!! Also somebody please pinch me because what I am also watching because I cannot express how much hyped I am having at the moment QwQ

Also can someone tell me why I can't stop laughing from this at all XD

Man what a day, hope you guys enjoy and have an awesome day :dummy:
Welp, my siblings are screaming and yelling and I find whatever issue it is that they stumbled across is hilarious as heck so I'mma leave that there, but since I've been bored, and totally no trying to fin an excuse to get out of doing some thing that I was suppose to do, I have no choice but to get it over with :dummy:
So here is the music's that I've been trying to find for almost a year and also because I was bored XD


I feel like it's been a while since I've last shared with you guys some awesome music, so here's what I got that I love so far cX

Have fun with them :dummy:
Ya know, music is life, music gives us meanings, it gives us joy, and it also gives us happiness, it often is something that we all need in life, also it's just freaking awesome cX

*banging head on table and wall* Oh sorry about that, I'm having trouble with my excitement of trailers and movies so don't mind me :3
But.... IT'S JUST TOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm obsessed with these =w=
Welp you cannot tell me to not get enough of this, because I simply cannot get enough of these music, especially since I enjoy a pretty insane upbeat music to enjoy, personally the first and fourth ones are my fave ;3

Well I have more, but I can't fit them all in just one status, soooo yeah that's about it for today X3
Yuuuuup, I'm am having one of those moment where I can't wait for something to come and I really really want it really really reaaaaallyyy badly after this video, and I have so much regrets after watching it due to it's pure awesomeness and choice of song.... mostly the song and the figures, but seriously this is amazing X3 AND I LOVE IT!!! XD

Oh, and speaking of music, I cannot, I mean I cannot get enough of this >w<

Aaaaaaah well I'm doing stuff that are super important but, I'm being lazy about it but I'm also busy and but I have some sketches I've done but I haven't scanned them yet =w= and the one thing that could calm my nerves are music and it's wondrous beauty =w=
Also it something I like to share with you guys so enjoy XD

Also I these two are not one of the busy things that I was doing that was keeping me busy lol XP
Welp I'm in a slump on drawings right about now, and by slump I mean I got to stop listening/watching too much videos that are gonna make me go crazy insane with inspirations right now, I'm getting addicted to them literally XD

Also does something seem a bit different in my status update now? :meow:

Hmmmm naaaaaah, seems fine to me XD


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