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A Battle of Watts: Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Breaking Up
For the next hour, Ellie and Loumine remained silent and kept a distance from each other. Loumine sat up on a pink mushroom and pouted like an angry toddler while Ellie was looking at some purple flowers. She was trying to pry her mind off her sad feelings.
Ellie looked at a fuzzy blue caterpillar climbing on the leaf of a flower. It stretched its chubby body up towards the sky and was desperately trying to grab the higher leaf above. Ellie took her plug and helped the insect to its destination. She wasn't expecting a thank you, but it felt nice to help someone who was struggling even if they couldn't say anything.
Ellie glanced back at Loumine on the mushoom. Loumine didn't make any eye contact at all and continued to sulk angrily. Ellie, who was getting tired of Loumine ignoring her like child, hopped away from the flowers and stood next to Loumine.
"Alright," said Ellie. "I was wrong and you were right. Can we just drop this whole thing and look for the other
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Meet Shine, a seemingly polite correctional officer onboard the Jackdaw, but said politeness hides a vicious nature that she only reveals when she's ready to punish any prisoner that disobeys the flying prison's rules. Here is her background:

Name: Shine
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Family: ???
Personality: Polite, talkative and easygoing but vicious, remorseless and serious
Appearance: She is of average height, has dark grey dreadlocks and wears the Jackdaw CO uniform, though she wears dark grey gloves, has black circular patches on her uniforms and wears grey boots with black rims on them.
Weapon: Glow-Taking the form of a flashlight, Shine can easily freeze her targets that comes to her sight. However, she can charge her flashlight enough to create a powerful laser beam, capable of disintegrating her target on the spot, reducing them into ashes.
Description: On the surface, Shine doesn't appear to be much of a threat, as her polite demeanor and optimism makes her an oddity around the Jackdaw. However, just like those serving under Osmund, Shine takes her job as a correctional officer very seriously and often enjoys taunting the prisoners for trusting her so easily, as well as punishing them for their mistakes, something that she does with pride.

Shine & Gallows © me
Lea Djinn
Meet Lea Djinn, Livia's cousin and a correctional officer who was given certain rights after serving the Jackdaw for ten years under Osmund's jurisdiction and with her Conjure weapon, she always has someone watching her back. Here is her background:

Name: Lea Djinn
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Family: Livia Correct (cousin)
Personality: Strict, serious and no-nonsense but tolerant, honorable and goodhearted
Appearance: She is around Livia's height, has dark aquamarine hair, wears a grey jacket, a golden yellow tanktop, light green pants with a spiral belt buckle and black zipper boots.
Weapon: Vessel-Taken the form of watch, the wielder can summon a genie-like being out for protection, capable of following certain commands and carrying them out by any means, including attacking certain targets with its super strength and chasing after them with its super speed.
Description: Wanting to provide a better life for both herself and her cousin Livia, Lea took the job on the Jackdaw for a better future and during the next ten years, Lea made her way up within the flying prison, eventually earning herself some privileges from the warden himself. When her cousin eventually becomes one of the Jackdaw's newest COs, Lea makes sure her cousin remains safe from the numerous prisoners.

Lea Djinn & Gallows © me
The official trailer for the upcoming Young Justice: Outsider is here and it looks like it's shaping up to be a great season. After all this time, it'll be wonderful to see this show come back:

Hal and Hil O'Liam
Meet the O'Liam twins and despite not looking like a threat, with their stocky appearances and colorful outfits, these duo are quite dangerous on their duties in the Jackdaw and here are their backgrounds as well:

Name: Hal & Hil O'Liam
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Family: ???
Personality: Amusing, sarcastic and wild but crazy and psychotic
(Hal) Mostly a shaved head, save for some of his bleach blonde hair parted way to the left
(Hil) Has spiky, bleach blonde hair
Both twins have a short and stocky built, with big noses and beady eyes, green jackets over a yellow shirt with a balloon skull logos on them, blue jeans and purple and red clowns shoes.
Weapon: Light Weights-Despite being a pair of balloons, they can quite the deadly force when used correctly, with the wielders using their willpowers to make the balloons light enough for them to be lifted or make said balloons heavy enough to be used as improvised flails, capable of slamming down on their targets with great force, leaving a big crater in the process and broken bones.
Description: Consider to be wild and out of control at a young age, the O'Liam twins were kicked out to the streets to fend for themselves, using their signature weapons to surprise their enemies and take what they wanted, before easily fleeing from the cops. But when they try to rob and steal from Osmund, however, the warden instead gave them a job as one of Jackdaw's personal executioners and since then, the twins' appetite for chaos and destruction grew much more, satisfying them by terrorizing the prisoners within the flying prison.

Hal & Hil O'Liam & Gallows © me
Here's Kappa, another executioner of the Jackdaw, ready to kill off any prisoners should they disobey the rules of the flying prison and the most loyal among the executioners as well. Here is his background:

Name: Kappa
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Family: ???
Personality: Intimidating, menacing and quiet but completely loyal, dutiful and grateful
Appearance: He is tall and wide, wears his signature weapon around his frame, leaving only his green eyes under his hoodie, with a turtle symbol on the coat, dark grey tips on his fingers, brown pants and sandy brown boots.
Weapon: Shell-A rather large coat that fits on Kappa's wide frame, it is strong and sturdy to provide protection from the strongest attacks and in turn, boost the user's strength twice unfold, allow them to pulverize a target's body with one blow.
Description: Kappa had spend most of his life on the streets of Fortress, fighting and stealing on a daily basis just to survive, until he crossed path with Osmund Alcatraz, who was hunting down and bringing a few criminals to him back on the Jackdaw. After Kappa saved Osmund's life by killing his would-be attackers, the prison warden, impressed by his action, gave him a job at the flying prison, something that Kappa is forever grateful for.

Kappa & Gallows © me
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  • Eating: Black Bear Diner
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Got tagged by :iconslenderman7676:, which, as of now, will be the last thing I'll be doing. That said, I'll go through with it.

1 you must post these rules
2 answer the questions
3 make up 5 new questions
4 tag up to 5 other people
5 have fun
6 no tagging back

1 who is your favourite cannon TAWOG character?
2 what is the artwork you are most proud of?
Any of my OCs
3 do you play on xbox 360?
I use to, until it broke down
4 what is your favourite drink?
Apple juice
5 what are your TAWOG ships?

My questions:
1. Favorite anime?
2. Bikes or cars?
3. Favorite season?
4. Favorite meal?
5. What is your favorite website?

None. Anyone wants to do it voluntarily, I'm fine with that.


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