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With Satoru Iwata gone and Nintendo trying to improve their business model while finding the right CEO to lead the company, it looks like Nintendo will be in for a challenge to preserve Iwata’s legacy and make sure that the company stay true to his words (you know the ones). With that said, I was expecting the gaming community to at least, discuss certain ways that the Wii U can improve or add in order to gain their trust back. Sadly, the only thing they are talking about right now is the most annoying fucking question in the Nintendo forums…


I’m dead serious. Every Nintendo article or discussion is almost always about when will Nintendo release Zelda Wii U and even the big game sites like Gameinformerare jumping on this bandwagon that NO ONE gives a fuck about and worst is that a lot of the gaming community want Nintendo to abandon the Wii U for the NX. Why? Because they want Nintendo to jump in on the next-gen visuals that sells more money than gameplay, that’s why!

*sigh*… As a fan of Nintendo and also a Wii U owner, I think this would be a great time to expand more on my whole discussion on the “potential” of the Wii U console and since the console has finally surpassed 10 million thanks to Splatoon, I’m gonna make a list on the things that Nintendo can do with the Wii U to further increase the sales and image of the company. Strap in and hold on to your butts cause this is gonna be a long battle from here!


The NX console plans, in my point of view, will damage Nintendo badly. Think about it, the console is supposed to be this “powerful next-gen system that can rival PS4 and XBOX ONE” and every gaming journalist is praising this as a “great bald” move for Nintendo. Literally, this NX console idea just reeks of desperation and facepalming stupidity because it will end up as a console with “style but no substance or depth” to the system. Do you really wanna see the NX console compete with micro-transactions and middle finger DLC scams by Nintendo? Didn’t think so. It’s still early and I may be wrong but just in case, Nintendo should hold off the NX plans until the time is right to make the console.


The Miiverse feature just got a new re-design and so far, the update greatly improves the Miiverse with Play Journals and a much more organized community to each game you visit. So, why not do the same with the other features? For example, Nintendo can expand the Nintendo EShop by adding the ability to buy Gamecube and Super Famicom games to the Virtual Console sales, the ability to customize and add music or photos to the Wii U by transferring the content from our phones into the system or better yet, why not a complete overhaul on the Mii designs with a complete new visual look with better customizations options than before. Adding new stuff and improvements to the consoles can make any Wii U customer happy and hey, it always works sometimes.


Splatoon was a breath of fresh air to the Wii U with it’s colorful yet challenging gameplay of painting the entire arena with a killer soundtrack and some decent content that’s coming for free ( UPDATE ON AUGUST 5TH!) and proving that new IP’s can still work if, of course, isn’t rushed to meet a deadline or to cash in on the hype (right Destiny?). A lot of the problems with new IP’s lately is that developers and publishers have these great original ideas for a game but instead, they built the new IP’s with pretty next-gen visuals, overblown hype and profits. Lots of fucking profits. I already talked about it on my What the hell is wrong with third party developers and publishers? but all I want for Nintendo to do is to make new IP’s exclusive to the Wii U that would take advantage of the Wii U gamepad but also to take it’s time, patience, money and care into crafting original IP’s to make sure the game is successful and game worthy to the Wii U library of games because I do want original games to experience and play but I sure as hell don’t want it bugged, boring and sucky when it gets released.


Before every person jumps at me and kick my balls like if this is a game of soccer, allow me to explain why Nintendo should make NOA it’s own game development studio to make games for the system. For me, Reggie is a good CEO for NOA as he does care for the Nintendo community, does everything he can to motivate Nintendo to make more games of either existing franchises or new IP’s and keeps the business afloat. Plus, he gave us the return of the Nintendo World Championship and that earns some big kudos for Reggie. I would actually love to see either Shigeru Miyamoto or the new CEO of Nintendo of Japan to let NOA be it’s own thing instead of having NOA to just be the “obey what Nintendo of Japan says or you’ll be fired” deparment and allow NOA to make their own unique games to the console since it’s been proven to be successful with other companies (remember Secret of Evermore for the SNES? That was developed by SQUARE USA, not of Japan and it worked wonderfully well). This idea is too good to ignore with Nintendo, both from Japan and USA, making games for the console. Still no word of Zelda Wii U? Don’t fret! Nintendo of America is here to give you a game that would hold your attention span until Zelda Wii U comes. It’s time for Nintendo of Japan to change the relationship with Nintendo of America and with this, it can help strengthen their relationships to new possibilities.


This number 1 spot is the most simple yet crucial for the Wii U to succeed and live on. Satoru Iwata is a man that UNDERSTOOD what we wanted for Nintendo: To make games that are fun for everyone. He set a standard for gaming that every game developer should live by and despite all his shortcomings, Iwata always fulfilled our promises when it comes to delivering great games. This is a spot that when the new CEO for Nintendo is announced, I want one thing for the CEO to promise not only the fans but also to Iwata’s words: Lead the company to bigger and better games. Do it because you want to see amazing games that can be remembered by everyone, do it because the creativity and hardwork of developers always pay off more than bullshit next-gen hardware or petty hype that does nothing to the business and it’s fans but most of all, do it for Iwata-san, the man that sacrificed everything to remind of Nintendo for what they are and lead the company to a bright wonderful future that will make us laugh, cry and smile for generations to come.

That’s it for my choices on how to make Wii U relevant and I’ll end it with one of my favorite quotes from Iwata:

“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.” – Satoru Iwata

As for the gaming journalists and fanboys bitching for Nintendo to rush Zelda Wii U and telling the company to cash in on useless bandwagons, I got this to say: Grow some common sense already. It will never happen and just stop bringing it up, you goddamn morons.

Also, be sure to check out my Nintendo Wii U/3DS Game Thread…


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