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Look At Yourself
Looking into a mirror,
  I find an unfamiliar face,
    Someone who is smiling,
      When In actuality im dying,
        They shine a beautiful light,
          While in truth a shadow is hiding,
            This person I see,
              Seems to be neverminding,
                How sad it is,
                  That in reality,
                    All this person ever wanted,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 2 16
A Strangers Comfort
She stares at me,
It feels so cold,
This hand of hers,
I stare back at her,
I want to show her,
That i care for her,
I just hope that she,
Sees the eyes I share,
I want her to know,
That even in lonely times,
Ill always be here,
Even if I seem a stranger,
I can give her someone to hold,
Only if for one night,
To her I might always be,
The stranger that she fell for.
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 3 23
Blood Trickled Loneliness.
                       The blood he cries,
                        Is from his loneliness,
                         Bleeding from the mouth,
                          Bleeding inside,
                           Pushed against the wall,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 4 25
                               I cant say goodbye,
                               I dont want you to walk away,
                               I cant help but grab your hand,
                               And scream out,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 1 15
Darkness and Shadow
                   A shadow is falling,
                                                 The dark clouds are drowning me,
                         No possibilities,
                                                 No new dreams,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 0 18
Until The End
If i could hold one thing before i left,
it would be a single moment with you.
If i could take hold of one last thing,
I would take hold of memories of you.
If i could be with anyone,
id be with you,
but would you be with me?
All i want is for us to touch and forget past mistakes,
I will wait for you,
Will you wait for me?
Until The End.
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 0 14
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Open Your Heart.
Open your heart,
Dont hide from me,
Let me in.
If only i could help you,
The rivers within you,
They flow with life.
It feels cold,
Your hand in mine,
You can cry it will relieve your heart.
Things can be alright,
Maybe even you a stranger,
Will comfort my heart tonight.
I rush you tell me
But im really waiting,
I hope it doesn't take its toll one day.
I am thankful,
That you were here,
That you were there when i needed comfort.
The tears i cry,
Are for your aching heart,
I hope i to come out from the mist.
Its time i put my hurt aside,
And my fears,
Ill stand strong and face it all.
The face you have shown to me,
Is that of a stranger,
But you bring back hope.
I promise you,
That forever i wont,
Forget the stranger that shined for me.
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 5 9
Storm And Shine
I see you dancing on the beach,
          You search the oceans dark waters, you cry with the waves of love,
But still you manage to hide within the deep,
          You run from the splintering winds of the sandy day,
And you cower from the icy winds of the night,
          Dont you remember the shining moon?,
Cant you remember the sweet embrace of the sun?,
          You fight and fight against the crushing waves,
You cant come back and wait for the calm,
          You just dont know how I see that now,
I offered you a warm touch in endless pools,
          Can you not wade in eternity with me?
Forget the endless storm in front of you,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 5 27
                                                  I look out to the edges of this forest
          Laying upon this welcoming ground
                                                  Darkness is calling
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 2 17
Learn to Love to Hate to Love.
Im losing you again......,
                    with you i dance without fear in such a dangerous world,
When the world starts to spin to fast,
                           i start to fear that you are spinning to close to the flame,
For me the edges are starting to blur,
                                This is what happens when you build a barricade to protect yourself from emotional hurt,
Please dont fade away.... dont fade away..... i want to stay,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 3 17
Pages Past
I tear a page from the book, As i grow,
                    I leave behind all of my thoughts and all of the pain,
         Suddenly i remember all the days i lost,
                                                        I see im losing my past as i grow old,
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 1 5
'I Give Into You'
Tragic it would seem to be alone again... so im giving into you....
Tell me what you want, tell me please... im yours... i truly give into you im yours, i give every hope and faith to you.
Im giving into you...... I love you...
I will sacrifice everything for a moment of your smile, the choices and directions i make will be all for you.
Ive been walking through the dark looking for an answer for so long... i need an ending to this... will you be my answer?
I give into you... I want you... I love you...
Im looking but i cant see, yet your right in front of me.. please pull me out of the dark and give me an answer.... i give into you.
I love you...Please love me to... i give into you.
Truly now and always..... i give into you....
:iconneongenesis-endsong:neongenesis-endsong 1 21



Current Residence: id figure this to be where i am
Favourite genre of music: same as above
Favourite photographer: Mel
Favourite style of art: lots of them ^^
Operating System: Vista Ultimate, Xp Pro, Redhat etc.
MP3 player of choice: I-Pod
Wallpaper of choice: most Eva ones ^^
Skin of choice: again look up
Favourite cartoon character: Felix The Cat
Personal Quote: dont try so hard to understand me
Im back, heh to long a tale to put in a journal but im back.
  • Listening to: Elavation
  • Watching: PansLabyrinth
  • Playing: F.E.A.R.
  • Eating: rice
  • Drinking: water


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