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EQD ATG 2017 Day 23: Save Him

Lol this is based on VanillaGhosties picture for today…
I dunno I didn't really have any better ideas, but yeah.
Look at that lame background haha. Artistic prowess at its finest.
Anyways, gotta submit it now! I'm making my way through to the end! 
I'm happy with the results of this overall besides the background! See you all again tomorrow!
Draw an utterly exhausted pony / Draw a pony at wit's end. 
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Hah, I bet Neon also wanted to be one with apples. Like Vanilla's older piece. Shame he doesn't have what it takes B)
But the poor baby; don't worry Neon, I'll save you! You little butt! <33
Anyways, I love all the apples you drew, I find it quite challenging to draw a pile of things :3
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Yeah, apparently if the apples don't accept you as one of their own, they become aggressive. Who knew?

Neon: Applejack? A little help please? ...No? Okay...
Melodia: *Breaks through the gate* I'LL SAVE YOU NEON!

Haha yeah, the apples took the longest to draw out of everything in this picture. It took  f o r e v e r .
Thank you for your wonderful love~ Neon appreciates it~ And I do too~
P.S.: He is a butt XP
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Eyyyyy, got another little tie in for these pictures, haha. Though it seems that Neon's internship at the apple farm isn't going so hot-- harvesting all those apples is tough work. That's probably why Applejack just kinda gave up and did the sleeping thing.

That's a lot of apples to draw, but they look all good and apple-y so I hope you think it was worth your time. Neon looks great too, the expression and pose work really well for this. And I have to appreciate how good that tipped apple cart looks, it's very well drawn and accurate :^)
Looks great overall, thanks for making this awesome followup picture!
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Yeah. Maybe he wasn't destined to get an apple cutie mark after all. Or become the president...

Ayyy, they look apple-y! I consider that a job well done. *tips fedora appreciatively*
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You drew a crap load of apples. Background gets a pass. 
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B U Y  S O M E  A P P L E S
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Do we have to start a fund to help him?
Heh, but all in seriousness I love thiss
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Click the link in the description to donate to save a Neon from his apple-y demise. Every bit helps <3
Hehe, thank you so much~
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