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Stock Used:

Dark Princess By :iconnatgautier-stock:

Greenwich Foot Tunnel By :iconsecretlondon:

Clothing Stock Pack By :iconiws-stock:

Sheep Head By :iconekoh-stock:

As always, all other resources used are created/painted by me :XD:

Close-up can be found here:

© Neonescence
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NatGautier-Stock's avatar
this is fantastic!!!!! Good work, I love it!!! :clap:
Thank you so very much!!
Neonescence's avatar
Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like how I've used your image! :w00t: :heart:
Neonescence's avatar
:aww: Thank you again!! :D
It means a lot to me that you like my work enough to want it to appear in your features journal! :hug:
Smirnoff-Sweetie's avatar
:poke: You know it you dafty :poke: :giggle:

I love your stuff and aspire to even be half as good hunny xxx
Neonescence's avatar
I really really wish you'd stop that!! :shakefist: Lol.
I'm only in learning mode myself, nothing I do is like 'WOW' or anything - I know I will get there eventually (cos I'm too determined not to lol) but it's still the learning curve at the moment! :D
Smirnoff-Sweetie's avatar
Everything you do im like :wow:
& i really mean it so stop saying your learning :poke:
We are all learning! But doesnt stop any of us producing the odd fantastic piece inbetween, with your exception thats nearly every piece :lmao:
Neonescence's avatar
Pah!! Hush yer mush! :lmao:

I AM just learning though! There are so many things I want to be able to do but don't have the skill or natural ability!

'nearly every piece' ???

I think the pills are affecting your eyeballs missus!! :lmao:
Smirnoff-Sweetie's avatar
Hush yer Mush :lmao:

Ive not heard that for years and years and years ha ha ha ha ha ha xxxxx

its true though :lmao:
Neonescence's avatar
Top class phrase that is! :highfive: :D

It's not true ... :P
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Smirnoff-Sweetie's avatar
Thats gorgeous and the idea with the sheep head is stunning :wow:.....
I didnt actually realise that where you'd used it until i saw the close up version :giggle:
Neonescence's avatar
I know! That's why I had to include the close-up! I thought 'bloody hell you can't even see them!' :laughing:
I didn't want to make the original size bigger to see them because of the right-click and save mentality mob around here so that was a mini-solution! :laughing: :D

Thank you for the :+fav:'s on both pieces! :hug:
Smirnoff-Sweetie's avatar
Its a pleasure :hug:

I love the black did you do that effect?

Neonescence's avatar
Aha I'm glad you asked!! :D
The fractal brush pattern set I just uploaded - I used Brush no.1 and added a radial blur to a couple of duplicated layers! :w00t:
Smirnoff-Sweetie's avatar
Wooo Im gonna have some fun with that then :) :w00t:

Ive not finished going through them all yet but will certainly add that one :)

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Neonescence's avatar
Thanks so much! :hug: :D
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